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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

The language here is for effect!
Read as I wrote it, you'll have some fun deciphering words maybe.
But the spellings and such ARE intended!!!

Somewhere out in the boondocks of the country. Somewhere between COLBALT Springs and RED River.

Other than Dave Barry's UNofficial Humor Blog....I was tempted to catch the bus at the mountaintop and cruise around the hills back thar yonder and see what I cudda found in the back woods of bloggerville ---and t' my surprise, I came upon these boogers Bloggers!

They're a SITE for sore eyes and a few guffaws....if yur inta that kinda thang!

Ya see? Y' take Route 5 rightcheer, and go two miles down the road a piece 'til y' come up on this biggo rock juttin' outta the ruts, and then fer gawd's sake dun go t' yur a left....tern right thar by that boulder, or yer fixin' to jump t' the next county below us.

Now ya shuld be bumpin' and grindin' down County Rd. 666. It's a devil when it rains [get it? 666, devil? *slappin' my thighs with laughter*---oh so's y' don't get it ---well okay, moving on then---], so ya gotta keep yer eyes peeled sharp now....look out fer th' ruts! Go 'bout due west and travel 5 'r 10 minutes --y'll come to a through it and turn up the hill....Yer there:

Say No to Crack
Some funny stuff ---at least the day I visited. You may have to scroll down the the "older pages"....but I was entertained, and laughed a lot.

When yer done with'n the 'crack', mosey on back to yer ottiemobile and push in the clutch...y'all just coast back down the hill....Dun forgit to use them thar brakes now....continue on County Rd 666 'til you come t' the junction in the road...turn left once again. Off in the distance yer seein' a mannylift...ya know one of them huge rock fermentations that jut outta the dirt and go sky high? Ya, a mannylift. Some folks 'round this neck o' the woods say it looks jest like our own statue, I think it looks mer like a rooster's comb. Anyways....once you get within a few yards of the rooster's comb, drive up the road towards it. Here's the next one, y' can' miss it:

To Whom it May Concern
A cute, and unusual blog. Three entries per week, written in letter form. But, if offensive language isn't your style, don't bother. If you're okay with it, I think you'll enjoy the 'senseless humor' that fits right in with our everyday emotions and lives. Mine anyway. Well, maybe not, but I do enjoy the reading material here and think the girl's got something.

Ah...I see'ins ya got yerself some com'any!! Where'd y' find that beast? Mangy lookin' critter. *spittin' out t'baccy*. 'Kay now...from here, after readin' a bit of 'whom up back, yous wantin' t' find ROUTE 66. [this isn't quites as dev'lish] This is a fer piece, but y'all can make it b'fore nightfall if'ins y'all hurry. *pointin' over asunder*'s just over the hill right thar! ---Dun fergit...tell 'em Anni sentcha!! It's a hootin' good time....kinda snooty, sum says snotty folks, but y'll come out smilin':

The Sneeze
Good thoughts, humorous. Quick wit.....perhaps a bit snotty sometimes, but nothing a tissue wouldn't cover!!

*Achoo! Bless my everlovin' soul* Get back on ROUTE 66 and head back t' where y'all come from...turn south at the junction. Mindya, it's gettin' dark by now and those ruts'll jar ya loose if'in ya dun watch closely. *spit*....Now then....just follow the traffic --by this time o' night y'll find the roads heavy with commonbines and tractors and sech....they're all headin' inta town for Martha's famous pot roast....Y'all should stop at there and sit a spell....her food is world knowed around these parts!! Just in back of Martha's Vinyerd's Wine "n" Dine y'll see just:

Where the Hell Was I?
I like this one the best. The man's humor of life is just outrageously funny. And quite a bit resembling our household sometimes. Guess that's why I can relate to this blog so much.

Hep y'all had a great tour! *spittin' t'baccy*...."Bingo"!!! *wavin'* ---Now, where the hell wuz I?" Oh ya---"And if'n the Shareef stops ya, just say y'all were knockin' down mail boxes on Route 66 whilst dodgin' road ruts....he'll knows y've been talkin' with me. He won't mind a durn bit. Dun't see t'many ottiemoblies in this here parts much."


  1. don't you just love Dave Barry? Thanks for taking me on a trip!

  2. I love your clever dialog on our "trip". I wanna go for a drive with you! You're fun!!

    I'm gonna check these sites out right now...


  3. Hi Anni --

    Thanks so much for the mention, and the kind words! Cruise by again any time for another dose of nonsense; I'll leave the drive-thru window open for you. We're open 24 hours.

    Thanks again -- cheers!