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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

These two 'forest creatures' are our newest backyard additions:

I have them sitting in our rose box, but eventually ---when it warms up some, I want to get out there in the box and remove the chipped bark and 'weed control plastic stuff' that lies under the bark. First off, the tarp for weed control doesn't work. I've never had good luck with it. For some reason, it doesn't control weeds sprouting ---in ALL states we've lived in. And secondly, I'm sure that the feeding I do in Spring and Autumn, the roses aren't really benefiting from that. I think a lot of it remains on top---in the bark. So, out that stuff will go.

And we want to buy new accent lighting too. All these things, except for the new rose bushes and decor of fairies and such...the bark and the tarp and two roses and lights were here when we purchased the home...The lighting and wiring is old as the hills and quite frayed and brittle. New stuff it is!!

Just an added note, the two 'forest creatures' remind me of the trees in Lord of the Rings. LOL ---They ARE solar lights. At night, after a sunny day, the energy they absorbed during the day---their eyes light up. A bit eerie, but oh so cool looking out with the accent lights shining brightly AND the orange orbs ---their eyes glowing in the dark!!! Just like a fantasy fairyland.


  1. Lol! They're cute.

  2. Anni -- I had the LONG meme in my drafts for a couple days. I just worked on it a bit at a time.

  3. I put a comment on the "Bloggers over 50" Bkog and as I don't know for sure if you are the organizer, I'll answer your question here too : My main blog is to be added please

    The others are for photos, then cats and then my travels.

    The only thing I can't do is to put this huge blue label on my green blog ! I will find something else. Thanks very much ! When I started blogging I felt like an antique !

  4. I'm starting to think about what I will be planting in a few months. I've ready for spring I think.

  5. Hi Anni
    Dont blame you for pulling up that weed matting its useless.
    We pulled all ours up 2 and put down A layer of thick newspapers and river pebbles, if a weed grows it easy to pluck out as its only in the pebbles,in time the paper will rot and be mulch.Take care

  6. I love the two "treebeards"! lol.. at first, before I got to the end of your post I thought they were planters, where you put a plant in the top of their heads and it "becomes their hair" (ferns look great that way) but I love they are solar lights!!