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"By the way, THURSDAY THIRTEEN has been nominated as one of the best online communities for the 2007 Weblog Awards."

Thirteen 'little' things that annoy me [more or less this list will turn into pet peeves, I'm sure. These days there are more and more times that I see lack of common courtesies and disrespect in one way or another].

1] Seeing trash in the city parks and streets! Why on earth can't these people that leave their trash in the parks and along jogging/walking paths put the refuse in trash receptacles? It's beyond me. And I'm a smoker, I see cigarette butts all around town, in parks, by buildings, on street curbs ---there are bins for your butts people! Use them!!! [I've even been known to call city offices and complain that the dump trucks should be 'closed in' to keep the collected trash from flying out!]

2] Pushy drivers! I really get upset when someone is going over the allotted speed in the city --and comes up at a high rate behind me, on my bumper so to speak, and nearly tags me with THEIR bumper! Driving laws state that for every 10mph you should have as many car lengths between YOU and the vehicle in front of you!! Reaction time is then allowed!! I admittedly purposely slow down to a snails pace if someone is rude enough to do that to me...more often than not, I'm flipped off as they pass me, but I feel I've accomplished something. At least they slowed DOWN for a while. hehehehe

3] People that are discourteous and disrespectful to elders. 'nough said!!

4] Seeing animals [household pets, like cats and dogs] running loose; not leashed and perhaps eventually running in packs, becoming feral, or worse...being hit by cars! I think people should be locked up for this as a reminder; punishable for mistreatment of animals...they should be more responsible for their pets.

5] Anyone that has to continually snap their gum while chewing. It's irritating.

6] Oftentimes I see in restaurants where hats remain on heads. Indoors! Why? What happened to proper etiquette upbringing from my youth?

7] And on the same token, people who are dining in public and they are nearly LAYING on the table. With elbows draped before their plates, and crowding the others from their areas. A disgusting habit.

8] Rude shoppers. I see, lately, a lot of shoppers that are not humane enough to treat the salespersons with respect. It's a tough job. Dealing with the public all day long --8 hours a day or more and sometimes 6 days a week! Give them a break. A kindness from you will make a difference to them.

9] Homeowners and even renters that throw plastic and bottles and cardboard and newspapers and aluminum in their TRASH instead of the recycle bins! What little effort does it take to save the environment? Again, these actions annoy me.

10] Speaking of chewing gum ---seeing gum on the street curb or sidewalk ---ooey gooey gum, and you step on it. Then there is gum on your shoe sole...tracking on the carpet, or in the car...

12] Unruly kids without adult supervision. And pre-teens swearing all the time ---enough to scare away a sailor!! (actually, on second thought ANYONE who continually swears foul language...pre-teen, teenagers, adults...even movie scripts)
note: My hubby and I disagree on this point continually --he says "This is the way they get their point across and understood". I say "It is just lame, vulgar, kids or adults speaking! It sounds so 'uneducated' when spoken harsh words are spewed forth. Wouldn't you much rather hear your peer say to you "Please leave." Or does it make MORE sense to say to them "Get the F**k outta my way, dude!" Huh, which is better my dear hubby of mine?"

13] People who talk loud in theaters/at performances...or use their cellphones during a movie while in attendance at movie theaters!! Irks the helloutta me!!!


...and now for a few riddles based, naturally, on Halloween.

Why shouldn't you try to goose a ghost?
"Because all you get is a handful of sheet!"

Why does Texas no longer have Halloween or Thanksgiving?
"Because the witch has kept the turkey in Washington!"

What is a witch's favorite subject in school?
"Spelling, of course!"

Why do ghouls and demons get along so well?
"Because demons are a ghouls best friend!"

What do you call a guy who's frightened, AND excited about a certain witch?
"Scared; stiff!"

What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?
"Pumpkin Pi!"

Why don't witches have babies?
"Because warlocks have hollow -weenies!"

What did the french fries dress up as for Halloween?
"Masked potatoes."

What does a skeleton orders at a restaurant?
"Spare ribs."

Why did the ghost go into the bar?
"For the boos."

OKAY, YOU CAN GIVE ME A *GROAN* NOW!!! Altogether.....*gro-o-o-o-a-n*


I'm into my 3rd week of handing out Halloween treats!
This week the 'treat' will be this; a cute little vampire 'vanting to share some candy vith you'!!

Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
I will be handing out
a treat for 1 - 5[one to five] bloggers who drop by
during the week for visiting.
You're more than welcomed to pass it along
to ones you think are deserving of a special treat
for the season.
Kinda like "Pay it Forward"
Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends
making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...
Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

It seems that 'awards' are floating around blogland
and just "blog friends" get chosen all the time.
Make it RANDOM!!

If you do decide to share it with others
link it back to my blog and
explain where the idea originated.
Click on the image to expand and then save for displaying on your blog if you choose.

Lori @ Single Parents Unite
'Joshua' @ A Chronicler's Life
Opal @ Vegan Momma
Country Life @ "Welcome to My Frontier"
Laura @ My Beautiful Life


Well, the first game is over. And boy, for us Rockies fans, I think the team just might as well pack their bags and fly's nasty in Boston! rofl The Colorado team looked a might pathetic out in the ballpark last night. And the pitcher? Francis? He was really something else. Let's just say...."You need to get THREE outs in an inning dude!!!!" "Not get two out at home plate; then, forget how to pitch the ball!!"


  1. Gotta agree with all y our "THirteen" here - and the one about the hats is one that REALLY irks me! My son-in-law leaves his hat on all the time - in the house, at work, outside, you name it and it really annoys me very much.

  2. Those are some of my annoyances too! I hate when people smack their gum. Gross!

  3. #1, and #13 drive me crazy! Great list...I enjoyed passing on your award/treat btw!

  4. Yep... the movie one! GRR!

  5. I also hate the gum smacking. SO annoying! Great list!

    Happy TT :)

  6. I'm with you on your thirteen!!

  7. Great Thursday 13. I couldn't agree more!!

  8. Anyone who uses a cellphone during a movie or play should be thrown out!

  9. Sometimes I believe I landed here via timetravel. Glad I did! At least I now have company. Enjoy the week ahead.

  10. I have Halloween jokes in my TT this week!
    Happy TT!

  11. I liked your Thursday 13!! I hate it when People snap their gum!! My Daddy was born in 1902 and heaven help us if we snaped our gum!! One look and I was throwing that gum in the trash!

  12. omg yes yes yes to #5!!! I HATE that!

  13. Your #1 and 2 surely pisses me off too. Unruly children, chewing gums are really a turn off.
    My T13 is up too.

  14. What a great list and I agree with all of them. Although, I am guilty of cracking my gum but only when im alone;) Get ready for the rude shoppers...Christmas is on its way. Happy TT...

  15. Great Thursday 13..I have to agree with all of them., esp. people using the streets for their garbage...and stray animals.

  16. Great List! I remember when the majority would have been upset by these things, now they are the offenders. Happy T13! BTW, Cool site.

  17. I can't say that there are any of those that don't annoy the heck out of me as well!

  18. Geez you must have been angry today, lol ! But in some restaurants you have to keep your hat it is supposed to be chic ! And in Germany the older ladies always wear a hat in a Café that's tradition. (not me !!) I agree with you it looks ridiculous !

  19. you go, girl! tell em!!

  20. This is WAY TO COOL!!!Oh, I love it, here!!!THANK YOU!

  21. You are spreading treats all over blogdom I love it!!!!I wish people were more respectful too

  22. Another great 13 by the Hootin Annie.

    Love it. We have a lot of the same annoyances.

  23. Anni - I agree 100% - great list and those jokes too !

  24. I can relate to your Thursday 13 dislikes,..I guess a lot of us feel that way, too.

    Like the I won't groan. At least I smiled, which is better than being a whinger all the time!

  25. Hmm, I think I'm going to have to participate in Thursday Thirteen one of these days. I have to say I agree with everything on your list. I've ranted about if a few times.

    Thanks so much for the treat! :-)

  26. Jon Tillman10/25/2007

    Nice post! I was just yesterday talking to a couple of Philosophy professors about the "small virtues" as opposed to the large ones, and your TT is a great list of many of them.

  27. Oh! Love your 13!! And I agree on pretty much all of them!! 2, 3 and 8 are the top ones for me though! Oh! And 12!! I have a teen ... and he better not be talking like that ... in public or otherwise!!

    BTW ... Sorry about your Rockies ... but my Sox are rockin'!!! ;) hehe Happy Thursday!!!

  28. Ooh, so many of these are my annoyances, too!

    Strangely, for #6, my brother was always taught that it's proper etiquette to take your hat off to eat at home, and at other people's houses, but it's perfectly fine to leave it on in a public venue.

    As to #9... We don't even have a recycling program where I live. *sigh* Not even for paper or cans, let along plastic or glass or anything. This /seriously/ peeves me. Grrr.

    Thanks for dropping by my TT! :)

  29. Anonymous10/25/2007

    Amen to your Thursday Thirteen! And I just can't stand rude people ANYWHERE.

    So nice to meet you - thanks for stopping by MY lair! LOL

    Happy TT! xoxo

  30. nice annoying riddles too. happy TT! my first time here hope you got time to visit mine.

  31. Oh the hat deal really ticks the ol' man off. Especially when the kids friends' walk in our house and leave them on lol I've seen many hats go flying out the front door LOL great list and thanks for stopping by my T13!

  32. grooaannn! Those are too corny for words--I LOVE them! lol

  33. I am so with you on the swearing one. It does sound uneducated, and saying it gets their point across, so does yelling really loud or threatening or using a gun; those all make a strong impression too. Good list of annoyances.

  34. Smacking of gum...ugh. There's that great line from Cell Block Tango in Chicago, "So I said to him, you pop that gum one more time! And he did. So I took the shotgun off of the wall and I fired two warning shots....into his head."

    It's not just in movie theaters...I love my iPhone, but if I am out and about, it is usually on my person and on vibrate. The funny thing is that I have noticed that the older the cell phone user, the more annoying the ring tone!!!

    And cigarette butts...I smoke when I golf, but every time I golf, I pick up butts that have just been tossed onto the fairway, the cart path, the greens, etc. I always manage to find a place to put them out and store them until I get to a trash can where I can dump them.

  35. I'm on board with most of those, too! I really should do a pet peeves post since I have about a million!

    And thanks for my goodie the other day! I still need to pass it on...

  36. I so agree with your list! I couldn't have said better myself... LOL

    Thanks for the humor too! :-)

    Happy Thirsday!

  37. I have to wholeheartedly agree with #12. I had someone once say that people who swear do so because they don't have a decent enough vocabulary to come up with something unoffensive to say. I agree. I tend to ignore people who swear and if it's a kid, I give them a "look" that usually gets them to quit.

    Now, don't get me started on people with cellphones - you don't have that much time!

    Happy TT!

  38. Happy T13! Those are some of my annoyances too - the pet one especially. Nothing great about having a pack of dogs biting at your car tires while you're trying to pull out of your own driveway. *_*

  39. Brilliant Thursday 13 lol

    I followed through to here from Writing in Faith
    who passed on the Sweet Treat award so I thought it would be nice to see the origins :)

  40. I think I agree with everyone! I would have to add people who eat or chew gum while talking on the phone. Oh man! That might be my number one!


  41. Good list...I agree with them! I hate when people put there gum on walls or ceiliings at theme parks, too!

    Happy TT~

  42. excellent tt!


  43. People who don't know how to say please and thank you drive me BONKERS!!!!

  44. Your TT is good Anni :)
    Here we HAVE to recycle, they fine you if they find recyclables in the trash. (No clue if that is enforced - but I tell all my visitors it is and that unless they wanna pay my fine they will recycle!)
    I also wanted to tell you I put up Haunted Philadelphia. Soo many choices for me so I picked some of the most popular :)

  45. Well, there are a lot of good manners that seem to have gone down the drain nowadays. Where will it end? Or will it turn somewhere in the future, or will it be too late? *shivers*

    BTW: Care to share your scare?

  46. Talkers in the movies. ARGH and those who use their cell phones to text in the movies. Those damn glowy little screens everwhere. OMG that maes me want to scream.

    Great List Anni


  47. I'm agreeing on some of what you listed for your "Thirsty Thirteen" for today. Why on earth people don't just make the world a better place to be :)

    Thanks for visitin my blog, and Happy Thursday Thirteen!

  48. You are a pleasure to visit :)
    just because of that I will leave with my nr.12 of my current TT:
    Q: What do you call a witch who lives at the beach?
    A: A sand-witch.
    Isn't that cute? lol, have a lovely thursday!!

  49. I agree with all 13 of your peeves. Especially #2 and #4...that really urks me. Have a great day!!

  50. I agree with the whole list but especially number 12. I hate going to the store with my seven children and hearing teenagers swearing up a storm! I don't think most of their parents speak that way to them. It makes me sooo mad. Honey attracts the flies better than vinegar. If they want attention speak respectfully and be courteous. That'll make not only the people around them feel good but they will fell better also.

  51. That was a good list of pet peeves...I agree with all of them.

    The riddles were HILARIOUS! Scared stiff...Left their turkey in Washington...too funny!

  52. I loved those jokes. I am talking to my mother on IM and copying and pasting them to her...Making her laugh!! i agree with a lot of your 13 TT's today!! I get really upset with all of those!! GREAT List!!


  53. You and I seem to be annoyed by many of the same things--rude people top my list as do people who leave their hats on at the table...and the kids thing...Amen, sister!

  54. Uh Oh!!! I snap my gum. I'M SORRY! I'll try not to do it again.

    But - for me, you could add onto that list "People who flick their cig butts into the street". Hate that!!

  55. YES those are annoying habits, and cute jokes too! Happy TT

  56. Nice list, I agree!

  57. Anni,

    Great list. I agree wholeheartedly with all of them. One thing that really annoys me is rude people who work in the service industry. We are their customers. Shouldn't we be treated with kindnes.

    Love your treat this week. And enjoyed your post, as always.


  58. What about people who....when you are waiting in a line at the store and a new clerk comes up and says, "I'll help the next one in line" and the person in the back of the line runs over and gets first in line over there. It really bugs me!

    Your jokes are funny!

    Do you know if Kelli is having show and tell tomorrow?

    Have a great evening!