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Seawall Walk

I set my camera on panoramic to get most of the seawall in one photo
...the white you see is the walkway & benches and miradors...'s approximately 3-4 miles long...
nesstled between the bay and yacht club/parks/beach with
another art center, banks, hotels and restaurants on the other side

The last of the series of my seawall walk consists of heading toward the harbor bridge that crosses the ship channel on the way to Portland Texas. Here, is where I was sure it'd be breezy. But nope. I searched the channel banks as far as I could without falling in the water [don't worry, there is a fence barricade] -I was looking for waterfowl that would normally have hitched a ride as a stow-away aboard tankers coming into port. Nothing this morning. With the hour of the day, the sun position was perfect as I watched the shadows of large semi-trailer trucks above me and listened to the traffic just over my head. I walked a bit more before I headed back the way I came. Some of the sidewalks that meander around the cultural centers was closed for repair work....the coastal ground shifts constantly and roads, streets, and sidewalks are always in need of repair. Anyway, this is a bit of what I encountered...

Along with the new expansion bridge being built [many delays in that "typical politics"] there is also a new port o' call building being constructed - in the photo.

The "old", still in use, Harbor Bridge from a different perspective.  The first of the series of four [above] is one of the four [two on each side] colossal stanchions that hold up the weight of the massive bridge.  It really doesn't show the size much, but trust me, they're big - about the size of a mountain cabin A Frame, and probably from the ground up ---my guesstimation would be about 200 feet high, weighing tons.

About a couple city blocks away from the bridge/stanchions is the Buccaneer Commission. Annually, a large weeks-long event is called Buc-a-neer Days. Parades, Dances, Historical events, pirates, Crowning of Queen and King, one of the largest rodeos in America, etc. is held. [This year, because of Covid 19 it has been cancelled --- or hopefully just postponed 'til Fall. Time will tell] Anyway, this is where all the planning and work on the event is done. It's a year long job. I cropped this one photo to show you the sword-fish rodeo rider that is the logo.

...further along the area on different streets I can find many go-to venues.  Selena Auditorium that hosts the Corpus Christi Ice Rays [hockey] and oftentimes Disney on Ice shows, plus American Bank Center that has off-Broadway shows and many concerts with celebrities such as Willie Nelson, George Strait and more of the 'modern' stars.  There is an art museum, an Asian history museum, a science and history museum, a playhouse [Harbor Playhouse] which is one of my favorites!  There, they have classic plays and musicals such Christmas Carol, Cats, and many others from well known authors' stories made into plays...with a very large sized stage [and the many we've attended, well done and quite entertaining!]  In the same area, is the historic homes showcased each year with a street fair. Also, across the water, the nationally-famed Texas State Aquarium and USS Lexington [WWII aircraft carrier turned museum]. On the back side of the bridge along the channel is the Houston Astros' Farm Team Ballpark, Whataburger Field.

Top left/right -Asian Museum
Bottom left - Texas State Aquarium
Bottom right - Harbor Playhouse

...this concludes my round-about walk along the seawall and beyond.  Oh, one more thing.  catching fish or  virus?

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