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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I'm bored, 'cause it's a gloomy's mild in temp, but cloudy --gray and downright boring!
So, while walking around in the yard, checking for thistle to pull out of the sod, I decided to go back
in and get the digital and push the shutter!

Results are these. [Warning, one picture is creepy, nasty, and downright yucky!!!]

a rose bud in winter

this red rose is my favorite. I was lucky enough to find it after we moved from Tucson....
my all time 'gotta have' ---it's Scarlet's Knight. As you can see to your left of the blossom,
the bud is so dark it's velvety black!! And the underside of the petals are also 'black'.

this, is a 'shrimp plant' It attracts butterflies!
See the hidden raccoon?

and this is what comes from the torrential rains we've had lately...
when you see dark mounds of dirt.....beware!!!

....and this is from when I 'stirred the dirt' up a little!!!
Look closely----FIRE ants!!! Zillions of them, scurrying around, lookin' for 'fresh meat'!!!
[look below]

I'm the fresh meat!! [just to the bottom right of my knuckle]
And they hurt ----immensely ---I could not survive being staked to an
ant hill for more than a minute. Insanity would kill me first!!!



  1. Well... the flowers are PRETTY! You can KEEP the ants! Actually... we have TONS of ants... but NOT fire ants! (small favors... small favors...)

  2. If there is a raccoon in that pic I don't see it. Lovely Rose.

  3. Pretty flowers and a shy racoon hidden (almost) to the right. Ants can be useful, but not when they hurts or even worsh, eat houses. We have several of them inside and outside our summerhouse. We've kept them away from attacking the house, but they eat our vegetable and flowers seeds. We use coffee grounds and organic sprays to keep them away - but under the soil: Hard to see them.

    Nice blog.


  4. Love the roses!! I have roses too-and fire ants!!!


  5. Hi Anni Just love your roses im going to try buy that dark red one.
    Yep i seen the racoon hiding to the right hand side of the shrimp plant Oh but ilet you keep the ants. Take care (((HUGS))).

  6. ohh your roses are so pretty!

    but i have to confess i just cant see the ants in that last picture...maybe im blind

  7. I hate those little monsters, some have cropped up after the rains her too. We have an empty lot next door I am tempted to treat it as well.

  8. My husband is deathly allergic to fire ants, been in the hospital several times because of them. . . and only a few bites each time. . part of the reason we finally moved from Florida. . Loved the rose.