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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

10 Television Shows You'd Like to Have (or Have already) on DVD
[Next week: 10 Things that Worry You]

I'm really not much of a Television Program viewer. There have been a few that I've liked in the past -TV today leaves a lot to be desired like the hokey survivor shows, the violent CSI programs from around the country, the mundane comedies, I just don't watch much but sports or movies. Only one, actually, do I watch avidly and that's Prison Break [but I don't need them on DVD 'cause once you know what happens, they're spoiled to re-watch them over and over on DVDs.] I'm really more 'into' movies....big time.

Now, when I go back to when television was much more entertaining I'd have to add to my DVD list [this list is really gonna 'age' me]:

1) The mini-series "Rich Man, Poor Man" [TV]
2) The old Peyton Place [TV]
3) Roots [TV]
4) The Centennial [I lived near the area in Colorado where they did some filming ---saw Richard Chamberlain at our grocery store!!! What a heart stopper!!] -[TV]
5) The Six Wives of Henry VIII [BBC] -[TV]
6) More on Horatio Hornblower! We have a few, but I'd like more. They are excellent sea stories. The actor, Ioan Gruffud, does one terrific job of playing the part. [TV]
7) I don't have and would LIKE the first and last of the Indiana Jones saga. [I didn't care for the 2nd one...just the first and last one] [TV & Theater]
8) Lonesome Dove [not for me, for hubby] -[TV]
9) DISNEY MOVIES that have aired on TV ---Like Snow White, or Legend of Sleepy Hollow!! [TV] Bambi! Yes, Bambi. I love the story, but never bought it. [Theater]
10) I did have a movie here earlier....but hubby reminded me of one I've been wanting to get ---a DVD of the 2001 World Series. Yankees Against D'Backs [where the D'Backs won!!!]


I received this award from Carolyn at "Talk To Grams" yesterday and found the directions to go pick it up left in my comments! No, I honestly can say that YOU are fabulous Carolyn. A true treasure!!! Thanks. I added it to my 'trophy blog' [link on my sidebar]


It seems a friend of mine in Denmark is trying to tell me that I need to add her to my list of friends found on my sidebar. *giggles* She made a special page for me yesterday and it was a hoot! A Real Hoot!!! She's from Denmark, as I stated above, and a true friend!!!!!!!! I wouldn't dream of denying her that she'd be on top of my list. In fact, she's more than a friend. She's a long distance confidant. We share so very much. I've learned so much from this fabulous lady!! Why even a bit of Danish. Some words aren't repeatable. *snort* We're like two peas in a pod. We feel the same, we think the same, we talk the same, we laugh and giggle at the same! We've, in the past, shared secrets!! And I hope she doesn't mind that I add her photo that she left me, and had her husband take the photo.

Mutti, you're a star to me. A bright and shining star! You're always so positive, and you take a day and make the best of it. You know how to live and you know how to make me smile. Today, with your page you made me [I'll keep it private], you made me giggle like a school girl!! ---you know that I luvya bunches!!!

Du er stadig den bedste!!!

JEG elske jer

[I hope I got that right....You're the best, and I love you!!!]


....and speaking of friends!! A couple of days ago I mentioned a gift of a plant from a friend to make me feel good after surgery, and that I'd have to make a separate blog for the gift I received Thursday night before I went in the hospital? Well, here it is...........

Thanks a million times over my dear friend. I received this as a gift before surgery on Thursday, special delivery, from a dear friend of mine. All I can say is wow. Our kitty, Tahoe, really likes the smell! In fact I love the odor of old books myself. What a wonderful gift.'s for my collection! A first edition of Gone With The Wind! I almost peed my pants. Published 1936! The first year of printing. Wow!! She said she found it at an estate auction she attended and immediately thought of me, knowing how I've always been saying how I'd dearly love to have a first edition to go with my GWTW bevy of books on the subject/characters. A note with the package said "This should speed your recovery time, cut it by half".

[book images can be enlarged]


My home state team [Colorado Rockies] WON the wild card game!! [It wasn't televised tho....only on radio, and I didn't listen to the game ---had to check the MLB scoreboard this morning] And our 1st retirement state, another favorite team of mine [Arizona Diamondbacks] was in first place!!! I can't tell you how excited I am. Will they go on to the World Series? Who do I root for? BOTH!!!! Wow, what an exciting ending of the 2007 season for me. If only the Astros would've been better. *sigh*


  1. Wowwy! LOTS of news here today! Well... I'm givin' up on this Tuesday Ten thing... at least again for this week!!! LOL!

    I'm SO glad you have added Mutti to your list! ROFLMBO! She is something else!

    I'm wowwed by the book! What a gift! THE perfect gift for you, me thinks! That is awesome!!!

  2. Oh I wish I had your abilities, you have the most wonderful blog template with music!!! Also enjoy reading your entries as well.

    Ya know, we didn't match on any series but I remember the mini-series and if I'd thought about it, I woulda added them! I also woulda added "Captains and the KIngs"

    I loved Centennial, have the entire set on VHS. Is it available on DVD now?

  3. As with Irishcoda, we don't overlap on the lists. I like how you didn't stick to just TV shows -- you rebel you!

  4. My daughter's a water sign and her partner is a fire sign...and do they make steam! It's more like a thermal geyser when words happen between them!

    A first edition of Gone With the Wind...ohh, what a wonderful gift. I'm overawed, what a fabulous treasure to have.

    That plant looks a little like what we would call a spider lily, is it?

  5. Interesting list. Never heard of most of them, LOL.