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A Taste Treat...for the Palate and the Eye...

Have you ever tasted this bread? I haven't ever tried it...until the other day. The store's bakery had a 50 cent off coupon, and I wanted to sample it. It looked delicious. I bought some fat free, low sodium, honey ham for sandwiches. Topping it off with lettuce, avocado and tomato slices. and for Bud who doesn't need to watch his food intake; mayonnaise. With cantaloupe balls and low salt corn chips...we had a mighty tasty lunch!! I even splurged and had a couple of sugar free almond cookies afterward. But the bread!! I'm sold!! I am definitely going to get MORE of it. Of course, being something new for my taste buds, I did a bit of research:
    The bread is generally made with sesame oil, which gives it a distinct aroma, and with a pattern baked into the top made by painting rice paste onto the surface prior to baking. The paste dries and cracks during the baking process. The rice paste crust also gives the bread a distinctive flavor. It has a crusty exterior, but is soft inside. Typically, tiger bread is made as a white bread loaf, but the technique can be applied to any shape of bread.
I've been told over and over from the cardiologist's nutritionist to use OLIVE OIL and that it's very beneficial...I don't like the taste! Okay so...reading that this bread is made with sesame oil...again, out to Google I go...Health Benefits: Sesame Seed Oil Vs. Olive Oil. Sesame oil contains nearly the same fat and calories as olive oil. Both olive and sesame seed oils are heart-healthy choices that supply unsaturated fats as well as certain nutrients.  Question is, is it good for you? Can it be part of a heart healthy diet? Well, of course, everything in moderation, even moderation, right? But this bread contained NO SATURATED FATS and VERY LOW in sugar! Few calories [depending on the slice]. Not bad. It is high in sodium tho. So, take it easy Anni...and you'll do just fine! Here's a recipe I found.

My personal taste opinion is that the bread is a cross-flavor of sourdough and nutty. Delicious. Slicing into the loaf I bought, it also has the texture of sourdough...made me wish I was visiting San Francisco again...dining on the wharf, having my clam chowder bread bowl.

photo courtesy of Google photo search

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One of two...Pollywog Ponds

I mentioned in my previous post about a new trail. It's in the vicinity of Pollywog Ponds. In fact I took the trail before. But that trail, long ago, has been cordoned off and a new trail off to the left traversing the thick woods is now the way to go. And it was gorgeous. So lush with Spring growth of the taller than tall trees...the path was wide. And best of all it was quiet!! I am one to go off by myself and experience the solitude of being alone without other people. Don't get me wrong...I like people. It's just there are times I like to get away from it all. I find serenity in being alone to enjoy the detachment of city-life. I guess you could say "one with nature"...listening to the sounds of nature is music to my ears.  Seriously.
The Trail...

Note: The fruit tree is mulberry! There were a lot of them along the trail...and signs of wildlife consuming the berries.

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The trail head ends on the outskirts of where birders park their cars. I say birders, 'cause I've never seen anyone just walking without cameras, tripods, and binoculars or scopes!!  Vehicles are not allowed beyond the gate so, there is a lot of walking to hike back into the woods heading to the ponds and river. [this new trail now makes four different trails in the area.] Also, the main trail will veer off to hike around both ponds! A birder out in this area can easily get in 20K steps for the day.

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My next stop for that morning was West Guth Park.  This park is hilly.  The wildflowers were abundant, the geese and ducks on the pond were being very vocal...there was a dog training camp going on...I sat and watched them for a while before walking the hills...coming up on my next post!!