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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

We went the Packery Channel today to walk the beach....and walk the new pier along the channel! Guess what? Along about half way down the pier hubby, carrying his binoculars case over his shoulder, spotted dolphins!!

Now, he's been lucky enough to see them around Corpus Christi, in the wild, before. A couple of times, when I've been walking the shoreline, and he's back on the beach, reading. I missed them all the time --not paying attention to the waters, and looking down at the shells so I can find the perfect ones.

He also got to witness a waterspout once; again, I was shell hunting. The spout was late Spring, during the threats of tornadoes in the city, and littl' ol' me, always loves to go to the beach when it's warm and 'stormy' the bigger waves!

Anyway, we both got to see dolphins today. We're estimating that there were about 6-8 of them. Feeding about 200 feet from the channel's inlet. The water was especially dark in the area we saw them come up for air...there musta been a school of fish. And they were still there when we left to walk the shoreline and look for sand dollars---about 1/2 hour later. No wonder the fishermen on the pier weren't catching any....the fish didn't have a chance to get that close to their rods!! hehehehehe

Oh, and from a post a couple of days ago, I posted a picture of a rosebud in winter. From our rose planter box in the backyard. The bud is now fully opened, and I snapped a photo of it again.

After we walked for another hour or so, we stopped for a bite to eat --the doctor okayed a cheeseburger once in a while (my physcial with the physician earlier today, resulted in a good heart sounded healthy, and being that the cholesterol from the blood test the other day was a bit higher than my normal range, she advised me to eat just one or two burger[s] a week instead of daily -- *wink*).

Then, after the luncheon out, we stopped just before the JFK Causeway to head back to Corpus, still on Padre Island, at a specialty shop with all kinds of 'touristy' things --- Hubby, who likes ceramic mermaids, found one that lights up ---the mermaid is behind a large clam shell, and in the shell ---of course shaped like a pearl, is a glass globe, filled with glitter and tiny dolphins...the snowglobe lights up) Naturally, he had to get that to add to his collection. Hmmmmm, being half naked as mermaids are, you don't suppose that THAT is the reason he likes 'em? But, he also found me a cute windchime. Shaped like a Dutch Windmill...and the blades of the windmill spin in the wind too. Cool, huh?

--I'll get a photo of it[the mermaid] sometime soon, I don't think he's opened the package yet...he's out in the garage right now, cleaning the sand out of the car.

I immediately hung the chime outdoors. I'll test it for now, to make sure it isn't being hit directly in a wind tunnel for fear of it being broken. If it gets too strong, I'll move it.

[I didn't get to photograph the dolphins. I tried, but the reflection on the lens made it impossible to see where I was holding the lens ---so, I missed them]

Here is my dear hubby ---his backside, but it's at the end of the pier while he was watching the dolphins:

And here is the rose fully opened:

...and my new windchime:


  1. Sounds like you guys had a really good -- and really busy day today! (but not so busy that you didn't have ANY time to blog!) ROFL! I love that picture of Bud... and he has more hair than I thought he did! It must all be in the back! ;) Your new wind chime is really cute too!

  2. Oh, how I would've loved to be out for a walk on the beach today...we missed seeing the whales this year, sigh. It sounds as if you had a perfect day.
    You'll get a chuckle out of this: my cockatiel, Spike, is sitting on the arm of the chair I'm in and when your blog came up, he started bobbing up and down to the music! He loves to "dance!" He was the focus of my "Manic Monday," today. He's quite the ham...
    Thanks for all of your comments. I really appreciate you!

  3. Certainly sounds like a great day!! I would so LOVE to see son Shawn and his fiancee Wendy went to Mexico last year and got to swim with some trained dolphins and have a video of it:-) They said it was awesome!! Your little windchine is just adorable, never seen one like that before! As for the mermaid collection your husband has...hmmmm! LOL Glad he was able to find another one to add:-) Your rose is just gorgeous! Hugs xox

  4. The beach is about my favorite place to go..We'll be having a picnic there on Wed.
    Looks like you had a fun day!!

  5. Gday Anni.
    Oh what a wonderfull day you both had your lovely walk along the beach, then to those lovely shops.
    Your lovely Rose looks like my Impressions, And your windchime is so colourfull, take care.

  6. Hi Anni
    Forgot to mention my crepe Myrtle grew all twisted like that no training so I suppose that was a bonus but I do cut it back severely every year just to a bare trunk as soon as it stops flowering as i dont want it to get to big were it is and Ilove the trunk as it is 2