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* * ~ * *Look at this sweet Birthday Blog from my friend, Carol!!! Thank you dear lady. :o)

- Have you been sick yet this winter? If so, what did you come down with?

A NASTY cold. One that still lingers with a cough. And 24 hour flu. That too was nasty....I will refrain from any description as it wouldn't make the feast very pretty!!

Soup - What colors dominate your closet?

I tend to go with the cool colors --cool as opposed to warm colors. Purples, blues, blacks and greens, and the warm color I normally buy is pink --all shades of pinks. ---Oh and denim blue!!

Salad - How would you describe your personal "comfort zone"?

To me a 'comfort zone' is something that is a 'mental boundary'. But, again, for me, that wouldn't be a measurement or distance. My mental boundary would be a feeling. I could say I don't like to be around people that are close, or a place that is crowded. But that would be a lie. Yet, I LOVE being alone. And again, it's not a measured distance like someone breathing down my neck, it's 'measuring' MY OWN little world, and where I'm most comfortable and relaxed...........

A long lazy day at the beach. Summer, Winter, Autumn and Springtime!! A lazy day with a good book, either shorts [if it's summer] or sweats [if it's winter], by myself in my own reverie, with quiet---no city traffic and noise of the everyday life---yep, by myself, with the sun beating down on the sparkling water, the 'swish' of the waves washing ashore---gulls singing to me. Or, if it's stormy and I'm not able to be in my first comfort zone--- staying home, having the house super cleaned and the job done.....then, lazing around[I actually like it when I can stretch out on the floor and do absolutely nothing but....] be with my comfort foods and watching a movie marathon with popcorn and a diet coke.

And one thing I can't tolerate, and correct them, is when some stranger or perhaps like a salesperson calls me "honey" or "sweetie"....they're not!!!!

Main Course - On which reality show would you really like to be a contestant?

Absolutely NONE!! Personally, I think the entertainment field of television is and has been for years....OVER-SATURATED with prime-time reality shows!!! To me they're degrading to us humans, they are NOT entertaining, and if you ask me--------insipid! I secretly hope that soon, as in yesterday, the TV stations will realize that people would prefer more intelligent programming.

Dessert - Which holiday would you consider to be your favorite?

I love 'em all! Probably equally, in terms of what day is celebrated at a given time of year.. Halloween isn't really a 'holiday' in the means of 'day off work' holiday. But that would be my favorite day of the year....I love the children's costumes, the decor of my home, the colors associated with the day. All other holidays are more or less holidays for decorations for me any more since all my immediate family lives in distant states so there's no celebrating with huge get togethers. Having the spirit of whichever day it is...Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Independence Day--you name I love to have my home all 'decked out' for the day's festivities!! So, I couldn't chose a favorite, really....I could tell you my LEAST favorite, and that would be New Year's Day.


  1. wow, we really have the same taste here!
    Thank you for stopping by my table!

    I hope it is wonderful day for you.
    I liked your salad.
    Thanks for your visit.

  3. I hope you'll have a wonderful Birthday Feast :-)

    A little word on the road:
    "I am interested in the future, I will be spending the rest of my life there. C.F. KETTERING"


    On the question "Which holiday would you consider to be your favorite?" i hope that you in the future answer: Lifecruisers cyber cruise 2007 ;-)

    Come on over and check out my T13 about A-Team Cruisers, we're up for some fun later on!!!

    Here is my birthday gift for you:
    Lifecruisers Choco Passion

  4. Happy Birthday Anni!!!!! Love your salad-sounds good to me:) My feast is up. Stop on by!!

  5. Anonymous2/09/2007

    So glad I could be here to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Halloween is the best!!

    Take care,
    Thanks for visiting my feast.

  6. Happy Birthday!
    Love your description of your comfort zone- It was too comfortable I myself was imagining the beach and the waves... and almost drifted off to dream about it! :D
    Great feast!

  7. Happy Birrrrrthday dear Anni, Happy Birthday to you!

    Lovely feast - as usual - my dear! We sure are gettin' all kinds of different answers for the Salad event today! We all have different ideas of how to "take" that question! I like your answer though... I could go with that! (except for that popcorn and a movie thing...) ;)

  8. Happy Birthday and Happy feast!

  9. I hope you have a great day for your Birthday... Have a Happy!

    (I'm with you on the reality shows!)

  10. I hope you have a wonderful birthday feast! I enjoyed reading about all the courses! Thanks for visiting my feast.

  11. Happy Birthday Anni! Wishing you a special day with people closest to your heart.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely feast. I loved how you described your comfort zone. I wish I could have answered it that way. I love the details because I could almost imagine it. I also like a long lazy day at the beach. A traffic-free day would certainly be a welcome change.

    Halloween is such a fun holiday. I love accompanying my son trick or treating.

    My feast is served too.

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Great feast!! Happy Birthday!

    Have a great Friday/weekend!!

  14. great feast :)

    thanx for the visit

  15. Hi sweetie ! I just woke up from the sweet dream I made while reading your description of the beach ! That's something for me too ! I don't know what happens with my links. Mr Linky sent my friends to a bible page and the next day to a weatherforecast site tody in Blogger I don't exist, what will it be tomorrow ? It's photo hunter day, so maybe he will send me to a Satanic site ?

  16. Oh my ! I forgot HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course ! How sweet of Carol to offer you such a nice cake !

  17. Happy Birthday!!

    A lazy day with a good book is a winner. :)

    Thanks for visiting!

  18. Happy Birthday!

    Bloggers flu for you too? :-(

  19. Great feast. And Happy Birthday. Thanks for stopping by mine!

  20. Happy Birthday!! And great feast! Thanks for stopping by my feast!! Hope your dayis wonderful and all your birthday wishes come true!!

  21. Thanks for the invite to the Birthday party.... Happy Birthday!
    Great feast!

  22. Happy Birthday to YOU!!

    Happy Friday Feast

  23. Happy Birthday!! :)

  24. Good feast and Happy birthday to you!!

    I actually kep reading and reading and read down your whole page. I might try that book meme. :-)

  25. Happy Happy Birthday!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my feast. Yours was fantastic!!! :-)

  26. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!
    Enjoyed your feast! So nice to see others who just can't stomach all the reality TV out there!
    And I sincerely hope you're feeling better soon!

  27. Great Feast...gosh I'm full.
    I don't know if I can visit anyone else. :)
    You're such an elaborate writer. I just love your blog.
    Thanks for dropping by this morning.

  28. Gosh, I almost forgot...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  29. Happy birthday, Anni! I hope you have a wonderful day :))

    Enjoyed your Feast today!

  30. I love your feast! Thanks for stopping by!

  31. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and adding me to the blogroll. I look forward to getting to know you.

    Enjoy your feast!!!

  32. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!!!

    Nice feast. I totally agree to your Main Course.

    Thanks for stopping by my feast earlier today.

    Happy Friday,
    Sweet like Kitty
    I will exercise for comments!!!

  33. Happy Birthday!
    A wonderful feast.. you made me wish for summer so I could go relax on a beach!! Sitting in the bathtub with Ocean Waves Nature Sounds on just isn't the same :)
    I hope you're having a great day, and a very Happy Friday! :)

  34. Have a wonderful birthday!!!!

    I really agree with your main course!

  35. Happy birthday!!! Delicious feast too!

  36. Happy Birthday! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can understand your feelings on reality shows. I don't know why they keep trying to make up new ones. The only one that I watch is the Amazing Race...which I said in my feast. Anyway, thanks for the great "feast". Hope you have a super happy birthday!

  37. Very happy birthday!! I'd say that's a great holiday - or at least reason to celebrate. I'm guilty of calling coworkers "hon", but that's because I'm so bad with names, it prevents me calling people the wrong name :D

    Thanks for stopping by!

  38. Happy birthday, after reading this post, I am wondering if it upsets you when I call my friends "sweetie"? cuz I sure wouldnt want to do that!...have a wonderful day my friend!

  39. Happy Birthday!!!! I love your dessert. I agree with you on New Year's Day. It seems kind of like a letdown after the fun of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE.

  40. Happy Birthday! And thanks for stopping by :)

  41. Anonymous2/09/2007

    ROTFL! Why don't ya tell us how you *really* fell about TV these days! :o)

    Oh and btw, NO! I don't answer the door if it rings and I'm not expecting it to. I have a peep hole, too ..... and I use it often!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  42. Thanks for visiting, Happy Birthday (just had mine this week too),

    Great feast!

    I disagree that reality shows are degrading to people, I think that they are a good thing for people to see the ugliness of our society right now.

  43. Now that's a feast, I am TOTALLY full! I loved your salad, very yummy.
    Thanks for adding me to the "Over 50" bloggers. WE ROCK!!!

  44. Happy Birthday Day To You! I love the way you describe your comfort zone. That was awesome. And I totally agree with you regarding reality TV. We really don't watch any of it. We usually watch the news, but to be honest even that has gotten "tabloid-like" and "Hollywood" as of late. It's all just a turn off. I love Halloween too. I have more Halloween decorations than I do Christmas. It's a sickness really:) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  45. Happy Birthday !!!

    Enjoy your feast:-)

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  46. Happy happy Birthday, Anni! Such a delicious feast - it´s always a pleasure dining with you! Thanks =)

    Have a great day!

  47. Happy Birthday!
    Hope it's fabulous! :)

  48. Hi Happy Birthday...!
    Thanks for stopping by and wishing me the same...!

  49. Happy birthday! :)

    I can't stand when people call me "honey" or "sweetie" either, and they seem to love to do it since I'm so tiny and young looking. ARGH!

    Great feast, thanks for sharing. Happy Friday!

  50. Wow I've seen your name around, your reputation preceds you, but this blog is something else! Great feast, too!

  51. Great feast! Love your dessert! Happy Friday and thanks for visiting!

  52. What a great Friday you're having! That makes it doubly nice since it's your birthday! It was my mother's yesterday - my stepson's today. February is a popular month!
    Have a most blessed day...

  53. You are right on about the media and things being overdone!

  54. Hi Anni Sorry I missed your birthday happy belated birthday wishes. It was my grandaughters 5th birthday on Friday

    I enjoyed your feast. Take care