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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out



Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it?

On my heel! A big scar...My brother was bicycling me around the neighborhood---I was on the back wheel's bumper/fender of the bike, and my feet were resting on the wheel's axle instead of dragging on the street. My foot slipped off and went into the spokes of the tire. Really got mangled up and a lot of loose flesh and blood.

We were young....and idiots!

What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

Becoming a grandmother of a Down Syndrome grandson. He has taught our whole family the true meaning of LOVE---unconditional love!!

Name a television personality who really gets on your nerves.

Well, I don't really watch that much television, so not many would get on my nerves [people, that is]. But the influx of some TV show genres get on my nerves. Maybe that's why I don't watch much. But I DO watch national and local news a again, not necessarily any PEOPLE get on my nerves, it's the content in the news programming. All news is so dramatically 'acted' out it totally sucks! Seems big boobed ladies who die and had a playboy[magazine] reputation is "in" this week!!!
[and no disrespect intended for the dead or's just that the news gets a subject[people's stories] and pounds it into the ground until the viewers are sick of it....look at the racial slurs of Mr. went on for WEEKS]

Main Course
What was a funny word you said as a child (such as "pasketti" for "spaghetti")?

Fridgerfreezer. It wasn't me....I can't remember words I used 50 years ago!! But I do recall this one. My son...."fridgerfreezer"=refrigerator.

Fill in the blank: I have always thought ______ was ______.

I have always thought PURPLE was/is PRETTY!!!


  1. ouch! that sounds painful...i agree with u about the news...i can't stand to see the same news over & over again!!!

  2. Gday Anni! enjoyed your feast
    Appetizer :ouch Very painfull
    Well desert I have to agree, i love purple once had a purple corded velvet lounge suite.

  3. Great feast...If I have a choice I always grab purple! Love that color.

    Your St. Pat's theme is cute!

    Take care,
    Thanks for visiting.

  4. Loose flesh and blood? Youch! Oh, and love your soup. You are so right on that one! :-)

  5. You will NOT EVEN believe! WE have the SAME EXACT appetizer today! How incredibly ODD is that???

    My mind is BLOGGLED!!!

  6. Ouch!

    I agree with the ongoing news stories. Stuff stops being news after the 10th telling.

  7. Just came from Melli, now please tell the truth who copied whom ??? It's the same text besides she was the victim of her sister and you of your brother. It's probably made on purpose so nobody thinks you have copied each other. That's my miracle today, lol ! I discovered your crimes !

  8. "fridgerfreeer" That's original! I love it.

    Oh yeah, I agree with your salad. It is becoming more and more apparant that "news" is that which pertains to big boobed women, sex scandals, with everything in between. What a shame that the media outlets in this country consider the above to be real "news."

    Nice feast! Thank you for visiting my site, too!

    Best -

  9. Great Feast!
    Have a wonderful day!
    (")_ (")Š

  10. LOL...Gattina you crack me up. You can see Melli copied me. rofl.

    Right Melli?

  11. I agree about the news -- I can hardly stand to watch much of it any more.

    So funny that you and melli have the same appetizer!!

    So sweet about your grandson!

  12. I have all sorts of responses, so please allow me to vomit them all out at once: Wonderful answers! Your bike accident sound horrible! Your blog design is awesome! Your grandson sounds sweet! Fridferfreezer is hilarious! Look! I can't even spell it correctly! You made me laugh with your allenwrench comment at my blog!


    It's nice to meet you.

  13. hmmm, I've been "TOLD" (so I can't verify it.. that when i was VERY small I called spagetti "pissgetti"

  14. The News drives me around the bend... repetition,repetition,repetition,repetition,repetition,repetition,repetition,repetition!
    Great Feast

  15. OK! I'm so in a Festive Irish mood now! Love the new design. Your grandson is so precious. The news about celebrities does get on my nerves too.
    Great feast!
    Have a great weekend,Hootin Annie!

  16. OUCH.. your poor heel and foot!!!! Hugs to your grandson :)

  17. what a fun blog.YOu made me laugh and gave me chills! your appetizers sounded painful

  18. Purple is my sis-in-laws absolute favourite can't go wrong if you get her something in purple! Your appetizer sounds very very painful (wince) I love your soup. I know a wonderful Downs Syndrome boy and the love that his family has for him is awesome..and all his cousins think he is fabulous.
    Thanks for stopping by

  19. Hey have i gone mad? its not march 17 yet is it? I do love the irish theme though as my Grandad was Irish! top of the morning to you!
    Whats with the irish theme?
    My sister works with adults that have downs syndrome and she loves her job.So i know your grandson must be a bundle of fun!
    purple is and was pretty!
    Every time i see hootin, i want to say tootin!
    Toodle Pip

  20. i saw over at Melli's that you had the same appetizer that she did - and i have almost the same one too! (it was my dad and the front wheel of the bicycle.) amazing!

    happy friday!

  21. your soup was such a blessing to read:) Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  22. Your soup is very touching and ouch on the bike accident.

  23. Great feast!

  24. Purple is one of my favorite colors!! So I agree with your dessert!! Great Feast Miss Anni...You have really changed your look for March!! WOW!! Looks good...My Feast is up.. Sandy..Oh you and Melli have the same Appetizer...

  25. People with Down's Syndrome are wonderful to be around. They are usually cheerful and pleasant. You are blessed!
    And with all the stuff going on in the world, I wonder what's happened in the last two weeks?
    Wonderful feast!!!

  26. Your appetizer sounds so dangerous. It's lucky you only have that heel scar! And I think purple is pretty, too!

  27. Nice feast! Your appetizer sounds painful! When we're young, we all think we are invincible!

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  28. A good feast. Your family gets a gold star for the soup.

  29. Sorry about your bicycle accident. It must have been a painful experience.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful soup. I'm glad that your grandson has taught you the true essence of unconditional love. He must be a true blessing to your family.