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Thirteen Haunted Houses/Buildings in states I've resided [reported REALLY Haunted!] And I've only done the research, I've to give credit to GOOGLE search and numerous websites.

Each listed below, I've had the privilege to walk through them at one time or another during my 50+ years--only to be disappointed in seeing or feeling nothing out of the ordinary.


1) IN TEXAS - San Antonio's infamous ALAMO MISSION/ALAMODOME [home of the historical battle that all were killed by the Mexican Army in 1835:
The defenders and others killed inside the Alamo were unceremoniously dumped into a mass grave, causing many spirits to be restless and seek for a better eternal rest in the areas around the Alamo, as well as the Alamo building itself. Many other civilians / soldiers / defenders who were killed in other places around San Antonio during the 13 days of battle were not buried at all. "The hauntings started soon after the bloodbath at the Alamo. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna unwisely ordered Mexican engineers to tear down the Alamo, down to the last brick. However, when the engineers began to tear down the walls, ghostly hands emerged from the walls to stop them. Some of the hands held glowing torches. For the grand finale, a loud ghostly voice warned the living to stop tearing down the Alamo or face a terrible death."

2) IN TEXAS - San Antonio's Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater [along the infamous "Riverwalk Area" - built 1912: Spirits often become active when a building is renovated. At least 4 spirits who either love the theater or the building itself have made the Alamo Street Restaurant and Theater their home. "A gentle, apparition by the name of Margaret Gething, wearing a long, flowing dress, loves to watch rehearsals and performances from the balcony, and has spoken to the living. When the theater is busy with rehearsals, her ghostly activity increases."

3) IN TEXAS - Galveston's Ashton Villa Mansion - completion, 1865::
During the Civil War, Ashton Villa was put to good use as a hospital for Confederate soldiers. And, as Galveston was at various times under the control of either the Union forces or the Confederate forces, Ashton Villa became the headquarters for whatever General was in control at the time. At the end of the Civil War, popular tradition reports that the surrender of Confederate forces in the southwest took place in this Gold Room. "The furniture moves by itself, and the clocks stop working for no mechanical reason. Her presence has been felt, seen and heard in the Gold Room. A substitute night caretaker, Mr. T., one stormy night was awakened by the wild barking of the regular caretaker's dog. Thinking that someone was breaking into the Villa, he left the caretaker's home and entered the Villa. He heard a man and a woman arguing in The Golden Room." [Bettie Brown is "the woman heard---and the man, one of many of her beaus"] *I remember being told when touring, that this is the FIRST home to be built in Texas with brick!!!

4) IN COLORADO -Denver's Courthouse c. 1930's: This grand structure took 26 years to complete from the time period from 1912 to 1932, under the watchful eye of 39 leading local architects. The original courthouse, probably from the late 1800's period was located here and was probably knocked down to make room for this grand structure, which houses meeting space and offices for not only the courts, but also the mayor, city council and other municipal offices. "The paranormal activity on this spot began in the old Courthouse, back in 1900 on the second floor. Two night time workers, a watchman and a janitor reported that the "gates of Hell" opened up on the 2nd floor at 3:00 am., one early morning. Many spirits of recognized departed people walked around the hallways at night for 6 days straight, leaving an overbearing smell of brimstone. It is not surprising that the two people who witnessed this quit their jobs, and left Denver." [it's still reported, with the new building, that night watchmen hear a ruckus on the 2nd floor!]

5) IN COLORADO -DENVER'S MOLLY BROWN HOUSE c. 1889: [of the Titanic era --"The Unsinkable Molly Brown" -purchased by the Browns in 1894] "The entities of Molly Brown and her husband James John still putter around their home, going about their business, doing what they liked to do while alive. The staff and guests to the now Molly Brown museum have smelled pipe and cigar smoke; the tell-tale sign that J.J.[Molly Brown's husband] has been enjoying his smokes again, although there is no smoking allowed for the living. Cold spots have been felt in Molly Brown's room and her apparition has been seen by the living as she goes around corners."

6) IN COLORADO -DENVER'S UNION STATION -1880'S: The first railroad station was built by the Union Depot and Railroad Company, costing $525,000. This showcase Italian Romanesque style rail road station opened on June 1, 1881. Pink lava stone called rhyolite was used to build the building, with Manitou sandstone used over the windows and doors to good effect. This original building suffered the fate of a lot of buildings during this time period; A fire started in the ladies room which destroyed the 180 ft wooden tower and the southwest side of the station in 1894. Rebuilding the destroyed parts of the station was no problem and soon a second building was constructed in the Beaux Arts Classicism style with a much lower roof line. The two wings on each side of the new building remained from the original 1881 railroad depot structure. "Dozens of entities were reported by the telegraph who worked there. The creepy entity of the see-through three fingered Hobo apparition would appear like clockwork on the train platforms and proceed to the lobby, and the office area of the Denver Depot to get his chuckles bothering the ticker agents by tapping on the glass windows of the ticket booths."

7) IN COLORADO - COLORADO SPRINGS' PIONEER MUSEUM c. early 1900's: The building that the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum now calls home is the restored 1903 El Paso County Courthouse which is described as an "imposing gray granite and ornamental concrete block" structure designed by local architect August J. Smith who used the Second Renaissance Revival style in his plans. This two story and a basement solidly built structure has "distinct horizontal divisions, with each floor having different window sizes, shapes and surrounds." The crowning feature of this government building has got to be the ornate, domed clock tower. "The rooms where this manager's office and department was located is haunted by an upset presence, which makes the living very uncomfortable. The security guards who have to patrol the museum at night try to avoid these rooms because they feel very uneasy there, like they are intruding in a place where they are not welcome. The entity of the murdered manager has issues with his own sudden demise, and unable to let go and go to the other side."

8) Our Homes in Colorado, Arizona, and now here in Texas...Hubby swears he's seen weird shadows! Well, two of these homes we bought [one in Tucson and here in Corpus Christi, the previous owners passed on while in the homes!!!]. He may have a thing or two, but I've not seen anything nor heard anything out of the norm.

9) IN ARIZONA - DOUGLAS, ARIZONA - GADSDEN HOTEL c. early 1900's The year was 1907. Pancho Villa and Wyatt Earp were still slinging guns, Arizona had yet to become a state, and The Gadsden Hotel first opened her doors to the West. "The apparition of a headless man has been seen floating down hallways and in the basement. For some reason the ghost appears most often during Lent. Some witnesses have described the ghost dressed in khaki army clothing with a cap on its headless shoulders. The five story, 150 room hotel was built in 1907. It later burned down and was rebuilt in 1929. It was restored in 1988, which is about the time the ghost started showing up. The managers saw the ghost in a hallway in February 1991."

10) IN ARIZONA - JEROME GRAND HOTEL c. 1920's This Spanish Mission style building, constructed in 1926, started out as the United Verde Hospital, opening January, 1927. In 1930, it was written up as the most modern and well equipped hospital in Arizona and possible the Western States. The Hospital was closed in 1950 as the mine operation was being phased out. The building stood unused for the next 44 years until the rehabilitation plans started in 1994. "A man named Claude Harvey was killed when he was caught underneath the hospital elevator in 1935. Since that time, lights have been seen in the shaft and during a period when the building was vacant, the elevator could be heard slowly traveling up and down... even though it had been parked at the top of the shaft and no power was connected to it."

11) IN ARIZONA - Tucson: OLD TUCSON MOVIE STUDIO c. late 1930's by Columbia Studios from Hollywood In July of 1939, Columbia Pictures reserved $250,000 to create a set for the filming of Arizona, which was to bring the true ruggedness of the Old West to life. In the years following this pioneering project, many studios used the site for western films and added new structures. In the 1940's and 1950's movies filmed at Old Tucson studios included, The Bells of Saint Mary's (1945) with Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman and Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957) with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Among others: John Wayne, Little House on the Prairie filmed here, Steve Martin, High Chapparal TV Program, etc. etc. "Paranormal phenomena has been reported in several areas of the studios by security guards. The first is the Grand palace saloon. Several ghosts, including one of a little girl, have been spotted throughout the building. The little girl is often spotted on the stairs leading to the second floor. Adjoining the saloon is Rosa's Cafe. The apparition of a young woman has been seen here and reports of unusual noises and moving objects are common place."

12) IN NEBRASKA - OGALLALA[Native American name] -MANSION ON THE HILL c. 1880's: An authentic Victorian style home listed on the National Register of Historic Places , the Mansion on the Hill was Ogallala?s finest residence when it was completed in 1887. L. A. Brandhoefer contracted to have the house built of brick from a local factory. Mr. Brandhoefer, after several visits to the area became intrigued with the open prairies, the Platte River, the Indians, cowboys, and the early pioneers whose fortitude and determination to win the West gave him the foresight to see the great possibilities of Ogallala and the prairies. The walls of the mansion are 16 inches thick and the home is trimmed in stone cut and imported from Lincoln, Nebraska. Woodwork in the house including the central staircase is carved cherry wood. The fireplaces were finished with hand painted tiles imported from New Jersey. "People driving past on west 10th Street have seen lights on in the back room when the museum is closed at night. Museum keepers have also seen a man’s figure walking around during the afternoon when only the museum keepers are there, an no one else."

13) IN NEBRASKA - LINCOLN, STATE CAPITOL BUILDING: The Nebraska State Capitol, the product of a nationwide design competition won by New York Architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue in 1920, is described as the nation's first truly vernacular State Capitol. The present building, the third to be erected on this site, was the nation's first statehouse design to radically depart from the prototypical form of the nation's Capitol and to use an office tower. Constructed in four phases over ten years from 1922-1932, the building, with furnishings and landscaping, was completed at a cost just under the $10 million budget and was paid for when finished. "Visitors who ride the elevator to the dome observation deck of the state capitol building in Lincoln are in for an unusual experience. Oh, I don't mean just the spectacular view that the deck offers of the city below, I am talking about something else. If you ever get the chance to visit this dome, stop and listen very closely.... there is a good chance that you will hear the sound of a man sobbing and weeping as though his heart is broken. You can look around, but you won't see anyone who is crying nearby... what you are hearing is a phenomena that has gone unexplained for many years.
It is the ghost of the observation deck. But this is not the only ghost, or at least the only type of energy to linger here. We cannot forget the sounds of screams that have been heard inside of the building itself.


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  1. I've been to the Alamo and I've spent the night in Jerome. Nothing happened when I was there either. :( It's still a very neat place though, I just loved the whole little town.
    [copied from when comments were disabled]

  2. I can't comment on your Halloween mansions ! A Halloween ghost switched your comment thing off and you have no email address where one could reach. Fortunately here it works.
    I only wanted to tell you that I miss my house on this very interesting list, lol !
    [copied from when comments were disabled]

  3. I wanted to leave a comment on your above post to say thank you so much for the Halloween treat but the comments have been disabled!

    I really liked that post and have been to two of the places - the Alamo and the old movie theater in Tucson. Didn't feel a thing in either myself - darn!!
    [copied from when comments were disabled]

  4. Hi Anni

    I tried to comment on your latest post but it said the comment section has been disabled.

    Anyway, I think haunted houses have the most fascinating stories, however I don't think I'd like to live in one. My own deceased relatives can give me enough trouble without anyone else's hanging!
    [copied from when comments were disabled]

  5. I was trying to post in your haunted homes post up top - but it says the administrator has turned off comments...??? Just wanted to let you know! It's a great post -- I'm hoping to MAYBE see some haunted mansions here in Savannah - don't know if we'll get to it or not! We'll see....
    [copied from when comments were disabled]

  6. Well, you disabled your comments on TT so I'll respond here. What a great list of hauntings. I've been to a couple of them and never felt anything either. Have a great TT. :)
    [copied from when comments were disabled]

  7. Ooooh... haunted houses! Scaaarryy... you should visit Indonesia and try out some of the haunted houses here ;)

    Thanks for visiting my TT :)

  8. YOur comments are OK now. Wow, this is an exhaustive list. I didn't even like the Disney Haunted Mansion nor any wax museums. I'm a baby.

  9. Just letting you know I've passed on your treat today.
    I found the Halloween Mansion tour very interesting.

  10. I think the one that would scare me the most is the Jerome Grand Hotel. *shivers*

    Happy TT :)

  11. I haven't been to any of this places inside. I did drive by them...maybe next time I'll go and take a look....

  12. Wow, you've visited a lot of supposedly haunted houses! Very spooky. I don't think I'd like to meet a ghost.

    Thank you for asking about me: I am doing better, and saw the vet again on Monday. She thinks I have food allergies, so I'm on food designed for allergies, and we'll see how I do on it.

  13. Great list. When we go back to Tucson we'll have to check a couple of those out. We've been to old Tucson Studios but not the others. The school my kids go to is said to be haunted but the teachers don't like to talk about it because it scares the kids. Gee, ya think?

  14. That was a really interesting list! I love reading about stuff like that and I didn't even know about the ones in Arizona!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and Happy TT!

  15. yes, I dare to comment but I wouldn't dare to go into any of those buildings alone!!! I get scared very easily.
    Happy thirteening :)

  16. Very interesting Thursday Thirteen. I've never been to any of the places you've mentioned here. When I lived in Savannah years ago, a good friend of mine was convinced there was a ghost cat in her apartment.

  17. I love your blog husbands middle name is his imagination! (Actually, in MY imagination, but since we're "of one mind" I figured that counted) Anyway, I've lived in Austin and Colorado Springs and have been a lot of the places you mentioned. I didn't know they were really haunted! Thanks for stopping by my TT! Your list is great!

  18. Cool post! I'd like to visit some of these places eventually. Happy T13!

  19. I tired to get in here earlier and comments were closed. Now there are 16 people ahead of me. Wow.

    Great TT. I love history like this. Thanks for putting so much effort into reporting all the facts. Sadly (or not) I'm one of those that never seems to sense anything either. Yet people who are sensitive or psychic do sense or see spirits. I guess in the end we all eventually find out the truth. ;-) (But hopefully not for a long time.)

  20. What a cool idea for a list. Now all you have to do is get those Ghost Hunters fron Sci-Fi channel to stake out these haunts!

    Thnaks for stopping by my T13!

  21. Great TT. Happy Halloween .


  22. Anonymous10/18/2007

    Great information. I have always been intrigued by the spirit life.
    Once prior to getting married my husband stayed over my parents house. He woke me up scared to death. He said while he was sleeping he felt like someone was staring at him. He opened his eyes and saw a person with curly hair sitting on my father's recliner. He would never sleep in that room again.
    Thanks for stopping by my site.

  23. Ah! Great, now I don't have to do that list! *giggles*

    It would be a verey exciting experience to visit all those haunted houses, wow!

    (Maybe the comments problem was because of problem at Blogger, because I got an error message last night when trying to comment on another blog)

  24. Love the list! I always love to hear ghost stories. I've been to the Denver train station--on a train! I'm going to have to work on my Halloween TT for this year.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  25. I went to the Alamo when I was in the third grade and it was SPOOKY. Course, I was in the third grade.

    Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  26. That's such a cool list!!!! Thanks for stopping by and I'm bookmarking your blog. I will be back anni. :)

  27. The buildings look okay from the outside, but I would never go inside any of them. No way. I'm a chicken!
    Happy TT!

  28. LOVE how you change your design to match the seasons and holidays. Do you do it all yourself? All the 'haunted houses' look like they'd be fun to visit.

  29. I love hearing ghost stories! Great list of 13. Most of those buildings and homes were beautiful architectually too. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my dead celebrity list. Have a great weekend!

  30. Very timely halloween TT! Thanks for sharing the info! I don't think I'll visit any of those places now! Haha!
    Have a great weekend!

  31. What a marvelous list. I have had the privilege or the curse of living in and seeing a very real haunt for quite a few years. He liked children. He liked to set them at ease. He also liked to drop a little shock in the adults. Thus when we made a trip to Glamis Castle in Scotland their tells of haunts weren't nearly so spine chilling.

    Thanks for a glimpse! and for the visit!

    You're welcome anytime.


  32. We lived in Arizona when I was in high school. My Mom was a western fanatic so we spent lots of time at Old Tucson before it burned down.

    Great list and thanks for visiting my TT!

  33. It ate my comment!

    Maybe there are ghosts in blogger?

  34. I happened on to your comments at my sister's blog (Joy in the Moment),loved the name and decided to visit....never knew a Rockies fan...being from NE Ohio, I'm kind of partial to the Indians myself....hopefully we will get to play you next week. Thanks.

  35. what a great list! we live in Denver so we are going to have to visit a few of these houses!! ...p.s. GO ROCKIES!!!!

  36. what a great and fitting list!!

    as much as i love the idea of being scared, i really really really get scared easily. :(

    My parents house is haunted... you can read about it here

    thanks for visiting my site
    happy tt!

  37. Oh! I wish there was a haunted mansion near me! (once more I'm screwed for living in Iowa. ;)

    Great list- this is my first visit- I will definitely be back!!


  38. Those would be freaky to go into. #5 Looks like a pretty home. Thanks for the hard work in finding out the facts and tidbits.

    Happy TT~

  39. Ooh scary! I don't think I've ever been to a truly haunted house. Great list! :)

  40. Great list & pics w/ each one! I had no idea that all these places were so ghostly spooky. You're far more brave than me. I'm a big ol scaredy cat! ; )

  41. I so enjoyed reading all about those haunted places!! Like you, I've been to known haunted places but have never felt or seen anything...maybe that's a good thing, though, heaven knows how we'd react if we really did see a ghost! lol xoxo

  42. What a great TT for the Halloween season! Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy Thursday!

  43. Anni,

    I have never been to the Alamo but have always wanted to see it. Dad was there and he though he wasn't a big one to talk about spirits, he thought it was definitely haunted.

    Thanks for listing all of these wonderful places. Makes me want to jump in the car and take off to explore the world.

    Have a wonderful day.


  44. I've been to the Alamo but didn't sense any spirits.

    A very interesting list! I love reading about things like this.

    Thanks for stopping by my site, and have a great Thursday!

  45. HI I've been to the Alamo and felt a spirit there but not a haunted more like a reverence CAt does not have a blogYET but we are working on her

  46. Very cool list! I should research and see what places there are in my area! I'm sure we have many out here in the Boston, MA area! :) Happy TT!!!

  47. I find haunted houses just fascinating. I actually own an anthology of haunted house stories! Great for getting in the mood for Halloween.
    My TT is up here if you fancy popping by.

  48. All those haunted places you got to visit and you didn't get to fell anything! You must feel robbed. Happy TT

  49. I had stopped by last night and wanted to leave a comment but the feature had been disabled. Glad it's working now.

    What a list! I'm glad none of the ghosts reside here in SoCal..the other state can have them! LOL! Surprised to hear about Molly Brown's place..that was interesting!

    Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping by!

  50. I enjoyed ready about your haunted mansions. I knew about the Alamo but the others I didn't. There are a few that I want to visit now since I kind of like visiting haunted places! My TT # 11 is up. Happy TT!

  51. Anni, you've gotta come on over and see what I got from Rosemary in Pea's Halloween swap! You'll really hoot then!

    Gee, I wonder if there are any haunted places around my neck of the woods? Your list makes me jealous!

  52. yikes, would love to go into the buildings but not alone and not at night!

  53. What an adorable page you have!! I loved the haunted houses! Thanks for visiting my T13 -- loved this one!

  54. Absolutely loved your blog, will be back ...we've lived in some haunted homes too...this one so far no presences other than us sensed, but that may change when we remodel...tends to stir the spooks.
    Please pop by my T13

  55. thanks for another halloween related tt. ;)
    the building i currently live in is said to be haunted.
    when i was a child my best friend and i used to go hunting for haunted houses and ghosts. and all theatres have a spirit or two that make their home there.
    i like spooky things.
    i look forward to your lists each week.

    all the pics
    your theme your blog
    you ROCK
    I know what my TT is next week
    Haunted Philadelphia YOU rock

  57. Why are there so many haunted houses in Colorado? I wish you saw a ghost or something, that would be a great blog story!!!

  58. I loved this list! Especially the ones from Colorado since that's where I am right now. I'm going to have to Google and find out where Molly Browns house is. If it's close, maybe I can stop by for myself and see if I smell any smoke!

  59. Don't you just hate it when ghosts and gremlins pop in and mess with your blog? The nerve!!

    Anyhow, wanted to let you know that I have "paid it forward" over on my blog and you can check it out here to see who I sent your lovely treat(s) on to!

  60. That was so cool to read.
    What a great Thursday 13.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  61. Boy, you sure put a lot of effort into your blog for this month!
    I've never been to any of the spots you mentioned but I have been to the Winchester Mystery House, the one owned by the wacky widow of the maker of the Winchester rifles. Very interesting stuff!!!

  62. Wow, those are some spooky places! Thanks for sharing and visiting.

  63. Interesting stuff! I live in Colorado and didn't know those things.

  64. You WANT to feel something out of the ordinary? Aaaccckkkk!! There's a saying that the ghosts are more afraid of us than we are of them. But uh, I wouldn't want to face any of them. I'm too chicken. I can't even watch those ghost related movies. Eeek!

    Happy TT!

  65. What a wonderful list. I have always wanted to travel around and visit haunted sites. I will have to keep this list for when I get the chance.