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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


I was just reading an article in Yahoo News© this morning about U S A passing an "English Only" law. Tho, to be honest, I've not really paid much attention to this particular subject in the past.

My feelings on this, and the Nevada town's city council repealing the law, is high kudos for the small community!!!

My opinion is this: If America, founded on immigrants, is so 'dead set' on making this a one language citizenship, it's wrong. Have you traveled to other foreign countries? Are they not filled with many people, speaking many different languages? Do they harp about English speaking residents? I don't think so; besides, if you have traveled to 'foreign' countries, you always seek ones who can understand and speak English, so the more different languages spoken in any country has advantages!! Perhaps others think on these terms also...I am not a resident of any country other than America. But why single out a certain LANGUAGE when we're all Americans? No matter what language we speak?

Granted, some can't even speak or understand some dialects of our own language....but, I agree with Pahrump's city council ---repeal any laws that state we as American citizens have to speak English, in order to be or become Americans!! That's a law in the books that isn't important in their minds. The citizenry is tho!! And I agree.

Yet, my Thursday Thought is that new laws in this land are getting out of hand if you ask me. New laws just make more outlaws! The police force in ANY town or city has too much to handle these days the way it is!! The prisons and community jails are over-filled now!! Can you imagine what it would be like to have 'non-English' speakers that have broken such a minor factor by speaking their native tongue--how much more the over crowded situation would be? Remember, we as tax payers pay for their lodging and food!! And we dole out money for their education and medical too, so perhaps we should think strongly on the subject of such trivial laws. My great great grandparents coming here to seek 'freedom' spoke their country's native language....they became citizens! And continued to speak their own tongue ---worked and paid taxes!! And speaking an Irish dialect didn't make them less American back then in the mid 1850s---why should it now?

Thing is, this little article got me to thinking ---
I've recently read about new driving laws...
There is talk about laws being passed these days about it being illegal to "use" cell phones-eating while driving-putting on makeup-using the video advancements in some vehicles-radios/cd players-drinking-smoking-use of computers, and get this!!!---even talking to someone in the same vehicle!!---they're all soon to warrant tickets if caught using or doing such activities!! Simply put: Keep both hands on the wheel!!! What about those who have manual transmissions?---Does this mean they too will be ticketed because they're not having the use of both hands on the steering wheel? It's becoming very socialist-like!!!
[Oh, and by the way, I've witnessed many times, police officers, using cell phones --eating and drinking-- while patrolling our streets!! What about the use of their radios? Granted, they are enforcing the laws we now have, and they are keeping our towns safe----but isn't this double standards here?---Police have caused accidents by being distracted with their activities!! Which brings us to firemen, ambulance drivers ---etc. etc. They are talking while driving ---I realize the radio is being used by the 'co-worker' ---but the drivers ARE being distracted also---again, double standards?]

....and I'm thoroughly disheartened by what our government seeks in bills for lawmaking!! What about the important things like working together making things happen to improve the cities!!!?!!

High five to the little Nevada town! (And it IS little---I've been there.)

Now, I've done my Thursday Thought for the week which is the influx of new laws. I'm not much on proclaiming my own political views, but I'm getting tired of our government telling us we can't live!!! Someday, as things progress, we won't be able to fart in public!!!!


  1. Well... I do understand your desire to protect our "rights" -- but in actuality almost all other countries INSIST upon you learning THEIR native tongue in order to become a "citizen". That's not to say you can't move there and live there... or you can't VISIT there (for an extended period) ... but most of them DO require you to learn the language in order to become a citizen. (and SOME of them -- I know Sweden - do require you to learn the language if you plan to LIVE there) So I don't think that the US is really out of line with this. We were FOUNDED on immigrants - but we really have BECOME our own now. And OUR language is English.

  2. I have to agree with Melli.. I would totally expect to have to learn the language of another country if I was to move there to live. And America's language is English. This does not stop them from speaking in their own language to another who speaks it..what it does do is make it so the "immigrants" understand the signs, the language etc.. no telling what someone is cheating them out of because they can't speak english... there are pros and cons...

    I also think "some laws" go too far, but I think that one is right on.

  3. Well, my point of the whole "Thought" was not necessarily English language per se, but the over-influx of laws!!! And I most certainly DID use this new repeal in Nevada regarding the language.

    And no where in the constitution does it state English as our language. We have no official language as of this typing...

    But then again, since y'all are going for this particular subject I typed about, I don't think that in order to become a citizen, you need to speak English!! The first amendment states that the right to speech must not be abridged...which I know means 'shortened'---but language isn't my idea of a biggie. In my opinion, anyone here in America will eventually learn the language, we don't speak in infancy, but learn it---but even most will speak broken English if from a foreign country. I have a sister in law who's mother is a citizen, and can still not speak "American" English well, nor read it, nor does she comprehend it--but still very patriotic and devoted to our country.

    Sometimes, I think some are scared that the minorities of this great country are no longer minorities!!

    A long time ago, I read a history book, and I can't recall the book, but there was evenutally a trial. A Native American was on the stand, he started answering the questions given to him in his native tongue---The lawyer asked the judge to make the Indian to speak American, the judge replied he IS speaking American!!

    Large cities have all kinds of ethnic minorities that speak their own language...but they can also speak English or have interpreters. America is about different cultures.

    Again, my post was about laws and repealing them when they get so 'far-fetched' and kudos to this town in Nevada.

    If I were let say "Spanish American" and I wanted to become a citizen, I would like the freedom of speaking my own language....eventually I could learn "American"...but still, the lack of speaking English shouldn't keep me from legally working and paying American taxes.

    As for reading signs, most--besides highway exits and such are universal symbols. And you can also be blind and still be a U S citizen----

    This is in no way 'an argument' I'm actually enjoying the other views and input.

    But it's the laws and over abundance of them these days----"too many laws make too many OUTlaws"

  4. AmberStar2/15/2007

    They had hysterics here when a pizza shop was selling pizzas for pesos. Shoot the owner was the one who had to deal with taking the pesos to the bank. Just my thoughts.

  5. Ya I know!! I heard that. But again, Mexico takes American money!! And USA accepts Candian Canada accepts ours. I've had many candian dimes, quarters and such.

  6. I agree that we are contemplating too many nonsensical laws...especially those involving what we do in our cars while driving!!! I've seen gals putting on mascara while driving - that's way too much, but I can do the lipstick thing one-handed and not even look in the mirror. I've been doing it so long I don't need to look! And taking a sip of coke or even coffee...good grief! Just be careful. We can't even enforce the laws we have - we don't need more. And you saw what happened what that idiot woman mentioned a law banning spanking. All heck broke loose. I don't want the gov't in my home. The people that type of law is earmarked for would still go on and beat the crap out of their kids anyway (and they need a l-o-n-g jail term!!!).
    I hate to disagree with you on immigrants and English, but I worked with the county sup't office of schools and saw so much "attitude" of entitlement and arrogance that I am definitely a believer in English requirements. The amount of funds allocated to non-English speaking groups would curl your hair and provides no incentive for them to get involved with the community. They stay in their own groups, demanding more "entitlements." Oh well...I hope it can be worked out.