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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Today, in our house and at my sister's house, we have an annual celebration of sisterhood! We've been doing this on my idea for about 20 years now!

Each March 18th, no matter where we are. Whether we're on vacation or at home or at work...we've had our 'special green long stemmed glasses and a bottle of champagne'....

We send a special sister's card in the snail mail, along with a little trinket that represents our likes from over the years---[this year I sent her a tiny girl bunny]...she loves Easter, and at well, let's just say, over 60, the woman still colors easter eggs and hides them for her hubby in the woods outside their home!! I'd say, she's very young at heart wouldn't you?

So at 8PM Central Time...we bring out our champagne and special glass --fill it, step out on our respective patios and face each other...toasting to sisters!!!!

It's fun, and we so look forward to it each March 18th!!

Here's to you my sweet sister!!!


  1. LOL! But ... it's not 8:00 pm yet! You two have fun!

  2. what a
    Monkey giggles

  3. deslily3/19/2007

    great memories are made of things like this!!..