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Dutchman's Pipe

Y'all know how I search for heart shapes in nature [see top photo]. Well, the other day at the botanical gardens, I went inside the enclosed butterfly house. Right near the doorway, I spotted the green leaf; heart shape! I took a photo. And then upon closer inspection of the vine, I noticed the blossom.   Seriously, the size of the blossom astounded me...the size of a large dinner plate. Something I have never seen before, but was highly impressed with its peculiar look and stunning colors. I had no idea what it was. And when I completed my walk...last stop was the Rose Cotillion, I had planned on making an effort to ask about it at the center's gift shop [and explore the trinkets]. The volunteer working behind the desk was extremely busy with other patrons, so I opted to get home and search online. I find out it is called the Elegant Dutchman's Pipe! The little bit I read about them, they thrive only in 8-10 zones in USA. We are NINE. I'm wondering now if they sell the seeds after blooming is done. Will have to go back and find out. Or email them.

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circa: early 80s