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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I'm into my 3rd week of handing out Halloween treats!
This week the 'treat' will be this; a cute little vampire 'vanting to share some candy vith you'!!

Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
I will be handing out
a treat for 1 - 5[one to five] bloggers who drop by
during the week for visiting.
You're more than welcomed to pass it along
to ones you think are deserving of a special treat
for the season.
Kinda like "Pay it Forward"
Y'know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON'T just choose your friends
making this cliquish and 'just groupies'...
Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!

It seems that 'awards' are floating around blogland
and just "blog friends" get chosen all the time.
Make it RANDOM!!

If you do decide to share it with others
link it back to my blog and
explain where the idea originated.
Click on the image to expand and then save for displaying on your blog if you choose.


Angela @ Mommy Bytes

gwapasila @ My Two Cents Worth

ipanema @ Under the Canopy

katya @ Life in Bristolwood


Written in the Jazz Festival Program:

The Texas Jazz Festival Society focuses on increasing awareness or traditional, modern and Latin Jazz through presentation of the Texas Jazz Festival in Corpus Christi. It is the longest established and continuously operated music festival in the country. The Texas jazz Festival is a major event that attracts visitors from all over the State and the Coastal Bend areas. It has been recognized by the Texas Legislature as the Official Jazz Festival of Texas.

_ _ _

The festival has increased the number of bands performing to 50 fantastic bands as well as many more food and arts & crafts vendors. The attendance has increased to over 50,000 over the 3 day weekend and has become known all over the world. The Texas Jazz Festival showcases many of our young talented musicians all over Texas as well as many great groups from San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Mc Allen, New York, New Mexico, New Orleans, Florida and others. From Americas Youngest Jazz Orchestra (Florida, ages 6-12) to Father Frank Coco [born: 1920] from New Orleans, we have had so many talented musicians perform at the festival.

Yesterday, all day, Bud and I spent our time downtown, and then at Heritage Park in Corpus Christi. Attending the 47th Annual Texas State Jazz Festival! And was it a treat in itself. Of course hubby is a jazz fanatic. I on the other hand, like the old-style jazz musicians and song. The likes of Benny Goodman, Les Brown, and others...

There were three stages strung along the park's corridors, all with different jazz bands and/or vocalists. The area surrounding each stage was littered with chairs and the chairs were filled with 'patrons of jazz'. Some preferred to sit on the lawn in the shade of huge old trees and enjoy the ambiance. Several food stands were at our service, a beer garden, trinkets here and there....all in the fun and love of the music.

My favorite jazz instrument is the saxophone!! Coming in second would be the trumpet and then the drums. Of course, without drums, jazz wouldn't have the good jiving rhythm in my opinion.

As hubby and I got up to find a good food vendor, the southern-most stage started to play our favorite had us dancing in the aisles!! Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing!! [we have the 78 vinyl of this with the 'original recording' and play it often] Now THIS song, you definitely gotta love the drums!!! It just wakes you up and makes you feel so good to be alive!

Not to mention the solo instrumentalists!! All in all, it was a very good day. Nice, warm, breezy [unlike last year with the 46th Festival...rain and more rain!!] --it was perfect! We ate hot dogs, pizza and hubby drank a few beers. Me? Just water...when it's hot and I'm thirsty because of dehydration, it's water for me!! If ever you're down here in our area in October, don't miss the Texas Jazz Festival!! It's a real treat if you ask me.


The Poll Matilda the Witch held yesterday during the Photo Hunt for Practical, posted here are the results:

Thanks for taking the time to vote.



  1. Oh, what a cute treat this week! (the others are cute too!)
    The jazz festival sounds great! what a fun event.
    Happy Sunday :)

  2. Hi Anni ~~ I am so glad that you and your husband enjoyed the Jazz Festival so much. It sounded great
    with three stages and so many bands.
    I like the saxaphone too. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I did get some tomato plants, but am waiting for a couple of cooler days to plant them. I hope you have a great week ahead. Take care, Love, Merle.

  3. I am sooo jealous you went to the Jazz Festival. I loooove jazz!

    Anyway, thanks for the treat. Only us expats celebrate it here.

    I am going to post this next week.

    Thanks again! :)

    Happy Sunday! :)

  4. Good Morning Anni!! Been awhile since I have visited you because of all the blogging babes at my house. Everyone is gone now. We had a great time but now I have peace and QUIET!! smile!! Come by and see all our fun.

  5. Anni,

    I have never been to a jazz festival. It looks like a lot of fun, but is something that we don't ever have around here.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my Green Thumb Sunday photo.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Yea! I added the second dash and now my link to you is working! Thanks for helping me with that.

    Thank you also for your very good comments on my post about Halloween. I really appreciate your input. I didn't realize your daughter was a minister, it is neat to hear that she goes all out with Halloween too!

    I remember when someone first started making me feel bad about celebrating Halloween, it was such a bummer to me. I am so thankful that I prayed and listened to my husband, and I feel like God directed our family in the right way.

    It sounds like the jazz festival was a lot of fun!

    Blessings! Sharon

  7. From your blog it sounds like a lot of fun yesterday.

  8. Kelly played the trumpet in Jazz Band when she was in High Scool. She got up early twice a week to go to practice!

    My birthday is August 22th and next year I will be 70! Karen and Kelly are planning a neat party for this one!!

    Because I am divorced and will never have a 50th wedding deal (umless I get marriied now and live to be 120)I am not going to have a big deal then! This year I would have been married 51 years...

    So I would like a big cake for my 70th! at least two tiers!! I am bad,I know! But I think staying married for 50 years is a really big deal! I always say they should put the people on top of the cake if they make it for 50 years!!

    Now, you are thinking "Good night", why did I ask about her birthday!!! :) I do tend to digress!! Love and Hugs Carolyn

  9. * *Carolyn....I am smiling at what you said about me wishing I wouldn't have asked. Are you kidding me....that was neat. I like to 'chat' and 'talk' like this.

    I've got August 22nd etched in my memory. Now, if that memory works like it SHOULD, we'll be cookin', won't we?

  10. Music is always the very best entertainment. I love the saxophone too!

    Looks like you had nice weather too, that's more than one can say of our grey and rainy weather.... Though I'm glad anyway, because at this time of the year, it could as well has been snow.... brrrr...

  11. Mmmmm! I DO love jazz! I woulda danced in the aisle with ya! Sounds like LOTS of fun!

  12. Thanks Anni for the treat! I actually put it in a spankin' brand new blog contest bytes.