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---Today, book discussion, authors, links, meme tag, and oscars---

Most all the time, I have a book with me. I carry one around with me just like most ladies carry a purse. Near me, so if time calls for it...I can read. Usually, during the day, you can find my current read at my desk, so if and when there is something that is being installed on the computer or uploaded and it's taking its own sweet time....I read a page or two.

Yesterday, while outdoors relaxing in the warm sunshine, I finished the book I'd been reading. "The Boleyn Inheritance".

This by far was the best book I've read by the author. And I've read several. Here's a small selection of the writing:

from page 456 of the hardcover edition--
' "You knew that was a lie." He shakes me like a terrier shakes a rat. "You knew, you liar. You never took the stand to save him. You took the stand to save your title and your fortune; you called it your inheritance, the Boleyn inheritance. You knew that if you turned evidence against your own husband, then the king would leave you with your title and your lands. That's all you wanted in the end. That's all you cared for. You sent that young man and that beauty, his sister, to the gallows so that you could save your own yellow skin and your paltry title............" '

' "I was going to save him." I bare my teeth at the two of us in the mirror. " I accused him so that he could confess and be pardoned. I would have saved him." '

' "You are a killer worse than the king," he said brutally, and throws me to one side.........

Now, as you can see by viewing my sidebar, I begin to read The Widow of the South" by Robert Bruce. I've seen this book at Barnes and Noble so many times, and have been tempted to buy it while it was fresh off the press in hardback, and never did. Then it came out in paperback, and for some reason I just didn't get it.

The other day while we were at Half Price Books, you can find me at the historical fiction section...this one hardback, in very good shape, was there beckoning me to get it. And it was only $3.98!!! Pretty good for a first edition once selling at $24.95, huh?

And the book is fact based by Mr. fact the book has its own website. There is a linked scrapbook from which he got the idea of writing the story that he felt it needed to be told. Just like going through an historical album with kid gloves.

So, now I'll be turning these pages. Just hope it will be as good as the one I just finished. I can't wait for Ms. Gregory to come out with a new one.


What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Cheeseburgers and Fries With these I DO order a DIET coke! Large of course!!
Literary: Historical novels I've always wanted to go 'back in time'....this is my chance.
Audiovisual: Movies I can't explain this's just there...from movie loving parents' genes I guess.
Musical: Ya Musicals!! besides musicals--then, best category for songs--oldies but goodies I get so wrapped up in watching musicals, I tend to be the one with the baton! --then for songs, ever hear of Righteous Brothers? or Rod Stewart? Or Cyndi Lauper? Perhaps Aerosmith? GnR?
Celebrity: Hmphff!! J.D. of course Those chiseled cheek bones and black/brown eyes...that hair. "DEPP in the heart of Texas!"

Now I tag:-

anyone who wants to do it--just go --->HERE.


Well, the Academy Awards program was a little 'too' comedic this time. For me anyway. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed Ellen DeGeneres as emcee. I don't know about you, but being the 'prestigious' award that it is, I'm not sure there should have been vacuuming in the isles or not. At times, it just seemed a bit out of place for the program. I'm sure it was to lighten the moods, so to speak, but there were a few parts in there that shouldn't have been.

I AM SO HAPPY that Helen Mirren won, and the director. Finally, some good recognition. But, alas, my choice for best actor didnt' win. Bummer. Maybe next year.

Oh, and one factor I really enjoyed---the 'breaks' in awards---the bodies making silhouettes of each movie title behind the darkened screen? That was awesome. Expecially "Departed"---just what WAS the projectile that shot from the gun? It was so clever!!

Oh, and another----AL GORE WON. Hmmmmmmmm.

The Best dressed for me was Reese Witherspoon...the beautiful PURPLE gown. Very becoming. And as I type this this morning, I see that a lot agree with me in the "best dressed"'s the IN STYLE POLL


  1. deslily2/26/2007

    I love movies and books too.

    For some reason (though I DO love Ellen) the Oscars never seem as good unless Billy Crystal does them.. I don't know why..

  2. a mooning leprachan! he he!

    I totally fell asleep before the Oscars even came on. Sigh

  3. I am very offended. Instead of reading my blog while things are downloading on your computer you read historical novels ! Why not my hysterical once ?? I even would write a science fiction, where I am THE QUEEN and give you land and fortune and if you want a new prince too !

    I was also very happy that Helen Mirren has got an Oscar ! Mr. Gattino told me that first thing in the morning !

    And please stop telling me it's warm and you sit in the sunshine, that's sadistic !

  4. Great post and I enjoyed it as well! I think the only films I have seen that were mentioned I alwere Pirates, Cars and POTC!
    I always smaile when I visit here!

  5. Thanks for your visit. I've never been one for historical novels yet I love tv & film period dramas! Hubby & I are more into crime thrillers bookwise. Great site you have hear love the leprachaun too!