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"America's future is not written by our enemies... America's future is written by our heroes."
~9/11/2018 * Patriots' Day

News Flash: ALL MEN ARE EVIL PREDATORS!!! Not so....

I try to stay silent and keep my thoughts that are so controversial to myself, but this post is all about my inner self and finally exploding to the point where now, I feel I'm out on the proverbial limb and shouting about the route that mass media is going. And, soon I think a couple of recent issues are gonna backfire and we all will have to deal with it somehow.

Have you ever wondered who started the #MeToo movement? Well, it was Ms. Burke. And it was all 'geared' toward stopping sexual harassment at the work place. Of course, these days, it's all about who's right and who's wrong [politics play a goodly part here] and most times taking away from the initial investment of thought and actions and jumping on the band wagon. It gets very frustrating for me....biased? Sure!! The big hoopla of the confirmation of the Supreme Court hearings are long over....that means, for now at least the women have quieted down a bit with protesting. Think Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill from long ago....that hearing was quite similar in the annals of our country's history.  The so called 'movement' is really nothing new.  Equal rights, remember?  Both in pay and position.  I am not against stopping sexual harassment in the work field, nor at home!!  But, think about this:

It's NOT just women who suffer!!!  A movie, very disturbing but very good, comes to mind.  Starring Ed Norton [who is a molested boy by the priest] and Richard Gere as his lawyer....Primal Fear.

Read on:

The sexual misconduct of the Catholic Church....molest BOYS also!! Shouldn't there then be a #HEtoo movement?!!!  Maybe #WEtoo movement.  A vast number of people think that the whole of Catholicism should change and allow priests [bishops and cardinals] to marry - in turn the molestation and assaults will end in the church!! My opinion...for the most part it WILL help. But then what about those that are so sexually motivated that it just won't stop?!! Think of all the married couples that molest, murder innocent children? Marriage is not a sure-fire answer.  Working with deranged patients and mental health for over a decade before Bud and I retired, I learned so much about this subject.

And, speaking of couples...wake's NOT just MEN who molest and have sex with the under-age. Teachers [woman teachers] are having sex with their students. Strength of mind would work...abstinence is best. But, that's my thought. Social media is also part of the masses these days, and keeping teens or pre-teens from sites about the human natural urges and porn won't help much either.  They teach sex at a very early school!!! Oh ya....another thought, what about wives mistreating their husbands? It happens!!! I could go on and on, but I'll shut up on this subject for now.

Another subject that irks me is all this "Think Pink" in the month of October....working on wiping out Breast Cancer. Around our city, most license plates have "Drive Pink" plate frames. I can't help but wonder why MEN don't speak up about this partial work of genius. WHY NOT DRIVE BLUE? Testicle [April awareness month, but you rarely hear of this] cancer and prostate [September] cancer are killers too!!! Men have rights too. Lately, through the media and those that follow like sheep, think, it seems, that woman are gods and should be treated like idols...that all men are evil....not so, it's respecting each and women alike.

Awareness Months

This comic clip brings a whole 'nother meaning to the "#MEtoo".