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Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
4:05 A.M.

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This is one reason I go walking early. The world is so peacefully quiet! And the beauty of the sky....

The planet, Venus, is in the early morning horizon. Rising in the East. And it's very bright! These two photos I took [I finally remembered to take the camera out with me!] as I began my walk just before sunrise. Taken from our driveway. The skies ARE bright, big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas. Well in this case, not the HEART of Texas, but still Texas. Stands to reason. LOL

- - -

Ho thinks we have ANOTHER Texan in the White House!!!!! But this time, we can't blame any mishaps on him....well, the governmental kind anyway!! The first family will have a new member at the White House today! Meet Bo! This photo I found on the news site I frequent; yesterday, His face is enough to melt anyone's heart....everyone.....say "awwwwwwwwww". The breed is the Portuguese Water known as Porties. They are hypo allergenic [meaning they don't shed their hair]. And that is the REASON this kind of dog was chosen. Because of the Obama's daughter being allergic. He is from a kennel in Northern Texas, and he was returned by its previous owner. The REASON the girls chose "Bo" for his name --it's short, and Michelle Obama's father [the girls' grandfather] was nicknamed "Diddley" ==as in Bo Diddley. But I say.....BO? Hmmmmm, the President...and his initials? What are they? Yep, B and in Barack Obama. Clever, don't you think? It took Ms. Anni only seconds to figure that one out. And so early in the morning too, I'm on a roll!


  1. Oh, I love the night sky. You can get lost under it, can't you?

    You may have to click my blog title if you go to mine. The Mr Linky link is playing up.

  2. Oh that is a gorgeous sky!!!

  3. Lovely photography Annie. And isn't the presidential pooch a charmer?

    No hair loss Eh! Must remember that as the ones I have shed white hair all over the place, I am always threatening eviction!!! LOL

    Love Granny

  4. Granny Ya, I understand the shedding in your it's the same way here with our Winston. And being Spring now, it's even MORE white hairs!!!!

  5. I didn't know Bo had been returned. I am so glad he will be spoiled now!

  6. I love the quiet of first thing in the morning...I wish it was warm enough here for me to go for a walk..but we are pretty cold most of the year..and now, I would have to dress up two babies..LOL! They wake up pretty early...

    BO is a cutie.

  7. That looks so peaceful! Where along the gulf are you located? I'm in Houston.

  8. Anni,

    Bo is adorable. Our newspaper said he was a gift from Edward Kennedy, but that is the media for you.

    I wish the Obama family many happy hours with Bo. I'm sure the girls will laugh and squeal with delight at his antics. Good company for two little girls who have to deal with public life and a good stress reliever.

    Thanks for introducing us to Bo.

  9. The pictures of the sky are very nice. I've noticed many stars out in the evening here where we live. It's much nicer that being in a big city as the stars are usually quite visible. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. nice sky. i also love waking up early because of the tranquility of the morning.

  11. I kind of, sort of, remember the beauty of morning skies. 5 or so years ago my apt. balcony faced East and I would grab a cup of coffee and sit out to watch the sun rise.

    It must be nice for you.. being able to go walking to enjoy the sky in your pictures.ocker mixes.

    Ohhh.. I didn't know they'd finally decided on a dog! When we were looking for a puppy, we looked at those because they look so much like one of those Cocker mixes.

    I like your new blog look. :)

  12. I wish I had the "gumption" to get up early like that....... I have become a bit lazy this past couple of years...... I walk during the day, but your photos make me wish I would get my butt up a bit earlier. Thanks for coming by and thanks for the prayers for Jean.. It has been heartbreaking and special to walk with her through this....

    Have a blessed day my friend.... we are building a fence today.........

  13. okay, i never put to b + o together.... damn! and those moments of watching the sun rise (or set for that matter) feel magical, don't they?

  14. Anni, I, too, am a morning walker but your photos are prettier than mine! Have a good day...Mary

  15. Wow ! congratulations to this very intellectual dog name analysis, lol !
    He looks cute and has also white paws like the Clinton's cat ! But they didn't name him Socks. I don't now this breed, I first thought it was a poodle !

  16. Although I love to walk, I've never gone for a walk before sunrise and now I see what I'm missing! Beautiful shots of Venus.

    It's just yesterday that I was watching the news and heard that the President and family had just gotten their new dog...he's adorable, that's for sure! I wonder if he knows what an important dog he is now?!! hehe xoxo

  17. The pictures are wonderful - and I imagine it's much cooler in the early morning. I can't walk after about 7:00 a.m. in the summer here. Too intense.

    The new dog is a cutie - did you see the picture of them all sitting around looking at him? Michelle sitting on the floor with sweats on and her hair pulled back in a pony tail. One of the girls looking like she just got out of bed - my favorite pic of them yet - more real.

  18. Nice HOTs today. Mine's up now too..

  19. Boy... wish I'd known about Porties before I got a LAB! LOL! Probably wouldn't have stopped me though... *sigh* ... live and learn. Maybe.

    I wish I could wake up early enough to go walking before the sun is up! That is NOT happening!

  20. Wow - that sky is awesome! Definitely worth getting out of bed for. And I hadn't seen that the prez had a new dog finally. He's cute. Thanks for keeping me updated!

  21. The pictures are very nice and look peaceful. Do you walk alone at that hour? I would be afraid to, too much has happened to make me feel safe. The dog is a sweety, love his white paws.

  22. Neat post - love the morning sky - we had a snow storm overnight so the sky would have been solid concrete color. Pfft. Bo is a cute little thing!

  23. Anonymous4/14/2009

    sky pics were just mind blowing !!

  24. I love walking in the dark too. My favorite time is watching the sun set or rise.

    I LOVE your take on "Bo"'s name! You had me giggling!

  25. Nice pictures....I love mornings and I'm up always no later than 5am, but if I went walking at that time I would probably be mugged... and taking Maxie along would be more of a hinderence,(sp?) for he stops to wiz on any thing that is growing an inch or two....I live in an older neighborhood..... judy

  26. Anonymous4/14/2009

    Everytime I visit your blog I feel like I'm visiting another planet...Texas that is. (What, you were thinking Venus?) :)

  27. I love your photos of the sky just before sunrise. I don't do mornings well. But for the first time while we were vacationing on the Outer Banks of NC, I awoke at 6:15 a.m. to see the sunrise over the ocean~! It was breathtaking.

  28. The sky is so lovely.

  29. I'd have never thought of that! You are clever. I wonder if he was ever teased for having those initials (BO, body odor? LOL)
    Those sky photos are gorgeous!

  30. Beach combing sound grand. No beaches here but plenty of mountain to comb.

    Isn't Bo grand. I sure hope Obama girl enjoy there little puppy.

    Coffee is on.