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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This is an incredibly funny movie. From the first opening scenes [where you're introduced to Dudley, Woody, Bobby, and Doug] to the last. And don't leave when you think the movie has ended!--------There is a cute little ditty at the end. Based on a TV program. The extreme makeover! It too is hilarious.

From the very moment the four men take off on their road trip from Cincinnati to the Pacific coast, you'll be laughing so hard at times, you're gonna find yourself crying.

William Macy is the best one for me. He's such a 'old class' geek. He's a hoot. Strange, square and oh so funny. Kinda klutzy on the motorcycles too, except at the end when he finally 'catches on'---in California!!

Then the other favorite is Martin Lawrence. His facial expressions just make me smile anyway, in any movie, but today ---I just laughed and laughed.

All four are excellent. John Travolta and Tim Allen are the other two of the foursome. It's a laugh a minute. Without giving the whole story away, there's a couple of nude scenes at a picnic area when they go into the pond for a swim!! At that time, all inhibitions vanish and it too is laughs.

If you like anything comedic, you're gonna love this movie!!
Well worth theater prices, I think. And it's on my list of buying the DVD when it comes out in 6 months or so. To be sure.

I'm thinking I liked it so much, first off, is because I've always wanted to take a road trip on a motorcycle. AND because this happened at a time in my life where I'M MIDDLE-AGED and I can relate to it all!!


  1. I've heard good reports about that with your recommendation sounds like a must see. I love a good laugh.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ooooh I'm definitely going to go rent this one!! I love a good comedy like that:-) xox

  3. Hi Anni.sounds like a good comedy ill have to try and get it we all need a good laugh at times.

  4. We're going tomorrow to see it...I can't wait!!

  5. Anni,

    The movie sounds like fun!

    BTW- I have done some posts on John Travolta recently!