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PINK for October Cancer Awareness....

I am dedicating this post to all who have suffered or are currently battling the disease; cancer.  Hoping that a cure can be found sooner than later and all who fight, to survive!!!  The  first image is an auto repair shop in Port Aransas, Texas. Next door [same building] is a florist shop. I'm pretty sure it's a family affair and someone is either a cancer survivor [what I'd hope] or a family member or friend passed from a form of cancer. Their tow truck is pink, the exterior fixtures are pink and the palm trees are lighted [day and night] with pink bulbs....

Pink about town, and in our yard and home...

PS...Houston Astros are in the world series!!!
One of the most exciting play-off games I've seen...score tied bottom of the ninth. Altuve hits a home run!! Exciting stuff.