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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


This afternoon, in my ever so busy mind, I'm wondering. After viewing a clip on the news about a week ago, on ABC News, the segment was from Germany. For some time I've always thought that a lot of European countries are so far ahead of the U S A, that it "bloggles" my mind.

In this particular section of the news cast, it was showing a part of Germany that has grocery stores that 'cater' to the senior citizen....but still does not discriminate with the younger generations. But this in one in particular has stayed with me since I've seen the news that evening. Having grocery carts that are more like 'walkers' you see in America to assist the aged or disabled---the handles of the carts are curved for more support....without the complete 'bar'...thus, handles for the more feeble for support. Also, instead of having the carts open from the bottom as you see in America, there are wooden 'benches' bolted on that particular area....for resting when the aged get weary or tired and need to sit. Then, on the cart, there are magnifying glasses so the older can read the small print on the labels. Also, the local companies in Germany package single servings of food items. Awesome.

And of course, this got me thinking. In the U S A, the most 'assisted' carts for the handicapped and aged that I've seen, are the motorized carts. Yes, this is all well and good. But, I've often wondered; why have these carts to actually 'help' the customer and patronize them---yet, have you noticed just how low to the floor they are? With that, just how the heck can one reach even the 3rd shelf in the store? I mean, really---I have a hard time myself reaching the top shelf sometimes.

Are these actually helping the disabled and seniors, or are they a hindrance? Could there possibly a better solution that would actually HELP the older ones?

Sure, you could have someone go with you if need be. But there ARE some who live alone? And others are quite independent and wish to do things for themselves, which I can empathize!! Perhaps there are employees who are willing to, or hired on, for the sole purpose of helping shoppers with their needs....but here in America, I see a large lack of these kinds of people!! And if they are called for over the intercom---they take their sweet time...even long minutes for anyone to show.

What can be done? I don't know. But there should be a new beginning for franchise stores that will cater more to the older ones. Heck, I'm nearing 60 and for the most part, I'm considered a senior citizen. And, I think it's high time we as a whole should consider helping the ones who tend to spend more money for groceries than any other...the seniors. [at to clarify that---I'm comparing this as ONE individual's grocery tab...NOT a family of 6 or more...if you take their grocery bill and divide it by 6---then, the senior's total is more, normally]

And America IS getting older!! And the older are sticking around a lot longer.


  1. You bring up some very valid concerns.
    Although I'm not having any accessiblity issues, I have helped family members with same.
    Germany sounds like it has some workable solutions.

  2. Hi Anni:-) I just LOVE your Paddy's Day decor in here!! I feel quite Irish now! hehe I've always said that Europe could show the USA and Canada a few things...they do seem to cater a lot more to the older generation than they do here. I had penpals from all over Europe and I was always amazed at all the neat things they have to help the elderly. Hmmmm makes ya want to retire over there! lol Hugs xoxo

  3. I will be 63 next month.. i live with a disabled brother at the moment. First I have to say that since i live with someone disabled I've seen some "gadgets" that others may not see, there is one that is like a pole with a large "clip" at the end that you can open and shut with just the use of one hand.. but... that being said... As far as I can see America sucks when it comes to help for the elderly!

    When I was young there were many stay at home moms (not mine since she was divorced raising 2 kids) but many none the less.. in a day (now) when it takes 2 working parents to be able to afford a roof over their heads, there's no money (or extra room) for one parents to move into when SS kicks in (and kicks your butt because you don't even get enough for a cheap one room apt somewhere)

    and don't get me started on what i think of health "aids" (medicare/ part a, part b, and big part get your money ready cause you are getting screwed)

  4. Funny how we think of these things as we approach the age of "needing" them - huh?

  5. In our society, children are not taught to respect older people. In our church, where there is a large elderly population, kids get an opportunity to see first hand how to be respectful.
    We are a society that worships the young and beautiful. Look at the ads in the paper for plastic surgeons, potions and lotions that erase our wrinkles (sure...). The news has been ridiculous the past two weeks over the death of Anna Nicole, who did nothing for the good of humanity; and now it's poor little Britney Spears who truly needs help. But in order to be "respected," you have to have big breasts and a tight little a$$. The rest of us can go suck eggs.
    I would hope, if one of my grandkids ever saw an older person in need they'd be at the first of the line! If not, they'd have my boot planted squarely on their backside.