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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I've been on a plant buying mode for a couple of weeks. Our house is not a good home for indoor plants. At least I have trouble getting them to survive...unlike our home in Colorado. I think in Colorado, our home had the east west exposure for sunlight, and I had a jungle indoors! From African violets to a 7' rubber tree....I miss those days. In Arizona, I rarely bought anything. Only for the fact most plant nurseries were outdoors year 'round, and you wouldn't believe the ants and creepy creatures I found in the soil after I brought some home I just didn't buy anything that would be for indoors at all there.

This house is on an angle...when you see it on a map, the street doesn't look that way. The whole city for that matter is platted on an angle. Anyway, our home really doesn't have much strong sunlight exposure...12 months out of the year. It's good for the hot, sultry days of summer, but not good if you're a plant lover! I can't begin to tell you how many plants have died on me.

But, after starting to redecorate, I just didn't want silk plants. I want the real thing. So, I'm experimenting with a variety of indoor foliage.

This past weekend, I bought a couple. Now, I know one species. A Boston Fern. So, I've got it sitting on the edge of my desk right now. In the early morning hours about sun-up to around 9 a.m. or so, there is full sun. Tho, I have it filtered sun during the high rays time to protect the computer's monitor. And the fern gets this filtered light. The room remains bright all day, but just not FULL sun. The other plant, I wasn't sure what it was, other than a lily of some kind. I've seen them in mall planters so I knew they're good for low light areas. But, I didn't know WHAT kind of lily. So I did some googling and found it. It's a peace lily.

They're so pretty when the blossom is high on the stems along with the glossy green leaves. And reading further, I see they do very well in low light. Mine's not blooming yet, it's only a 6" pot, but it looks healthy!!

1 comment :

  1. Hi!

    Sorry I've been away so long - enjoyed this post very much. I am a huge plant lover and gardener...have been all my life. Now this is something I know something about!

    Your peace lily looks so pretty. I have one in my living room that I'll take a photo of and post for you to see. The thing is a monster! They grow!!! And grow...and grow...LOL...

    I laffed when I read your comment about Krispy Kremes... Don dislikes them my mind, there's no such thing as a BAD donut...especially with a nice hot cup of coffee!!

    I'm slowly getting back into this blogging thing....but with all the packing I have to do, I might not be able to post as much as I did previously...then again I MIGHT!

    HUGZ, dear lady!