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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I've moved this off my sidebar...Today is Domestic Violence Awareness Day! My daughter survived an abusive relationship just recently ---you can too. Get help, and stay alive!!!



Day of Unity


Domestic Violence Awarness

Did you ever wonder? Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out"?

This week our hostess is Robin
She asks that we share our shoes!
Ummmmmm, I LOVE shoes!

Fun Monday, The Origin: In January 2007, Vicki was just being nosy--she wanted to see the view from everyone's front door; Willowtree suggested everyone post on the same day. From there, Erik wanted to see childhood photographs, and voila! Fun Monday was born. Hosted each week by a different blogger [if you participate, the week prior has who will host the following week] --rules are to link to the host/hostess and have FUN on Monday!



These are my 'come in handies" that are right by a door...any exit door, where I take them off, so I can slip them back on if needed.

Just a pair of heeled,canvas 'wedgie' sandals [black and white] --I like to wear these with my capri pants...either white or black.

My winter house slippers! Cozy, warm, plush and real cushy! Tigers....grrrrrrrreat!!

Diversified in color, sneakers. Red and black. Worn with jeans mostly, to games and out to lunch.

My walking shoes. These are worn most every day. I try and do a 30 minute walk daily around the neighborhood or on the beach...if I go to the beach, I have flip-flops in the trunk to wear AFTER walking so the car won't get filled with sand. No, I don't wear the flip-flops while walking, there is no support in them at all.

Boots! These boots are made for walkin'!! Again, they're worn with jeans. All three pair are of soft Italian leather...very comfortable to walk in. The Camel colored to the right is 1/2 size bigger in size so I can wear warm socks with them...they go up to the leg calf.

My fanciest! --Black, Rhinestone studded strapped heels. I haven't worn these in ages! The are black suede with the strap on the heel and rhinestones on the upper foot. Usually worn with my black silk pant suit. [click to enlarge and view the 'diamond's.]

My Garage shoes...I have these right outside the kitchen exit door stepping into the garage, where I dink with painting and wood crafts.

My newest. Still tagged with the price label. Camel and rhinestoned 2 inch heel - for jeans this fall. [I love to wear jeans. I'm thinking this pair will look great with jeans/white T-shirt and my camel colored jacket]

My Favorites!!! NO SHOES!! Now this photo tells you more about me than my shoes. LOL

Last night on Cable's Turner Classic Movies station, the 1944 movie, Gaslight, starring one of my favorite actresses of yesteryear, Ingrid Bergman. One movie that I've never seen but heard many times over that it is excellent. When I read in the online tv guide that the movie was going to play on TCM, I turned off of the football game and watched it. People and critics alike were not correct in my opinion. It is a classic for sure! A great murder mystery. But for me, she did way too much crying and not enough 'acting' ---kinda like the first King Kong to me with Fay Wray....nothing but screaming and no acting in there either. [I've heard that there was a recent biography published about Ms. Bergman, and I will someday buy it to read as I love biographies of celebrities and well-knowns. I'll probably wait until it's in's cheaper. The price of new books is astounding!! Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to find it at our "Half Price Bookstore" in Corpus. But I'm sure it'll be a very interesting read, what with all her reported lovers and such.]

Again, I want to thank everyone for their well wishes for my recovery from heart surgery [explanation found here]! Your kind words and well wishes are very much appreciated. And yes, ablations these days are very NON-invasive, and a rather new procedure --within the last 15 years now. You have small entry wounds that heal within 48 hours, and there are no stitches to worry about, no long open chest wounds...very non-invasive!! Get 'er done, get home and back to normal in a very short time. That is one of the main reasons I opted for this procedure. Of course there is still danger in any operation these are just easier on the patient's recovery time.


  1. Very interesting, not at all what I was expecting.

  2. Good luck with the surgery - I hope you're feeling much better soon. Well enough to take all those lovely shoes out for a walk!

    I wish I could wear boots. Perhaps when my calves shrink a bit I can!

  3. Anni, You have wonderful shoes and pretty little feet. The boots look fabulous.

    Goodness Anni, another long post right after surgery, you are the GIRL!!!

  4. You have a nice collection. How long did it take for those boots to break in?

  5. Robocop: Do you mean my boots in the photo above, or the combat boots of my son's? If you're talking combat boots, they were broken in when I got them....he wore them in the military. VERY comfortable by then.

  6. Happy to hear the surgery went well.

    You have some neat looking' shoes!!


  7. GREAT SHOES!! I love shoes and purses because they seem to always FIT!! Thanks for stopping by!! I am so glad that you are feeling so well to be able to be blogging!! This is great!! Sandy

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes!

    I am looking for me some boots with a heel to wear with my jeans that go up my calf.

    You have cute feet! :)

    Great pics! :)

  9. Glad to see you back to blogging after your heart procedure. Sounds like you are recuperating very well.

    Now on to the shoes. Shoes and handbags are my passion. You have a great collection!!!!

  10. Oh wow... If I played this it would be sooooooo boring! I have one pair of sneakers (workout shoes) and maybe two pairs of dress shoes - and 50 pairs of flip flops! LOL! NO boots... nope - not one pair... oh wait... i do think there's a pair upstairs in our closet that I haven't worn in ... 15 years. LOL! Probably so covered in dust I can't find them! You are a HOOT Anni!

  11. Great post. Thank God for your daughter's survival.

    and your feet are cute too!

  12. I love your shoes, especially the new ones and your favorite ones. :) I rarely wear shoes either.

  13. I like the red toe polish!!

  14. Those are great shoes. I can't imagine those tall boots being comfortable to walk in, but then I don't have any to go by. They sure look nice though. Those are nice dress shoes. I looked for a long time to find the ones I wanted to go with my skirt. Walking shoes are important for long walks.

  15. I LOVE your new shoes!!!! Where ever did you find them?!

    Hope you feel much better soon. Surgery sucks sweaty donkey balls.

    PS- Love the Halloween Motif.

  16. LOVED all the shoes/boots - except for the garage shoes, that ones you can keep... *giggles*

  17. That is a diverse collection of shoes if I have ever seen one!

    I am glad the procedure went well.

  18. The "did you ever wonder" comment had me choking on my tea. LOL!!!

    Great shoes. I can't wear heels anymore because I feel like falling forward unless I walk straight legged like frankenstein. Not a pretty picture. Great Idea about getting books a size 1/2 bigger - why didn't I think of that.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Happy Monday


  19. OMG, I love love love the fuzzy slippers! And the camel boots are gorgeous!

  20. Anni, I'm so glad you felt up to posting, Girlie-Q...AND SHOE-POST, DID YOU! Not only do you have tons of shoes, they're all ADORABLE.

    My favorite pair was the black and white wedgies...and your tiger slippers...:). Of course, your naked feet gave me a smile, too!

    (so thankful your daughter got out of her abusive relationship...I can't imagine if that ever happened to my daughter :/).

    Again, glad you sound so good and are feeling pretty "back to normal".

  21. SO glad you are home!! I so happy to hear that your surgery went so well!! Just take good care of your self....

    I love shoes but purses more....

    You are a Bronco's fan! Oh, No!! Not the Bronco's!!! Ok, at least John ELway is gone!! He would beat up in the last 2 minutes every time! We had a bunch of folks who went to our church who had moved here from Denver and they were all OUT fans!! We had a lot of fun teasing each other.. Now Nancy is not able to go very often... Blessings today, Carolyn

  22. Love your capri wedgies. I have a similar pair that I do capris in. And, I'm with you. Texas winter = all jeans. All the time. Wish I was closer to the coast like you, cause it's just too cold up here in the boonies.

  23. What a lovely collection of shoes and boots. I love the tiger slippers they are so cute~ bare feet are also cute!

  24. If you haven't taken the tag off those shoes...I will gladly accept them as a donation to my shoe closet!

    LOVE the boots - and glad someone else has heels to show off!

  25. Love, just love, your boots! I used to wear boots but I couldn't find any nice ones this year without killer heels...

    You sound on top of the world, considering you've had surgery, admittedly minimally invasive, but still...

    Keep up the good spirits and take care of yourself.

  26. Hello dear Anni:-) Catching up with you once again!! Oh dear, I had no idea you had heart surgery recently...I'm glad to hear that everything went well and here's to a full recovery! Look at all those wonderful shoes you have but like you, I much prefer being barefoot:-) xox

  27. so much in this post -
    I have to admit that those boots made me long for the good old days of thinner calves and stronger arches.

  28. Anni, I have a fun award for you at my blog. Love and Hugs, Carolyn

  29. I am so happy that you are well enough to Blog so soon! That is great news! I hope you will continue to recover quickly.

    I love all your shoes! Too cute!

    Hugs! Sharon

  30. Happy to read that everything went well with you and you are even back with blogging !
    I once bought these nice winter slippers but with cat heads. The first time I wore them my cats paniked and all ran away ! I had to give them to a friend I couldn't wear them at home otherwise all cats would have moved out !
    Glad that you liked my Garda Lake !

  31. Hootin Anni, I'm so glad that everything turned out well. I haven't been visiting for awhile, but I'm sorry you had to go through all that pain and discomfort.
    I think shoes definitely tell a story. It's a great idea!
    Have a great week Annie...and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  32. I love those tiger slippers!!! Red toes - hee hee

    Where are your pointy witch boots?

  33. I wish you luck in your recovery!
    GREAT shoes! I love being barefoot too!
    I love the new look on your Blog!!