More Damages Found...

In my previous post, some found the lizard and bird, others didn't. For those that didn't, here they are, outlined in a chiseled box:

* * *

So far this week, a couple of mornings I've left home early, just before sunrise to go on my step counting spree! lol Anyway, the moisture in the early morning hour makes for some spectacular skies and cloud formations...:

...and as I mentioned in my previous post, while walking along Packery Channel, I was surprised to see so much change on the far side of the channel [along the paved pathway from the beach]. The wind force from Hurricane Harvey just tore everything loose [the jigsaw landscaping, even the cement pathway in spots was washed out]. The north side, where I walked, of the channel was somewhat okay...spotty erosion, but nothing like the "other side"...

I left this image very large to be able to see the damages better [click on it to enlarge].

After walking along the channel and out on the jetty, then along the beach and back, I stepped up on the path and headed to where I had parked the car.  While finishing my walk, a small craft boat with "Surveyor" marked alongside, was trolling slowly, inspecting the damages.  I have a feeling with all that has happened in this county and three neighboring counties, our property taxes will go up!  Lots of money is going to be needed for the many years it will take to get stuff back to normal.