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Dawn Breaks....

Two Years Ago today,
around 3 a.m. as a category 4---,
Hurricane Harvey made landfall,
taking our fencing by its powerful force
and displacing many in the town of Rockport Texas
about 30 miles from our home.
Many and much are still under recovery!!!

On Friday this week I left home about an hour before sunrise, heading to Indian Point Park with tidal pools and open bay waters which attracts those two legged walkers/joggers and a multitude of shore birds on North Beach. Here's what I saw after I began my walk. It was still dark, the view from the park's parking lot showed the city in a blanket of lights, the harbor bridge was still illuminated with animated colors. From the fishing pier, the lights glowed on the sea. But, on the Eastern horizon, the sky, no longer dark, was showing signs of the night vanishing.  There won't be much of a sunrise because of the cloud bank.  Still....

Dawn breaks on a new day....