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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I found another blogger who was celebrating HER birthday when I visited Pea's Corner [link to Pea's blog on my sidebar] and mentioned to her that it was my birthday also and I'd go meet the other lady, Shelia, with whom I share birthdays so I could wish her the best.

Well, Pea then went and made me a special card for her blog also. What a treasure. Y'all have made my birthday so special and I thank everyone!

Thanks Pea for such special treatment. I'll always remember.
If you'd like to see my card Pea made for me, click here---But remember, I had dibs on her chocolate goodies!! *giggles*

[photo courtesy of IMDB]

Hubby took me to see the academy award nominated movie [which we hadn't seen yet, and it was released in a limited area in late 2006--not here, until now] "Notes on a Scandal".

Ms. Cate Blanchett and Dame Judy Dench are both nominated for oscars for this flick, along with the movie of the year.

To be honest, I was thoroughly disappointed in the entire movie...well, up until about the last 20 to 30 minutes. Very dry. Very, very dry. Personally, I think the two actresses, excellent as they are in most, found themselves tied to a movie and direction that was something to be desired from the first day of shooting the film.

A good story line, but there was just something that was amiss. I can't put my hands on it, other than well....just not enough 'oomph' to it. Tho twisted, which is good for the 'psychologist' in me *wink*. But yet, too slow, and boring as all get out.

Maybe, maybe it's worth renting. But I would definitely not have had hubby waste his money for the ticket and bag of pop corn and drinks on this one.

Actually, I would say the character husband of Ms. Blanchett, the guy who plays Davy Jones in POTC II was a better actor than the two women.

Guess I'll have to make it up to hubby and make sure I take him to an ACTION film with car chase scene and violence type movie.


  1. Dear Anni...Happy Birthday to you!!! Omigosh, I feel so badly that I didn't know it was your birthday...I've just added a birthday card for you on my blog!! I love to aknowledge birthdays:-) I hope your day so far has been a terrific one! As for the movie, what a shame you didn't care for it...doesn't sound like something I would enjoy either. It just seems they've run out of ideas how to make good movies these days! lol Hugs xox

  2. Happy birthday Anni,

    Hope it was a grand day for you!

    (that kinda weird lady!!) :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday Anni, sorry I nearly missed it too - I saw your card at Pea's place, that's how I knew...

    Thanks for the film review, I don't get to see a lot of movies, but I usually like those two ladies, shame, it sounds like this one is one to forget...

  4. Hi Anni ~~ Just came over from Pea's
    place to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you have had a wonderful day, in spite of the movie you didn't enjoy. Lovely to go out with your husband anyway. Take care,
    Love, Merle.

  5. Awwwwwwww... I'm sorry your birthday movie was a flop! But at least hubby TRIED and that was the important part! I'm glad your day was "special" in so many OTHER ways!!! ;)

  6. "Guess I'll have to make it up to hubby and make sure I take him to an ACTION film with car chase scene and violence type movie. "

    LOL !!! that sounds like my man's kind of film ,too !

    I'm a fan of Judy dench, for that i think i'll catch it when it hits our cinema :)

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  8. Happy Belated Birthday Anni!

    I just read that it was your birthday yesterday on Carol's blog.

    All the best~