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Define LOVE: a strong positive emotion of regard and affection

I LOVE _______:

MY Family!
left to right-top row: Hubby, son, 1st grandson
left to right-bottom row: Winston, 2nd grandson, me, daughter, Tahoe


AND!! Watch out world, Anni got a new toy in snail mail! A troll doll! She's so ugly she's adorable....and I LOVE my new troll!!

Isn't she adorable? What a hoot!!


And of course, I LOVE my parents [both now deceased]. No longer with me here on earth,
but with me in my heart, always.

A long time ago, as I was going through some old momentoes of my life, and memories of times past, I sat down and composed this poem. It begins as my mother once told me how she met my dad and then skyrocketed to how strong their love was, and how I didn't realize it until it was 'too late'.....


More than half a century their love was.

At a baseball game they met.
Schoolmate and brother ushered acquaintance.

Flaxen hair she had.
Blue eyes, glittering in the sun.
Father asked his friend....
Do you know her?
Sure! She's my sister, Mother's brother replied.
I'll introduce her. But, wait.
Wait 'til the end of inning one.

Flirtatious? Yes, indeed.....and, why not?
Hmmmmm she thought. This guy,
a man of such competence, he's gotta be fun!
He was a find, what we can call hot!

Dark hair parted in the middle. Dapper,
dressed to the nines.

Father & Mother....
Wow! This one, yes this one...
He/She just hasta be mine.

Love grew.

Sacred vows were declared.


Life together was not always a ball game.
Work mixed with laughter.
Hardships, good times, days mixed with tears.
The harder they worked, the more they laughed.
And stronger their bond became.

Years passed....

I grew to adulthood.
Didn't acknowledge the affection they shared.
Too busy all wrapped up in myself.
No, I didn't bother. Never cared.

As age turned into decades.
I realized something dear.
Their life was spiritual, so vibrant.
So true to each other.
A union was pledged, unbroken.

All too soon....

The dark hair parted in the middle
and flaxen braids disappeared.
Even a paunch for a belly was seen.
Golden curls were replaced with silver strands.
Years passed, but their love remained keen.

A third generation was created.
Great grandchildren to indulge.
Warm hearts with open arms & devotion combine.
A house full of happiness, a room full
of love. And...
Most of all, these parents are mine!

Mother left.
Father stayed a while longer.
His lonely heart couldn't handle the loss.
Or maybe in his mind what he felt, was blame.
He left us shortly thereafter.
No more sorrow he was in.
They're again eternally together.
Now watching us below, at our own "ball" game.

And their daughter....?
Gone are those days now.
I am told time heals all, tears shed in vain.
The loss will never leave me.
This sorrow will always remain.
But I now, the one with no care,
relive daily the memories galore.
Today, for me, their love was true.
With me, it will always be there.

With great admiration
and devotion....
Your daughter, Anni

Copyrighted and written 1999©
Please do not steal



  1. Okay, that troll was creepy, but I really liked that poem.

  2. You know what...I LOVE the troll! Great pic of the family! Happy hunting!

  3. I love the family photo, the troll (I've always liked Trolls or damnit dolls as we called them when I was a child in the 60s) but I particularly loved the poem, beautiful. I hope you have a pleasant weekend.

  4. Great post! Loved the pics and especially the poem!

  5. that's a lovely poem :-)

  6. Ok the troll is creepy so I'm sure he'll be loved :)
    And the poem in tribute to your parents is wonderful!

  7. Anni,

    I love your post today. The family photo is great. I enjoyed learning about your family and that little troll is adorable.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always.


  8. Wonderful choices for the theme, I got a kick out of seeing that troll baby! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

  9. Very nice post! Looks like you have a wonderful family! Have a great weekend!

  10. wow, what a beautiful family and I finally get to see Mr. Hootin Anni!! Great shot!

  11. Ok, I am all teary eyed!
    What a loving tribute to your Mom and Dad.
    I liked the family photo's too!

    You had a great photo hunt today!! I hope you have a nice weekend!! love you, Carolyn

  12. That's a lovely poem. You have a lovely family too. The troll is so cute!

  13. Beautiful family and lovely troll. Heh heh heh...

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hope you can stop by and see my loves. Happy Hunting.

  14. Beautiful. Well not the troll but all the rest.

  15. Love the troll! I have a couple of old Wishnicks!
    Sandra Evertson

  16. Hey..touching poem (letter)..brings tear to my eyes..

  17. I chose my family too! What a great tribute with that poem. :) My photo hunt is up too! :)

  18. Family 1st... that's cool! The troll is kinda cute too. What are you planning to do wit it?

  19. What a great family you have there. Now about that Troll,..... someone hit that with the ugly stick! lol Have a good weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. What beautiful words! You are very talented, I like the creative way you told the whole story.


  21. Your photo hunting picture is great and I appreciate that you love yourself, lol ! The troll doll suits you very well I would tell that you are sisters !
    I am back since yesterday night from 86 F to 31 F brrrr and still with one foot in Egypt ! Our holidays were so wonderful that now I have the blues !

  22. Great photos, I loved the troll. Happy weekend!

  23. That troll is really eliciting some chills down the spine.
    and yet... so did your honoring words for your parents
    just a different kind (:

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  25. Lovely pics and poems. Where can I get me a troll doll? Have a great weekend!

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  26. The troll was lovely and not creepy at all! great take on the topic!

  27. I love your collage. You are blessed with a wonderful family. And who could not love that troll! Finally your tribute to your parents is beautiful. I am fortunate my parents are still with us and still sprightly at 81 and 79! Have a great weekend

  28. As always, you have your unique way of presenting the themes. And you never fail to amaze me. Great job!

    Beautiful family photos! And a lovely poem for your parents! I only have my mom left. I love what you wrote on the copyright material -"Please do not steal" Very true! :)

    Happy weekend! :)

  29. Loved the poem, but that doll brought back memories - My sons called theirs "Daddy Dolls"!

  30. Wonderful collage and poem. :) I love my family too. :)

    Here's what I Love.

  31. What a lovely collage of "love". That troll is creepy!!

  32. I love your take on this week's theme! WONDERFUL!

  33. A really love post for you to create on today's theme.

    That is a really silly looking troll but he needs love just like anyone

    Take care,

  34. Love your family graphic! That TROLL though is ADORABLE! I knOw there's botta be a story behind that -- I think you should have saved it for it's very own post! LOL!

  35. wow! u got a lot of fans here!hehehe!wish i could get comments like these everyday,hehehehe!anways, nice collage of photos and that poem is wonderful!

  36. Hootin Anni, Wonderful, wonderful post! The poem about your mom and Dad and yourself was heartening! Happy Phto Hunters Day!

    Thanks for visiting me!

  37. Your family is beautiful. Know what I love about you? Your outlook and love. It washes over everything you touch and they are so lucky to have you.

  38. Anni - I just had to come back and share this link -- RennyBA featured your trolls as a prize to a contest on his site a few days ago -- thought you might like to see some of your little guys relatives!!!

    Renny's Page

  39. Oh Anni...your poem made me cry! So beautiful..thank you for sharing that, really...I needed to read that today.

    The troll, omg, he is so much of the ugly! But I love him :)

    Great family collage, too!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  40. Beautiful post! Loved your family photos and what an awesome poem.

    Have a great day!
    Please stop by:

  41. First- loved the poems honoring your parent's love.

    and I too, love little troll guys. I have a few of them!

    OH! And your family pictures are great! I love seeing what ppl look like.

    Have a great week end!


  42. Lovely...
    the troll, too :-)

  43. Love the photo, love the Fall background and was very moved by your poem.
    Thank you for sharing!
    huge hugs

  44. Your poem made me tear up Anni! Just beautiful! I know I surprised you with Pogo being my "love", but It truly is all about family, mine is just very fractured right now, and the "glue" has become I distract myself with Pogo...Thanks for visiting me sweetie, I alwasy appreciate your visits

  45. Great collage and what a heelarious troll!

  46. I'm borrowing my cats' blog, ha. The troll reminded me of when these were very popular and my boys (grown now) had ones with shocking pink hair and googly eyes.

    Love your poem.


  47. like the poem too...and i love what you love. 4seasons of my life and
    2Cents Worth . Hope you can visit me too. Happy Hunting !!!always love most...mine too.

  48. ohh that is a cute troll!its pretty cool! mines up too..

  49. woah! I LOVE that troll, it's SO cool!

    and your poetry is beautiful, as is your family.

  50. Your poem is beautiful. You are blessed to have them as your parents. Thanks for sharing your poem.

    But I admit, I did LOL at the end (please do not steal). So true! People get the work made by other people without acknowledgment. Sigh.

    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  51. The family photo was lovely, the troll is truly hideous and the poem, brought tears to my eyes, beautifully put.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog Daughter of Fortune is good, I found it a real struggle for the first hundred pages then the story got going. I'll be doing a proper review next week - so stop by!
    Have a great weekend

  52. I'm not a fan of trolls, however I enjoyed the poem. Thank you for the comment about Jasmine. We love her to pieces even though she's a total primadonna.

  53. What a great poem. And a great picture of the family as well.

  54. LOL on the troll doll!! What a beautiful family.

  55. Yeah, love, family and friends, that's what counts most here in life :-)

    Very cute troll. If troll can be cute. I think so... *giggles*

  56. Can you please give me some explanations about Fun Monday, I can't find anything on your blog but saw the meme on Melli's.

  57. Thanks a lot for the information, it looks more interesting to me than the Manic Monday which lately came out with such stupid words like "gravy" and for tomorrow "relish" (as if everybody would know what that is besides Americans or people who had been there)At the beginning it was a very nice game to knit a story around a word but now the quality has very much diminished.

  58. The troll looks familiar... Great family collage!

  59. Touching poem. Brought tears.

  60. Nice pictures of the family but I just can't say that I liked the troll. Lovely tribute to your parents.

  61. Great choice for the theme this week!

    Though I'm a little creeped out by the troll doll too!

  62. I love your photo montage and all your animated images. You are very creative and clever. sara from farmingfriends