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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


What sound, other than the normal ringing, would you like your telephone to make?

Dead silence. I've not liked phones since way before I retired. My last job, years ago, was a patient coordinator at a large cooperate pyschiatric center with over 16 doctors and biofeedback counselors, and hundreds of patients!!! The phones in the Drs. office were ringing off the cradle (there was even a phone in my private bathroom at the office!! Yes...there was. Just so I wouldn't miss a patient's important call!) ---even as I unlocked for the morning to open the offices...and even as I tried to lock up at night, the phones continued to ring. I grew to detest phones!! Still do.

Describe your usual disposition in meteorological terms (partly cloudy, sunny, stormy, etc.).

Today over the South Texas area, we have a big High Pressure Area called Hootin' Anni---she'll bring lots of sunshine for your day with her disposition. How's that for a good front? rofl

What specific subject do you feel you know better than any other subjects?

Language [in any country or life-form] is crucial for effective communication. Being properly understood, equals the difference between success and failure. A given, well-written, or well-spoken project with accuracy, power, and subtlety has been an objective and passion of mine. Whether it be writing, editing, proofreading, or transcription, I've been educated in, and have the talents for these abilities; as the subject I'd prefer over all others is the use of proper English, grammar/punctuation, and spelling of the spoken/written words!

Main Course
Imagine you were given the ability to remember everything you read for one entire day. Which books/magazines/newspapers would you choose to read?

More than likely I could not choose from the list. It'd have to be all of the above. I read them all, every day. If I had to choose, it would be anything English Lit. But, I must confess I only read magazines while I'm standing at the checkout stand at the grocery store. Who in their right minds would spend $4 to $10 for a magazine that's 90% advertising?!!

If a popular candy maker contacted you to create their next confection, what would it be like and what would you name it?

I always thought the pecan, caramel, and milk chocolate from Whitman's had a weird name...turtles. Tho they DO look like turtles, in a sense. So, I think I'd have them make the same candy and make a BIG promotional effort that it has the name changed from turtles to ..............ah, wait. I can't think of anything really 'catchy'. So I guess Turtles it is!!! Why change a good thing? In other words, if you've failed to catch the meaning of this---I can't think of anything. LOL


  1. Anonymous2/16/2007

    Very nice feast. I really enjoyed your salad. All schools need to make this the focal point on education.

    Take care,
    Thanks for stopping by my feast.

  2. Upon reading your story, I could understand why you have come to detest phones.

    I love how you stated the weather. How very true. Your blog entries express lots of warmth just like a sunny day.

    Thanks for sharing. Mine is up too.

  3. Yes, me too have understanding for that phone detesting of yours!!!!

    Can you please move your Texas sun over to Sweden??!!! We're in desperate need of some!!! Haven't seen much of the sun the latest MONTHS!!!!

  4. I like your salad! Your main course is very true. Turtles are one of my favorite candys! We have a local candy maker that makes a similar one that is totatlly divine, but they call them BillyBobs. Not much better of a name. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!! Thanks for the feast.

  5. I absolutely love your web site. It is the coolest site I've ever seen!

    Loved your answers too. I too love English and Grammar, but sometimes it's hard on the 'net to use them correctly!

    Nice to meetcha! ;-)

  6. I'm a cell phone hater!.. but I will admit it is because of the over use and misuse of the product. I do believe it could be a life saver at times..but it is a totally misused and abused piece of technology

  7. Today we have Hootin Anni weather here ! 15°C (59) and that in a February ! Apparently it hasn't happened since 17hundred something ! And the candy name turtle is nice sounds better than snail or something.

  8. I have no problem with the home phone, but I'm a total cell phone hater. There is a whole level of social manners that's been completely trampled on by cell phone users, and social manners were on the downslide before the cell phone. Great feast

  9. ROFLMBO! Anni! You ARE a BIG FAN of the written word! Nobody can use as many of them to say NOTHIN' as YOU can!!! LOL! (re: your dessert!) And darlin' I would be right WITH ya really on the silent phone ring! Someone else said the "ocean" sounds -- and I thought I would like that too -- but then I wouldn't answer it - I would just sit and listen to it! hehehe!

  10. What a great entertaining feast! Roflmao! Turtles are delicious! I think we need to come up with a candy and call it Hootin' Annie. It will have to be full of zest! :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Great feast!
    I always thought they were turtles because the little pecans poking out look like a turtle head? Who knows?
    A blessed Friday to you!

  12. I can relate to your dislike of phones. Since I am a computer geek by profession, I prefer communicating by email. It drives my Mom insane when I tell her that. ;)

  13. I can understand why you don't like phones. Some days i wish it would stop ringing:).Love that dessert!!! Turtles are the best!!!

  14. Great feast - I love your answers, Anni! The Soup was delicious - I have never tried a "Turtle" before... I´d love to - but I guess they are not available in my part of the world.

  15. What a clever dessert!! smile!! Sounds like the same old turles to me..Smile!! Sometimes names just do not come to your most of the time anymore!! I call that half-heimers!! Have a great Friday and thanks for stopping by today..Sandy

  16. I smile everytime I come around here. I thought it was the music but its your words..Nice feast and thanks for posting..Great dessert

  17. Thanks for the soup! I needed a good smile and laugh!!
    I completely agree with you about buying magazines. Way too much money to spend!!
    Turtles are great, and I wouldn't change their name either!!
    Happy Friday, Hootin--Annie!
    Fantastic Feast!

  18. i'm having a great time reading all the weather pattern descriptions. I'll say the same thing to you as I've said to others. I'm partly sunny, with a chance of strong thunderstorms. :) (depending on how many stupid people I come in contact with that day)

  19. Delicious feast! What a great soup. :) Your salad is terrific too, although since you are American, your spelling if full of mistakes. ;) None of you Americans know how to spell words like colour, neighbour, honour, metre, theatre, etc. ;) Just kidding, of course. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend! :)

  20. Great feast. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  21. Wonderful feast :) Mine's up too!

  22. I agree with the salad, as a teacher I have students who can do none of that, let alone read

  23. Great feast! Love your appetizer. I couldn't agree more!
    Happy Friday and thanks for visiting!

  24. I find phones really disturbing, too! It never seems like a right time for it to ring. Wish I could turn it off!

  25. Truth be told - I'm with ya on the phone thing...

  26. What a fun Feast :-). I love your answers, your so funny.

    Happy Friday and Have A Great Day!!

  27. Love those turtles...they're one of my favorite "special treats" ;~)

    Have a great weekend, Anni, and thanks for visiting today!

  28. What a wonderful read this was! I can't even imagine that phone situation. That would be the worst torture I can imagine.


  29. Geez - a phone in the bathroom? That's brutal! I've always had a bank of phones on my jobs but that takes the cake!!!
    I was always the designated red-pencil person at work because poorly worded "stuff" drives me nuts. Like, ya know what I mean??? I've made it my personal mission to ease up and be a little more casual because my husband started calling me "Professor." People think I'm too stuffy...
    A wonderful feast! I'm stuffed...

  30. I understand why you hate phones. That's a terrible experience!

    You've got to love turtles. They are just the best!!

  31. I don't often say this, but more salad please!

  32. Excellent feast you got there, Anni! What you wrote about magazines is very true. I have to admit I love them, though, and subscribe to quite a few...gotta keep that economy rolling along!! LOL.

    I enjoyed your Appetizer the most. Like you, I also worked in a Client Service area for years and the phones never stopped ringing....I never answer the phone here at the house unless Hubs is out. I always figure it's either someone needing something, something's broken or someone died! LOL..

    Great feast, dear lady!

    Happy Saturday, Anni!

  33. Fabulous feast! I find you strength really shining through just reading your blog.