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Park Trails...

Nothing is built in the USA anymore. Just the other day I bought a new TV and the box had "Built in Antenna"!! I have no idea where that is!!!



In the previous post I mentioned that after walking around the port and bridge construction, I drove to a nearby park in the city to see if I could find any birds of interest. The park was quite beautiful. Most all the flowering trees were in bloom and like snow laden branches for the most part. I'll just post photos for the scenery. The only bird worth watching for me was a well hidden white winged dove doing his courting ritual. The female dove was somewhere on the ground, probably, out of sight. Anyway, here are some photos of my walk along the park trails.  The beginning photo, by the way, is the Blucher landmark home.  This is the family from the 1800s that donated the land nearby the house for a bird sanctuary since the Mrs. was an avid birder.  Today it's called Blucher Park, and the residence is now a bed and breakfast: