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Scenes from Nearby Home...

I have been taking breaks now and then from my yard art repainting - I began working on the cement statue of our pelican, but it will take me a week or more to finish.  So, I'm taking walks...soaking up this glorious weather we've been having here-of-late.  From 1] watching dolphins guide the big oil tankers out to sea, 2] finding a sure sign of Spring; a lady bug, 3] the deep sea fishermen along the channel and the sparkle of the gulf, 4] way out on the horizon a ship spraying water from the deck, 5] wildflowers in the park under mesquite trees, 6] taking out my lens ball for a snapshot of the sand dunes and oil rigs  7] viewing reflections on the park ponds, 8] and keeping the bird feeder station in our back yard filled and stocking fresh fruit for them to snack on as they have a layover on their way to the northern parts of USA and Canada, 9] taking a foot journey behind the bird basin looking for the rare plover but finding none - just yellow wildflowers by the inter-coastal waterway..