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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

About four years ago, FINDING NEMO was a theater released computer animated movie by Pixar. It concerns the adventures of an agoraphobic fish living on the Great Barrier Reef who must venture out into the wider ocean when his son is accidentally kidnapped by deep-sea divers. Recently an ice show has been produced and touring the country. It has been here in Corpus the last couple of days. Bud and I went last night. It was incredible! The photos I took do NOT do it justice. Tho the ice rink was darkened most of the time during it all except for spot lights following the cast of characters, I will use the 'best' of the photos off my camera. It was amazing-----


Oh how I wish we didn't live right smack dab in the city limits right now! I would truly love to be back in Arizona where it's illegal to have bright lights ---which makes for great sky-watching! [The main reason that lights - AND street lights are not to be used in and around Tucson---because of the high magnifying telescopes used by the government and universities around the world, all located on peaks of the Tucson Mountains].

Anyway, this coming November 19th will be an ideal night for stargazing!!------

...when we relocated to Corpus, we packed and had the movers bring our huge telescope. But thing is, where our home is located, we are doing good to see just above our heads -- watching the night skies. There is just too much light surrounding us. :o(

From Yahoo News:
"A comet that has delighted backyard astronomers in recent weeks after an unexpected eruption has now grown larger than the sun. It continues to expand and is now the largest single object in the solar system, according to astronomers at the University of Hawaii. See for yourself

Holmes is still visible to the naked eye as a fuzzy star anytime after dark, high in the northeast sky. You can find it by using this sky map. It is faintly visible from cities, and from dark country locations is truly remarkable.

"Right now, in a dark sky it appears as a very noticeable circular cloud," said Joe Rao,'s Skywatching Columnist. Rao advises looking for the comet this weekend, before the moon becomes more of a factor. The comet will likely diminish in brightness yet remain visible for the next two to three weeks, he said.

"Over the next few weeks and months, the coma and tail are expected to expand even more while the comet will fade as the dust disperses," Stevenson and her colleagues write.

On Monday, Nov. 19, the comet will create a unique skywatching event with its see-through coma, according to the Web site "The comet will glide by the star Mirfak [also called Alpha Persei] and appear to swallow it—a sight not to be missed."

I love to gaze at the sky and look for everything I read about in my Astronomer Magazine.




  1. I've been following it's progress ever since I first heard about it... It's quite dark around here! It's getting increasingly difficult to spot now. I'd love to see the "swallowing" tomorrow, but the skies have been covered for a few days now. Still, it's been quite a sight, even without a telescope.

  2. The show must have been beautiful ! At least I got an idea. As we had a show every evening I took pictures first and then switched over to little videos they are also quite dark though. But you still can see enough to get an idea.
    The sky in Egypt was gorgeous you could see so nice even with your eyes only and the half moon was not in the same position than over here vertically it was horizontally or as a little boy said : Mum the moon is sleeping !

  3. I love to star gaze when we go camping. We go up into the mountains and everything is so amazingly clear, you just can't believe it. Here at home it is not too bad, we can see a pretty good sky, but there is such a difference out in the woods.

    The ice show looks great! Finding Nemo is such a cute story!

    :0) Sharon

  4. Anni,

    The boys and I looked for the comet the other night, but the sky was too overcast. I'm hoping they get to see it.

    Please drop over to my blog and take a copy of the postcard. You are welcome. That was my gift to my readers for today. Though I am not American and our Canadian Thanksgiving is over, I'm going in a week of thanks and giving. I will be giving something away every day this week.

    Loved my visit, as always. I love your header and all your beautiful graphics. If you have time when you're at my blog, drop me an email, please.


  5. I read about stuff like this at spaceweather
    but, I don't have a telescope.

  6. I've been seeing photos of Comet Holmes on NASA' photo of the day site (here's one: ) but haven't gone out to look at it in person. Yesterday was cloudy, but today is clear, so maybe I can see it tonight!

  7. Thanks for sharing this, I will go look tonight.

  8. Hi Anni,

    Great article! I've been following Comet Holmes for a while. Last night it was to the left of a Pers, but touching it. It's a terrific sight through binoculars. Since I have been tracking it, I've found that I can see it with binoculars through a light to moderate cloud cover.

    I enjoyed your article. Thank you!
    Clear skies!