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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Our adventure aboard the ship USS Elissa
The historical 1877 Iron Barque that
docked in our city's Harbor for a few days
before heading to Galveston, TX.

I'm at the ship's HELM
Bud is on the Captain's Deck
[note: The wood on the deck is gorgeous. Teak!!!!]

We took the tour----

ELISSA'S historical log

According to the Marjorie Lyle, granddaughter of ELISSA's builder, Henry Fowler Watt, the name was taken from the epic Roman poem The Aeneid, in which the tragedy of Dido, Queen of Carthage, is the unifying theme of the first four books of that tale. Dido was originally a Phoenician princess named Elissa, who fled from Tyre to Africa and founded Carthage.

Unlike some tall ships of today ELISSA is not a replica, but a survivor. She was built during the decline of the "Age of Sail", to fill a niche in maritime commerce. Over her 90-year commercial history, she carried a variety of cargos to ports around the world, for a succession of owners. Her working life as a freighter came to an end in Piraeus Harbor, Greece, where she was rescued from the salvage yard by a variety of ship preservationists who refused to let her die. The story of ELISSA's discovery and restoration is nothing short of miraculous, and is beautifully retold in photographs and two video presentations at the Texas Seaport Museum.


I found this tag from Random Thoughts while I was checking out the new photo hunters for the week. Tho, it was a tag for his blog, I chose to try it out myself because it was interesting! LOL Hey, I love books, so I tagged myself---what better way to learn of something that might be of interest? And meeting new people with they're blogs is fun, I must thank the blogger for joining us on Saturday and allowing me to grab the meme from your blog and having a bit of fun. All the while, getting a bit of cultured reading while I am having a good time this morning.

The rule is: Go to Amazon dot Com's Advanced Book Search...type in your NAME on the TITLE and click to see what comes up.

Of course, I typed in Anni. Here's one that came up.

Anni's India Diary.
Then I did a bit more Googling and found this about the book:

About this title: A girl named Anni chronicles her family's trip to India. Traveling by such methods as train, boat, elephant, and rickshaw, Anni, her mother, and her father make their way across the country seeing the sights and meeting the people. Illustrated with watercolor drawings and photographs.


9:19 a.m.

So, I'm getting dressed this morning for our early Sunday Brunch outing. I chose a red sleeveless, white-collared sweater/blouse. Picked out my shoes to wear and then, since I've lost a few pounds since last Autumn, I reached back in the back of the clothes rod to get out a pair of faded jeans that a few months ago was just too tight to zip closed [unless I laid on the bed to flatten the stomach....hehehehe]. I thought I'd try them to see if I could zip the fly up. If I could, then I'd wear them with the top. I could!!!! I could!!! But the thing is --as I was walking back into the dining room through to the key-holder to get the car keys and grab the digital camera, when I put my hand in my pocket to straighten the pocket lining....the hand felt something. I pulled my hand back out and there was a machine washed, nicely rolled up $5 bill!!! Cool!!! [I would have typed "laundered five dollars but that sounds illegal] Too bad it wasn't a $50 I'd forgotten about. But, all in all, I'll settle for the $5 I didn't know I had!!!


  1. Cool. I'll have to check that out.

  2. Anni,

    I went over to Amazon and put my name into the advanced search. The book that came up was "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World." Looked like a pretty good book.

    Have a great Sunday.

  3. That looked like a fun outing!

  4. Hi Anni - the ship sounds amazing. Really neat!

    I just read the part where you said "let me know in my comments!" Oops. Are you still ok for hosting next Fun Monday??? I have you down. If not, let me know, as there was another volunteer after you.

    Talk soon!

  5. Isn't she beautiful. We've had the treat of watching her come into port a couple of times.

  6. The ship is beautiful! I can see her sailing all over the world with loads of cargo! You have written this up so we can see it out on the high seas!!

    I will have to go type in "Carolyn" and see what happens!!

    Kelly loaded all our Halloween pictures to the computer! Then we put them out on my blog! A lot of them!

  7. I've done the Amazon book search before. I always get "Cody the Allergic Cow: A Children's Story of Milk Allergies"

    It makes me giggle.

  8. Well finally!! I have not been able to leave comments on your blog for several days now!! I don't know what is wrong!! It just would not go and let me comment!! Do I understand you from your comment to me that you are having problems with mine too? WOW!! Wonder what is the problem. Anyway, I have tried and tried. Hoping your Sunday has been a good one..I enjoyed the pictures..Sandy

  9. Isn't she a beauuuuuutiful vessel?! WOW! Dennis & I would really enjoy touring her too! I wonder if she ever sails into Baltimore... a lot of them do!

    I'm heading off to try that Amazon thing ... not sure I'll have much luck with Melli - but we'll see! Your Anni book looks like a TREAT!

    Congrats on the fiver! Whoo hoo!

  10. I love the pics of the ships. :)

    I don't know what you have planned for Fun Monday, but Count me in. :D

  11. The ship looks grand. My husband and I enjoy looking at tall ships; we even had the experience of sailing for a short time on Friends Good Will.