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Robin has debuted a new meme in which we participate! "P P L" for short [Pensieve Poetic License]. And it looks like it may be quite a lot of fun. In fact, I know it will be...

Here's the scoop!
Here's this week's assignment:
"Once you're up to speed, all you need to know is this month's poetic form is "limerick" and in celebration of Thanksgiving, the theme is "thanksgiving". If you haven't already indicated you'd like to participate, it's not too late; simply write a poem, and once it's complete, link your post (not your homepage) to Mr. Linky."

....and here's my entry:

::::drum roll::::
:::approaching the microphone:::
"Testing, 1, 2 ,3."
"Can you hear me now?"

No, that isn't my limerick people! This is:


On a farm near the small town of York
Farmer & farm hands were hard at work...
Their turkeys; no dummies,
They're raised to fill tummies.
So, fowl donned signs on their necks: "EAT PORK!"



Karisma is hosting this week. Her assignment for us is:

"I want you to take a trip down memory lane, and keep right on going, right back to your childhood. And I want to hear "THAT STORY". You remember the one? Yes, you do! The one your parents, siblings, extended family or friends, would never let you forget, live down or get over! It could have been funny, embarrassing, shocking, delightful, naughty, mischievous, or just so darned cute that everyone felt the need to remind you of it, and keep reminding you of it, all your life. I would like to hear all the juicy details and if possible (but not compulsory) , add a picture of yourself at the age your story took place. So there you go. Not too difficult, I think. The only rule is, that the story MUST be about yourself. Not your children, siblings or your significant other."

I'm gonna stretch your assignment a little I cannot recall much of anything from my childhood at all [I'm over 50 and childhood days are long gone!!]. Well, I do recall one thing that I REMEMBER quite clearly, but my mom is gone now, and she would never bring it up if she were alive; that's just the way she was. But the incident was when I was in grade school...I begged and begged to wear my Sunday dress [turquoise taffeta] to school for picture taking day! After begging and tears and pouting, she gave in. I was so happy!! Then....out in recess, I was on the swing. I loved to swing high, soaring through the air. I fell somehow! Skinned my forehead ---ripped my beautiful Sunday dress, from the waist down, to shreds and muddied it beyond repair! I cried, and cried. When the teacher on duty came to help me, between sobs I said "My mom's gonna kill me!" With that statement she took me to the office and called my mom. Between conversation with my mom the words were repeated: "Your daughter says you're going to kill her." I won't ever forget that as long as I live. I've tried ever since to THINK BEFORE SPEAKING after that!!! And my mother proudly framed my skinned up, scraped forehead school photo on her vanity for years!!

And since I was so wrong in what I said, and how I begged to wear my GOOD dress for the day, I had to wear it all day long!!! More for the punishment of what I said about killing ---mom was a devout Catholic---, instead of how I pouted and begged to wear it in the first place.

- - -

Now, if you want a bit more recent in time frame here; a time I can well remember back to the beginning - my marriage to this wonderful guy! But wait, again, I wasn't so wonderful to him, and here's the story:

Picture this. A night in front of the television, in the early 1970's.....

Well, it all started when I found out that the man I married was really gullible when it came to horror stories! He really got into them and practically became one with them. And I love horror movies, books, literature...anything that would scare me for the fun of it all!!

To me, anything that is written and/or produced to show the imagination of a human mind is FANGtastic! And, while growing up, I was an avid fan of watching each and every episode of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone!

One night, after our firstborn was just a babe, the two of us, hubby and I sat down for a late night of watching re-runs of The Twilight Zone. Even after knowing me a bit better, he still was leary of this kind of genre for entertainment. Did I say he was gullible?

Okay, so I don't have a photo of what I did to myself to scare him, but I can sure paint a picture of what I did. [And to this day, I will never know just when his revenge will come, but he has reiterated VERY often that 'getting even for what I did to him' will come one day!! hehehehe]

Here's how the story goes.
The Twilight Zone we were watching was entitled Loving Doll or Living Doll. Or something like that. It starred Telly Savalas I believe. His daughter [or some such young relation] was given a doll. The doll on the one hand was extremely protective of the girl, and her father did NOT like the doll. The doll eventually got thrown in the trash, the dad hoping to not ever see it again. Days go by and the doll calls him on the phone..."Hi, my name is Tina, and I don't like you!!" On and on it goes. Hubby by this time, is on the edge of his seat. I'm on the floor in front of him, giggling to myself and conjuring up what I will do when this program is done.

After the show is over, I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. At which time I fix myself up with make up and do my hair---just like the DOLL!! When I am finished, I walk down the hall a ways and call out to him..."I'm gonna go to bed now". He eventually shuts the TV off, and comes to bed, while I'm in under the covers up to my chin with my face turned away from him. He reads....I wait in anticipation[ by now I know the routine]...before he shuts the light off, he rolls me over to kiss me good night------I'm made up like the doll ---and I say to him "Hi!! I'm Tina"!!! And he inhales a deep breath, jumps back and the color of his face probably turned a nice pale shade of alabaster!!!

Sorry, I never had a camera back in the 1970's and all I could come up with is the story [which when I was mumbling to myself in here "Just what can I do about Fun Monday's memory of days ago that no one will let me forget?" Hubby says, "Revenge"!! I knew just what he meant!!!]

"Hi, My name is Tina. And I LIKE YOU!!!"

And to add an ending to this whole scenario, hubby went to the office the next morning and somehow the conversation got out what I had done to him, scaring him out of his wits....and every ONE of his coworkers thought it was a hoot. Laughter everywhere. Hubby still doesn't laugh at it.

Next week: our host is Blue Momma


NOTE TO MYSELF: Take the frozen turkey out of the freezer today!!!


  1. I think your limerick is PERFECT! Creative and funny!

  2. Wow two stories and a poem! Excellent, 5 stars for you!.

    Very entertaining too. I felt very sorry for your little girl self. But very with your grown up self and scaring the hubby! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall that night! He He!

  3. what to comment on... the limerick, the dress, the "kill", or Tina. Ha ha.... what a riot

  4. You and I can write the "lighter" limericks and leave the serious stuff to the others. I wasn't very thankful sounding in mine either. :-)

    Love the stories. You always make me laugh.

  5. Loved the limerick. I went the humorous side too! Eat Pork = hahah

    Okay - that episode of Tina the living doll scared the Pee-water out of me. I still don't like it - and I still don't like any doll that has creepy glass eyes like that. As a kid, I'd lay awake fretting over which toy was going to come alive and come after me.

  6. Don't shoot me, right now I'm only reading poems...tomorrow I'll be doing Fun Monday (I've got to compartmentalize, otherwise I'll never get through both! AND, I'm submitting a recipe on top of all that! What am I think??).

    But your poem? Well, now, Miss Anni, you "cleaned" it up (from what you said initially, ha!). I can totally see a new ad campaign, similar to the Chick-Fil-A cow ads (cows hold billboards that say "Eat more chicken").

    Adorable entry and I really appreciate you playing along. You've helped make it FUN for me :).

  7. Excellent Limerick!

    And I love the Erma Bombeck quote! SO TRUE!!!

  8. I love the picture.
    This was all great. The limerick was awesome.
    Happy Monday!

  9. I like the funny, probably because it's something I would do. :D

  10. The first story was cute but the second was hilarious, lol ! (it could have been me) I too had difficulties to write a story especially because my childhood was in a country in ruins and people had no time to take pictures of their children or keep funny things of them in mind, they were running behind food. But finally I found one !

  11. Great limerick, Anni and a pretty warped sense of jumour you have, too. One that I can relate to, because I nearly wet myself laughing at what you did to hubby. (Please don't tell him that I laughed, he may take revenge on me, too!).

    How sad your beautiful dress got ruined. My mother would have "killed" me too.

  12. All good stuff Anni, thanks for sharing.

  13. Okay! your probably this 1st one that made me almost loose my dew! Funny! You were a beautiful little girl!

  14. i wanted to email you back to your comment but i dont think i have your email address. can you comment on my page so i have it? thanks!

  15. Your poem was great and so are your stories!
    And *big ohhhh* you've got the drop cap code!!! I am so jealous, I have tried (see photo hunt) but my blogger doesn't accept great looking things...:(
    Love your pic with the scratch... (sorry about that!)
    Happy Monday!!

  16. You look like an angel in the picture. Even with the scrape.

    And the doll thing . . . you're just terrible, aren't you? I'll be coming back to see what else you come up with!

  17. What awesome stories. I need to take some lessons from you...the doll story was a riot!

  18. LOL! Great stories, all, thanks for sharing!


  19. I love the story of what you did to your hubby! That is hilarious!

  20. You are a funny, funny woman.

    Do you suppose your husband really is still planning revenge or is he too afraid of what you might come up with next??

  21. Excellent Limerick, I loved it. Your stories were great too, your poor Mum and you poor husband - I can't believe you did that.
    Thanks for sharing and giving me a good laugh.

  22. Oh, I had several pictures like that, too. And, how dare the teacher tell your mother that. Not fair.

    I remember the Tina doll epi of Twilight Zone. Creepy.

  23. Nice post. I wonder if they had "Murphy's Law" back in the day. Something to Google....

  24. Poor hubby! LOL! What a great practical joke--but don't give hubby my name! Thanks Tina!

  25. That's a riot! After all this time, I bet your husband's revenge will be a good one!

    I remember that episode. I used to mimic that doll -- it was my revenge for years of being called "Tina the Ballerina." LOL


  26. I am with your husband on those movie things. I might still have been shivering after all this time.

  27. I remember that TZ...just reading it spooked me a bit. I hadn't realized how wicked you could be! (I can totally see my husband trying to do something like that to me!)

    And your poor dress that your mom was going to kill you over. Strange teacher not to realize it was a figure of speech...

  28. First of all, love your little limerick! hehe You do realize that pigs everywhere are taking action and now carrying signs saying EAT TURKEY? lol Oh Anni, those two stories you related to us are precious...I can't get over that your teacher called your mom to tell her you had said she would kill you when you got home. Such an innocent quote we've all been known to say! As for scaring the heck out of your husband...badddd but sooo gooooood! hehe xoxo

  29. Anni,

    I love your limerick. You have talent, my friend. I still haven't gotten to your email but promise you I will. It's been a busy day.

    We all made mistakes when we were kids. The one thing my family never lets me and my brother forget is the time we shot the windows out of the old chicken coop with his brand new BB gun. We paid for it dearly then. We had trouble sitting down for a couple of days - and we're still paying for it at family gatherings today.


  30. Hi, I'm Tina and that's funny!

  31. Too bad they didn't have "photoshop" back then! Kinda like karma coming back around, isn't it...bummer...that sad....

    My husband would have smacked me - you're lucky!

  32. I would have been like your husband. I loved watching Twilight Zone, but would scare myself to death. Then I would have to turn all the lights on in the house. Sheesh.

    Beautiful picture - and what a memory to go with it.

  33. You have so much talent Anni!! Wow!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will go to my son's and his family for the day.

    I am thinking of taking a Little blogging break after my post tomorrow!! I will be back for Photo Hunt on Saturday! I wonder if I can do it!!!! I love blogging! But I need a little break! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  34. The limerick was great and funny, the first story was cute...I probably would have said the same (mom's going to kill me) too. Te second story creeped me out completely because I've been scared of those type of dolls since I was a little girl...they still creep me out!

    I have a limerick up at my "Creative Karina" blog.

  35. Anni,

    If you have time, drop over to my Writing Nook. I'm giving away another graphic today and thought you might enjoy it.


  36. A fun post. Great limerick. I love the story about the doll, although, that would sure freak me out as I am not fond of doll faces that talk. I think it is funny you told the teacher your mom was going to kill you.

  37. That's a really cool story! I bet hubby gets mad when you tell it.

  38. I remember that episode of Twilight Zone!

  39. Here for Fun Monday!!

    The word of babes. Boy, they can sure get a parent in trouble :-)

  40. sweet photo - scrape and all.

    and a fabulous limerick!

    what i'm wondering is if you remembered to get the turkey out of the freezer. :)

  41. How fun! I love your blog! Quite a clever little Limerick you wrote there!! I'm enjoying reading, and will "go back in time" to read more. Glad I found you! Thanks a bunch for stopping by mine.


  42. I'm more like your hubby in that I get spooked easily. But that was funny. And if Mr B ever dressed up as a cute little doll I would have te camera out in a flash. :D

  43. I liked your limerick. And your story about your dress. You still look pretty in your dress. Now what you did to your husband is too funny. That sounds like something I would have liked to have done. But I have always been afraid of payback.

  44. Hi! Thanks for drooping by at my blog. I just finished the Friday Feast entry! Sorry you did not see it a while ago.

    My son loves Chritmas trees!