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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

This meme was at Cats in the Kitchen. The five parts can have as many words added to make your personal statement. The bold/italicized blue sections are the 'questions'---from there, the rest are parts of my answers.

1. I have never wanted to be living a life in a bubble. By this I mean, being so ill I can't get out and enjoy life. Of course, in comparing lives of some, my life is quite mundane. I've raised a family, I've been married to the same man for nearly 4 decades, I've traveled around the United States and the coasts of Mexico and the Hawai'ian Islands, I've worked outside the home, had great parents that raised me to be an all around good girl. But I would never want to be 'bed-ridden' and not be able to see the sun come up and set or the moon rise or breathe the fresh salty a life such as that, that is only witnessed from a window. For my first six years of childhood, I spent each of the winters in the hospital....and I remember today how dreadful that was, not being able to move about --only living with IVs and needles. After experiencing my life as it was before today, I just can't see myself 'cooped' up in a room, calling it life.

2. When I was 18 I was excited about getting out of high school, to have graduated. At 18 I took my first trip alone. I went and spent a month in Washington D.C. with my sister who lived and worked there for Senator Allott. We had a blast. I took the summer off from my job at the Chamber of Commerce. My boss was so great. I think he had a crush on me....really. What kind of boss would let a teenager just out of high school take three months off the job and let her return in September with the same head receptionist position? He was cool. By the time I was heading close to 19, I was thinking of one certain guy---fantasizing--I'd known who he was, but never met him yet in person---and in May of my 19th year I married him.

3. If I was my own best friend, what I would enjoy the most about spending time with Me would be my humor, my interests, my companionship, and maybe stretching things very thin here, I could say - perhaps my knowledge of happiness. I've always been a very happy person. Oh sure, I've been upset a few times where I'd prefer daggers instead of calmly talking it out but...I don't know how or when or why all the reactions previously stated occurred, but ---after spittin' nails a few times I then can calm down & a few minutes later, and without mind altering medications that make you happy artificially [and I know of others who do-and for good reasons, I'm sure; some great friends....I consider myself lucky to be able to be stable and not require drug use to help me be happy]. I realize life is way to short to sit around and sulk. There's a whole world out there. I was once told a long time ago that my attitude and outlook of life could be written in a journal and made into a self help book. But I'm not one that took it seriously....I really think it was a joke. Afterall, the one that DID tell me this, was a jokester himself.

4. If the story of my life up to this point was being published tomorrow, it would be titled "Anni"!!! Oh wait, that title's been taken already...that's the musical, right? I know it's spelled differently. I've often thought my life's story could be Erma Bombeck's Works, being such a hoot and all---[*resting my chin in my hand, like Rodin's sculpture*---thinking!] Hmmmmm, what would my bio be titled? Okay ---here is my life's title: "It's ME! Take it or leave it"!! [That's a close as I could come to "Life's a Bowl of Cherries, Mine's Always the Pits!" kinda title]

5. When my time on Earth is over, and the people who loved me are remembering me, it would please me if they said ANYTHING! LOL. How does the saying go? "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Right. Now actually, I'm sure someone would spew out a few nonsensical things like:

She was like slinkies: not really good for anything... but you can't help laughing when you pushed her down the stairs.

And me being the blond of all blonds, I'm sure someone would say:
Anni wasn't even as deep as my toilet bowl.

I wanted breakfast in bed, Anni made me sleep in the kitchen.

Sometimes Anni bled for five days and didn't die. I never did trust her!!

Seriously, I would appreciate thinking of me as a precious gem....sparkly, everlasting, multi-faceted, a true gem of her time. And then wrap me in 24k gold surroundings and wear me until I was thin and worn and then get me remounted!!!


  1. gosh I loved Erma Bombeck! So much of what she said was true!!

    life IS a bowl of cherries..and yep, I got all the pitts! lol

    (and it is true that no man knows how to change a roll of toilet paper!)

  2. You sound like you had a fantastic time growing're so well-adjusted. That's why we click so well know what they say about birds of a feather!

    Great meme, Anni!