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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

It was a wonderful trip going! The excitement and anticipation of returning to where we used to live kept me awake the night before. I couldn't wait. Going to the Sonoran Desert in Spring time is the best time of year. And knowing I'd get to go to a ballgame even made me more excited. When we lived in Colorado, we were ticket holders for all the home games of the Colorado Rockies. Many-a-times we'd follow them down for a couple of weeks to watch them train in Tucson. Of course, being in Tucson yearly, each Spring, we fell in love with the city. And after we retired, we relocated there. Lived there for 11 years.......even had the privilege of seeing the Arizona Diamondbacks become a pro baseball franchise. Yet, the Rockies will always remain my 'home team'. [just wish the Rockies would do better in their seasons!!!]

Anyway, we got to see a lot of our favorite places around town, played a round of golf, ate at our favorite spots we used to hang out all the time, went shopping, hiked, and saw a few people. Some of it, in the long run, was a bit disappointing for me....our old home has changed so much...for worse! The people who bought our home are now renting it out, and it is NOT being taken care of. What a shame. We drove to Yuma one day to see an old friend of ours who lost his wife to cervical cancer...but other than going out to eat there, it too was fruitless, he wasn't home. He too was on vacation. Of course we didn't think to call ahead! Anywhooooo, it was a nice drive.

Then, back home. It's a long drive. Why it takes you more than a day to drive clear 'cross Texas alone!! [neat thing is with Arizona....they DO NOT have daylight savings time....I really like that. Getting back here, the clocks are screwed up. LOL] But, all in all, we had a good time. And from around here.........we missed the annual huge commotion and influx of beach-goers and Spring breakers covering every inch of beach!!! Thank goodness!! I'm pretty sure this is the last weekend for them here...then, we have our beaches back to ourselves once again.

Now, soon, within this week, I plan on painting and redesigning our living room, dining room and kitchen. Painting, mostly. But once I get the laundry folded and put away, I'm gonna sit and relax and unwind from our 10 day 'whim' of a trip! And see if our kitties will come out of hiding. [Our neighbor was taking care of our 'children' and when we got home late last night, they weren't too sure it really WAS US!!]

Happy day one and all. Happy St. Patrick's day.
A few pictures to share with you ---

Well, the first night of our arrival back to our old stomping grounds in Arizona was none other that stupefying! The desert can bring with each closing day a marvelous sunset. Bud was driving at the time, and I asked him to pull over so I could get a picture to prove the beauty. Truly a 'painted desert'!!

And of course, there just no beating around the bush here....I wanted to see an Arizona Diamondbacks' game for Spring Training. ----But, to my dismay and unknowingly-the D'Backs have since changed their uniforms. This all happened the end of last season if I understand correctly. So, not to be vain or collection of purple and teal T-shirts, caps, and sports 'junk' that I packed was out-dated!!! Bummer. The D'Backs new colors are now "Sonoran" Red and Desert Tan. And of course, living in Texas now...I wasn't going to spend $50 some for new garb. [Now, if I lived there, it'd be a whole new ballgame....hehehehe] They did win for me!! And their Spring Training ballpark is still the rave!---------But, why change the colors?!! I loved the purple and teal blue!!!?!!

We also went to a Colorado Rockies game [our home state] --but I forgot the camera that day. Left it in the motel room. Oh well, they won also. And the Polish Sausage with jalapenos and cold beer were great!

The next day we went to a western melodrama. That was loads of fun too.

And even if we are Texan residents now, we still belong to the Outdoor Desert Museum! And naturally, we had to go walking around. To really get a good look at all there is to offer there, it'll take you 3-4 hours!! And a wonderful scenic restaurant there with yummy food. They still had my favorite on the menu --turkey salad sandwich on 12 grain bread --it also has celery, dried cherries and pecans in the mixture!! Here is a bobcat---[that is the DBacks' mascot. But, who knows?--------before this year is over, they may just change the mascot too!! Afterall, the Phoenix ballpark, once known as Bank One Ballpark[hence, the 'bob' in bobcat] is now Chase Field!!

This is taken at Sabino Canyon--or perhaps it was Tucson Mountain Park ---can't remember for sure, we were at both. Either place affords a wonderful hiking area. A great place to view the magnificent saguaro cactus. These two 'puppies' are more than likely 300-400 years old!!

A girlfriend of ours still works at Famous Sam's, and she told us where to go looking for flowering cactus. If I understood her correctly, the Tucson area has had over it's share of rain this past winter, and the flowers should be abundant. Here is a red cactus blossom. Just to show you that the desert isn't ALL dirt and heat!!

And last but not can't stay in southern Arizona without getting in a round of golf!! Here is Bud and me at the 3 hole at a golf course just off Thornydale Road in Tucson.


  1. Oh Hootin Annie, looks like you had a wonderful trip. Your pictures are great and I'm sure that it was even move fun in person. Glad you had a nice time.

  2. You're back - yes!!
    So glad you had a wonderful time!
    See you

  3. oH, I enjoyed your recap.
    Welcome home...PJ:)

  4. Awwww... Looks like you guys had a really NICE time on your trip! Sorry about the few little snafu's - but what the heck! Ya know - when ya don't call ahead sometimes there ARE little disappointments! But overall, sounds like things went well!