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Sparkling Bay...

Spring is springing!!! Corpus Christi is nicknamed the Sparkling City by the Bay. I have to admit that the sparkling Gulf was a great attraction many years ago, before we retired and were trying to decide where to relocate to get out of the long, drug out winters of Colorado. We chose our first new location in the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest. Bud and I didn't want Phoenix [too populated and air quality left a lot to be desired]. We chose Tucson Arizona. I loved the desert and still do. But coming from Colorado where the air is dry for the most part, Arizona's Monsoon season was too much. The older we got, the less tolerant of the "dry heat" [truly a misnomer for the monsoon season where it's 120 degrees [real thermometer reading!] and the humidity is 100 per cent for months!]. On a whim, I said to Bud, "Let's move to the beach". We put our home in Tucson on the market and before the year was out, we sold it and moved to the Sparkling City by the Bay!!! Yes, it's humid here, and a bit unbearable in the summer months, but I can go to the beach!!!!!! And we do have a change of seasons more compared to the desert. Yes, there is the chance of hurricanes, but no matter where you live there is a chance of some dangerous weather pattern...blizzards, fires, tornadoes, to mention just a few. I can say property damages we have experienced in EACH state. [Colorado...high wind storms that toppled a couple of trees onto our house and it came right THRU the roof into two bedrooms!!  Imagine waking up in bed with all these huge limbs and leaves just inches above your head and ceiling plaster on your body and blankets!!  Not to forget many, many, blizzards where we were home-bound for weeks on end. Arizona...flooding and roof actually 'melting' in the heat!! And then, Hurricane Harvey here...fence damage] Weather! It's all part of life, no matter. For the most part tho, I can find a lot of 'sparkling' areas around town where the turquoise blue bay is always within my sights...

- - -

I must get out on the highways in search of some Texas Bluebonnets. [making a note to myself]. Walking along Nueces Bay the other day, I noticed the yuccas are now forming those beautiful waxy candelabras, and some wildflowers are exploding on the open areas by the sea...

....and yes, if you're curious, in High School [a job through school] I worked part time my junior and senior year, and then full-time up until Irene was born at a Chamber of Commerce as head receptionist and executive secretary to the Chamber's director..  So, write-ups [propaganda] like this selling point of the area where I live comes 'natural'.  lol

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