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What with working in the yard most of the week, since the weather was so nice, I didn't have much time to check out local paper to find anything of real interest to me. And yesterday, being too hot to actually 'work' in the heat...hubby and I decided to make a pasta salad for dinner--something cold and summery and light. (I'm going to share the recipe with y'all on Tuesday's 2 * 4 Tuesday's blog.) That way it'll give me a chance to get the picture of the salad serving off the digital and uploaded here, to go along with the how to's!!

Anyway, we took the afternoon off and went downtown. Here, for the last 5 years, they've been reconstructing the city's sea wall for hurricane protection. The main roads along the old sea wall and walkway have been closed for some time. In sections. But this weekend, the project has been completed and the city opened the streets for through traffic. We decided to go to the outdoor restaurant for lunch and walk the streets and check out the new work the city did.

Of course I took along the camera. Just because it was such a beautiful afternoon. [by the way, in case you think we're odd making a 'summery pasta salad for dinner' ---the high while we were walking was 96F degrees [36 C, according to the conversion site]!!! In February no less!! These are temps that should be around mid-MAY! Not February. I fear this is a prelude to what's coming this summer during hurricane season. Oh, oh!!!]

So, along with my comic strip snippet, [appropriate for my photos slideshow I uploaded at You Tube] I'll share both with you today. Now, if you have kids that think ol' mom and dad are 'fuddy duddies' ---this, you'll appreciate.

[click to enlarge]

Afterward we ended up walking the city's art center where locals display their work. There are different artists every once in a while and selling their stuff. I must say the art this month was really most odd! I think they're Picasso's in the making! Altho, I do like some of HIS works. But found none I liked at the art center!! Still, cameras were not allowed.

Along with the comic from ZITS...I have composed a slideshow of our walk. Turn up the volume[this song I chose for background makes me MORE proud to be American than our own national anthem. Sorry, but it's true!!] God Bless the USA-


song "God Bless the USA"©: courtesy of Lee Greenwood, no copyright infringement intended


....and the MORE?

I can't go and leave the blog without a bit of commentary on my most supreme night of television for the year. Tonight is the Super Bowl of Cinema!!! For me anyway. I live for the movies --well, at least LOVE movies.

I haven't missed the Academy Awards EVER! That I can remember anyway. And I've been watching them since childhood, as our whole family loved going to the movies--since, back in the 1950's!!!

If you're like me, you like to 'vote' beforehand and see if any of your picks actually win. Here's a PDF file that will allow you to print out all the nominations and mark your votes for fun --click here

Well, living here in this little big town in south Texas, where some of the 'big money making movies' are just now getting here at theaters, I have to say we've not seen all the movies for this year's oscar night.

But I've seen The Queen, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Notes on a Scandal, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean-Deadman's Chest, Poseidon, and The Prestige. I never did get a chance to see Pursuit of Happyness, and I would have loved to see it.

I'm almost positive that the director will finally go to Scorsese. He deserves some recognition as I think his direction is beyond compare. Tho Clint Eastwood has been a favorite of mine since his TV days.

I'm hoping that Leonardo DiCaprio will be best actor. This man has grown up before our eyes, and has played so many diverse characters and done well with all of them in my opinion....tho, to be honest I think he did his best work so far in The Blood Diamond....I really took 'notice' of his acting abilities in The Aviator [Howard Hughes]. He astounded me in that movie some years ago.

I'm also voting for Helen Mirren for The Queen. She has become one of my favorites along with Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett...I think Ms. Mirren is not getting enough recognition.

The hour before the award show begins, I'll be in front of the tube once again, watching the fashions. I love to see what they're all wearing and drool at the beautiful gowns. Then, on to the winners and yes---listening to the speeches. I surmise there'll be a bit of political additives in their 'thank yous' tonight....but hey, it's that time.

Also, a big and continuing conversation between hubby and myself is the movies today are being obviously 'politically correct'....and I say, more power to them! I think the roles are finally coming out of Hollywood that allows African Americans, Mexican Americans and other ethnic groups to have the opportunity, finally, to show that they too have talents!!! So, high five to Hollywood. Whether it's being politically correct or not!

Just hope the oscar program doesn't go beyond 11 pm...I'll miss my reading time!!!. LOL


  1. Here from Mrs. Lifecruiser as I noticed you are in the A-Team Cruisers as well!

    The slide show was wonderful and so was the music - thanks for sharing!

    I can tell you have a quite different weather than we have in Norway. -5C today and heavy snow. I just love it as I think all seasons has its charm.

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead:-)

  2. That song brings me to tears EVERY time. It did BEFORE Amanda's graduation from boot camp -- but even more so SINCE then! Sheeeesh! Beautiful pics Anni! I do wish you would share the one of the Children's Games Pond (maybe on the board?) by itself. You lose quite a bit of clarity on the YouTubes ... and I'd really like to get a closer look at that! ;)

    Have a great day Sweetie!

  3. 96 DEGREES??? I'm SO JEALOUS!!! Wow!!

  4. Hi Anni ~~ Thanks for your visit to my site, glad you got some smiles there. Take care, my friend, Love,

  5. Oh my, I don't miss the Oscars either!! I enjoy the award shows, the golden globes and emmy's too.

    Being pretty much housebound I don't get to see the movies before hand any more.. there was a time I'd get all the tapes of the movies from a friend when i live in CA.. it was much nicer having seen them all first! ah well.. I still won't miss them!

  6. Loved your slide show. Your weather looks really nice there. I haven't seen too many of the movies up for awards this year, not sure if I'll watch or not..

  7. I love that song and so enjoyed your slide show! I could not believe the 96 degrees, I lived in the Tampa Bay area most of my life. . so glad to be in WA now, away from that heat. If it is 96 now and a hurricane heads your way this summer, run. . . your weather is really bizarre.

  8. I'm watching the Awards right now even though I haven't seen any of the films. I'm cheap and wait for the DVD. I'd like Scorcese to win too.

    Yes, my template was darker and the girls' pics were on the top instead of the sidebar. A friend (Angela) redid it when she switched me over to the new blogger.

    Thanks for the comment.


  9. You lucky girl, walking through the heat while I am sitting (not singing) in the rain ! We have an awful weather here in Belgium, it rains so much that I am surprised that I still have legs and not a fishtail with flippers !
    You have the same taste as me concerning the three actresses, they are really very good. I loved "The Queen". I am very connected to the UK, have friends there and my son lived in London (for the moment he is in Amsterdam) and I was there just after Diana's death and was also furious together with the british people ! We all wanted to get rid of the queen, it was terrible ! She was the most hated person in the country ! Watching the events at TV and living it life is a big difference !