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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


On World News [ABC], Charles Gibson reports this week on a special nightly segment, "TEST OF FAITH" series. On Tuesday evening the report was about a Catholic Priest and a devout Catholic Nun. Eventually the two married. He, being married, can no longer provide 100% of his priestly duties. I just watched the video online.

ABC interviewed the couple. Now, married as I typed above, they have three children. Are middle aged and very happy together. They're both still devout believers in the Catholic religion.

But, my Thursday's Thoughts are not about religion, per sé. It is about the vow of celibacy among the men who become Catholic priests, and women who become nuns. About love of god and love of 'man' ---marriage and faith and the scandalous abuse of children from long past and in today's times. My thoughts are more of the 'politics' side of this.


Because this man that was being interviewed brought up the fact that allowing priests to be married, and still be allowed to become or be a full-fledged priest of their faith would more than likely stop or slow the process of the the sexual abuse reports and findings we've all heard about recently.

I am very much inclined to agree with his statement.. Being of human flesh also has the desires and needs of afore-mentioned. I think that celibacy is a hindrance---I know that most men and women willingly take the vow of chastity, that is a given. To me, marriage, the very first marriage, was sanctioned by the Creator. I think it should be up to the individual , and not be ruled by the church.

This subject brought forth by the couple of the program on Tuesday's airing, has been going through my mind for decades. I feel it's time to allow Catholic men and women of the cloth to be human AND serve the god of their choice to it's fullest extent.

And, I'm certain, this subject is quite controversial. ABC News has an open forum, and this airing has the most comments. Some bring very valid points of which I agree. But all in all, each have their opinions and rightly so ---a very interesting history in the making. In a way.

Throughout the Bible, there are occupations. Some of the Apostles were married, and they and their wives followed God with true devotion. I think of the book "The Thorn Birds".....and the turmoil it caused. The vow of celibacy. Some may even consider being a priest a 'job' or an occupation/vocation. It is serving. Serving people in a 'round about way'---helping the faithless or keeping the parishioners' faith strong. AND yet, so is manufacturing foods, or building cars, being a letter carrier, etc. They all serve...and they too can serve their god. AND be married.

Again, my Thursday's Thought is celibacy ---as opposed to marriage AND the hoards of adults who are now coming forth and admitting being sexually abused by their priests! Perhaps the church should look into what the man said. There may be some truth in his statement. Allowing marriages for priests and/or nuns ---maybe, just maybe the abuse would diminish a great deal?

Oh, and if you watch the video that is on the site above [linked] ---you will realize the priest's wife, the nun, was sexually abused by another priest when she was a child. Ironic, it may be.


  1. Anni,

    I didn't see Charles Gibson's report, but this is something I am interested in. Not being a Catholic and not fully schooled in the Catholic dogma, I suppose it's unfair for me to comment. I think most religion is full of bull. You know I'm a practicing Lutheran, which means, we're not far removed from the Catholic traditions. There are several Lutheran synods in this country and particularly in Europe which allow divorced and widowed women to become Lutheran nuns. Many of them have children. So it sortof follows that CELIBACY as the Catholics know it is a dead horse. It's becoming harder and harder for the dioceses to find young men who want to give up a life of love and physical pleasure (be it for a man or a woman). Priest recruitment numbers are way down. Many good practicing Catholics are asking the same questions you raise with good reason. The Catholic Church continues to hide behind archaic traditions, good intentions and the Vatican instead of coming into the 21st century. Look at the Boston scandal a couple of years back. Everyone was bought off, so to speak. Do you call that good religion? I surely don't.

    I think God must be up in the heavens laughing at us silly mortals.

    Great post.

    Love ya!

  2. I saw that report, and was surprised to hear the priest say that it wasn't always this way (celebacy).. that was something I didn't know..

    I have agreed with the thought of priest and nuns being allowed to marry for eons!

  3. HI Anni
    I didnt see the report.My best friends are catholics were bought up with strong believes, and they brought up there 4 children in the R.C education system. Im not Catholic. But I do Know they believe the same as me that Marriage should be allowed by Priests and Nuns.

  4. I think what Carol said is going to have the most "impact" on this piece of history. Young men are NOT choosing to become priests ... and if the Catholic church does not change it's ways... well... it just may not have a choice! I DON'T see the Vatican allowing the religion to die out rather than allow marriage! The battle has been being fought for many many years - and they are really only now starting to feel the hard crunch. But it was forecast even when I was a child... and it will come to pass that priests will be allowed to marry. I firmly believe it.

  5. Hi Anni,
    I have been a Catholic for 65 years. I think that it is time for Priests and Nuns to be allowed to marry!!!Many other changes need to be made in the Catholic church.We can't always stay in the old ways of life.
    I did not see this video.I have seen afew Priests and Nuns leave the church for this reason. Thank you for this post.

  6. This has nothing to do with your blog today - I just wanted to wish you a Happy day today! Just a little remnder, in case you forgot - *S*
    Happy B-day Hon!