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Next week "SMELLY"

Next week is Smelly? For sure?! Oh I have a series of photos for next week!!! WARNING: ---it'll be a hoot. Don't miss my "smelly"!!! Come back next week for some laughs. *laugh track warming up now, as I type*

And for Photo Hunt my choice is:

My alien night light for Halloween. Its skull is quite curvy. And the jawline is curvy and jagged. Even the eye sockets are quite curvy. Hubby and I found this near Area 51 while driving through New Mexico once. Now that place is eerie!! *giggles* NOT!!

How many letters in the Alphabet?
19, cuz ET went home on a UFO and the FBI went after him.

[just kidding on finding it in Area 51, of course!! Everyone knows it's in Nevada and not New Mexico...that's Roswell.]

This photo was taken during the daylight hours
This year, it sits on our hutch along with our other skulls
surrounding 'him'. As I like witches, hubby likes skulls!
"Alas poor [non-earthling]Urich, I knew him well." ~Shakespeare's Hamlet

This photo was taken at night with the glow of the inner light being turned on. Kinda 'eerie', yes?.
Can't you just imagine coming upon something like this with 'green' flesh and the first words spoken are:
"Take me to your leader". Ya, right!!
Y'all wonder just what our leader, G-dubbya, would have to say?
Hope Cheney isn't out hunting in the area!!!
Say it with me now....

"Look out! Ol' Dickie baby has a weapon
and he's not afraid to use it."
[especially after having beer with his meal]

Thanks for all the well wishes for my surgery last week....I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of prayer and thoughts!!



  1. waht a fun read! It appears you might like Halloween. tee hee
    have a great weekend!

  2. Haha. Great post It certainly made me smile! Happy weekend

  3. Your site is all ready for Halloween! Great choice for this week's theme and for your site. :)

  4. Anonymous10/05/2007

    Oh, I love what you did for your site,.... absolutely love it. And your curvy photo fits on it so well,.... great idea! Hope you are still on the mend and going strong. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hehe... awesome.... I got shivers up my spine!
    The Rocky Mountain Retreat

  6. what wonderful SCARY curves!! I love it! Now what am I going to do with smelly next week? I suppose a dirty diaper could do?

  7. Fun post and a perfect curvy subject for Halloween month.

  8. Niiiiiiiiiiice Anni! Very nice indeed!

  9. How fun! Those are creepy skulls. The eye sockets creep me out!

  10. Great post, and so fun to read!!

  11. Very fun take on this weeks theme.

  12. Nice theme for the blog. It's so Halloween. Haha! Also your PH entry, I like that idea of an alien night light even if it's not halloween month. :)

  13. Hey, Anni! Well, you certainly are in the mood! Love the skull . . . very spooky.

    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven't been out visiting much . . . just too busy this time of year!

  14. Definitely seasonal curvy. Come see mine.

  15. A spooky , curvy skull, a perfect choice for today's theme... Baba

  16. I think I need a few Valiums before entering your home in Halloween time ! You scared me with your skull drinking my first morning coffee !
    We have the ideal Bar here in Brussels for you !!! It serves beer in skulls !

  17. ohhh those are spooky curvy entry!!

  18. Great photos for the theme. This is a very scary blog site.
    Glad that you are fighting fit again and hope that it's a permanent cure.

  19. That skull has some scary curves! Perfect for Hallowe'en! Great choice for the Hunt. :)

    My curvy photos.

  20. Very creepy as well as "curvy." Great choice for this week's theme!

  21. Great post. Is it Halloween already? You'll be telling me it's Christmas next!

  22. Woooooo - that is a very scary photo and very curvy too! What a great seasonal choice for the theme!
    As usual you are very imaginative!

  23. Eek! Spooky indeed! Great choice of photo!

  24. What a neat blog you have, Anni. Came over from Susie's to check it out. What a fun place. And you have beautiful pictures, too. Will be checking things out here often!

    Best wishes,


  25. lovely post as

    Be well Anni!


  26. OOOOeeerrr Anni, Bit near the knuckle, you will have the FBI knocking on your door....

    Love what you have done to your blog

    Cheers Mark

  27. I love your photos, and the site looks spooktacular!!! Happy photo hunting .. :)

  28. That's awesome! I love how you even stuck with your site theme! KUDOS!

  29. hahha, happy is perfect for the theme.

    My Two Cents Worth and

    The FOur Seasons Of My Life
    hope you can visit me too.

    Would you care to ex-link with me ?

  30. I always enjoy seeing things from your collections...but this one is eerie!! Especially when you turned the light on it! I hope youre feeling better today sweetie, I love you dearly! Thanks for visiting my hunt photo..but I really thought YOU would know what that flower vine was! lol

  31. That is spooky for sure! and it is curvy!

    When I talked to Karen on the phone this morning she had already read all my comments and she said to tell you," Anni, You are right this is a candle holder! Mom, got it wrong"!!
    Melli, thought it was a candle holder too! So I need to run over there and tell her she was correct too! Now I am red faced! I really did think it was a lamp... and I have glasses, too!
    Karen said to tell you two and then not to worry about it, that I didn't have to change it on my post.... If you think I should I will!! Love and hugs, Carolyn

  32. Wonderful Halloween theme for your site! I love the skull when its lighted. Kinda scary but fun.

    Have a great weekend, Anni! :)

  33. Nice choice of photos! Mine is up as well. Have a great week!

  34. thats interesting pics... Halloween..

  35. I am seriously thinking not to participate next week because a) I don't have any smelly pic :)
    and b) I don't want to see any!!
    BUT I will remember to stop by :) Pls visit my blog tomorrow ...
    Love your choices for the theme, you are a fun blogger!!

  36. Oooooh spooky. Yes it's curvy:)

  37. You are a woman after my own heart. I love Halloween too, it's my favorite holiday of the year! I wish I were talented enough to change my blog's theme like you did but I'll have to be content with decorating my house for Halloween. I love how you are tying all these memes to Halloween! Please be sure to post photos of your place as I'd be willing to bet that you are going to dress it up really nicely.

  38. Great post! I can't believe you're all decorated for halloween already! Hope you're feeling lots better after your surgery xx

  39. Ah, very nice work as always, Anni. I visited to say I read somewhere that you were not well, but it looks like you;ve made a speedy recovery.

    God bless and do keep in touch.

    Keep smiling


  40. That's a very cool Halloween contraption. I love this holiday!!

  41. A wonderful take on our curvy theme this week. I love your new look ready for Halloween. You have a fun site.

    Have a great weekend and be well!

    Drop by and see mine.

  42. I followed your link from Renie's site and am glad I did. I certainly enjoyed your site. I will be back.

  43. Anni, that is one spooky looking lamp to have in one's lounge room, however as Halloween is coming up, I guess I can understand it.

    It does look a little like one of ET's relatives, doesn't it. Maybe he did phone home and get them to visit...

    Have a good week!

  44. Oooo, nice and spooky! Love the green flesh idea!

    Oh, but Area 51 is in Nevada, not New Mexico, so you must have been transported somehow......

    (humming the X-Files theme)