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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Months ago, after the cats have broken so many little trinkets I placed on the window sills....I bought an unfinished wooden bench, stained it to match the wood at the bottom of the window, all for their Bird Planet "TV" viewing! That most definitely is their favorite channel to watch.

Now, the two can perch themselves as close to the window to watch the Patio Performances, and watch all the birding programs they their hearts' content. WITHOUT putting toenail scratches on the woodwork and without breaking anything. At least 'til sunset when the channel goes off the air 'til sunrise the next day!!

Altho, I must 'fess up. I've taken most of the glass stuff down from the sills anywhoo!! Just left the decorative string of beads and a bobblehead pirate and a few crystals.

They actually take turns sitting there. If Tahoe [the kitty with the big ass, pictured] is on the bench, then Winston is either all asnooze on the waterbed or sittin' pretty on the dining room table, watching the show from the 'balcony seats'. And if Winston has called 'dibs' on the TV perch made for them ---Tahoe is snoozing on her favorite blankie, OR---sitting at the big patio doors 'chirpin' at more birds in the bushes just to the side of the house.

It's keeps 'em active, and alert!!!

Guess I could do another bench, but then they'd probably fight over who's bench is who's. Ya know? Like sibling rivalry or some such thing.