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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

You see? I have these 'twirly thing-a-m'-bobs', and I think I'm outdoors three times a month reattaching new string, just so I can keep them up and decorative. Hubby thinks I should just toss them in the trash, he thinks I'm crazy continually rehanging them. I even purchased heavier fishing line, but the constant winds we get--they twist and turn almost 24 hours a day. And it weakens the string. I even thought of moving them where they're more protected. Once attempted that, and they then didn't even move, I guess I had them way back too close to the fence and under enough 'brush/growth' they didn't get anything. So, I'll probably restring them more times than you'll know and one day---just do what hubby advises me to do.

There was once an empty field behind our subdivision....acres and acres of field. Now, this is what we have from 7 to 6 each day except Sunday!! Loud, LOUD construction. They're adding a new housing development. Other than the noise right now, I think once we have the homes built and the yards landscaped and such...maybe just maybe, the mosquito population will least somewhat. In the summer rains, the heavy downpours, the field would be a small lake, and y'all know what that means? Mosquitoes love hot, wet, humid days and nights ---they show up in droves!!!!


  1. I understand why you wouldn't want to throw away your twirly things - I saw some in action just a little while ago, they are fascinating to sit and watch, very peaceful and pretty ... no, you hang on to them - maybe buy some new ones though?

  2. I love your twirly whirly thing-a-ma-bob. I would restring it too, but my husband would be like you. Maybe try a thin metal wire used for making jewelry.