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~9/11/2018 * Patriots' Day

Hot Days of Summer?

Facebook & Google...They're now facing lawsuits with Europe's new privacy/consent issues beginning May 25th of this year.
In your best interest, read this (direct link above).  It's very long.  But, a must read.  It will inform you just what is happening.  After reading the entire article, I'm wondering...should I transfer my two blogs to another format?  Perhaps export them to Wordpress?  It's a huge concern.  I hate to think of losing my 12 years of blogging ...that is a lot of work.  Will Google (at least blogger/blogspot) go the way of MySpace from years ago?

Another issue is Gmail.  I haven't received notifications on my smartphone in nearly a couple weeks ...notifications of new comments left on my blogs.  I've done all I can (including re-establishing & re-syncing)...still, nothing.  I read somewhere that Google is aware.  {{{shrug}}}

Any comments or suggestions on fixing it all would be welcomed.

- - -

For days now it's been close to breaking 100 degrees here. When I get up from my nighttime sleep, the temps are still in the 80s. So, needless to say I haven't been taking day trips at all. And I feel more exhausted than if I'd be walking regularly. To think, December like temps are still months away. This is gonna be a long hot summer I think.

What I've been doing is re-upholstering our dining room chair cushions. When our cats were with us, their toenails tore the seats and lots of claw marks. I took it upon myself and went and purchased some upholstery. I have two chairs done, but I'm not sure just when the other two will get torn apart and measured, etc. etc. etc.

In the quiet times of the mornings I started to use my oil pastels again. A 2nd humming bird. This time on gray pastel paper.  I do know that the hummingbird's head is too looks bloated!

... last, to beat the heat, I've been making a daily smoothie...

Fresh frozen unsweetened fruit
single serving of vanilla greek yogurt
ice water

this time it's frozen strawberries!


  1. I attempted to start a wordpress blog the other day. I was totally lost. Several others have made the switch and say they love it and it's so much easier but I felt clueless.
    Our heat is nearly as bad as yours but still it has been very hot and humid here. I was just saying the other day that I thought it was going to be a miserable summer. I like the heat but the humidity is just killing me.

    1. I'm really not WANTING to change. I like blogger/blogspot!

  2. The GDPR (General Data Processing Regulation) as set forth by the EU apply to all organisations who broadcast, (do business) with the European Union. This means the rules apply top Wordpress and all other website providers.

    God bless.

  3. I'll stick with Blogger as long as I can and then if it won't go, I'll quit. Old dog new tricks? Nope, not for me. Hey! You sure are getting comfortable and adept with the oil pastels. NICE Artwork!

    1. Ya, me too. I just like the simplicity & user friendliness of blogger. Thanks!

  4. I have wordpress also, but do not understand how to use it! we are having (today heat index of upward to 115) very unusual for this time of year. Keep cool my friend and that smoothie looks yummy! Love the painting so far

  5. The smoothie looks so good! Quite a few bloggers are not getting their e-mail comments. Blogger says it is aware, and plans to have it fixed some time next week. I love your vibrant hummingbird drawing! I wouldn't even have noticed the head if you hadn't said.I want to see the chairs you re-covered when they are done!

  6. I might have to buy a blender to make that drink. legal for me and looks yummy. could be a snack for me. I eat fruit between meals. I think your humming bird is gorgeous and amazing. the head looks like you wanted it a little large. I love it.

    about word press, the law applies to them to. I looked it up and they have to run audits on their blogs to see if they are compliant. any host is liable to this law. here is what I found...
    when I get time I have save this post to read all the gobblegook. having BP issues and can't read it right now.

    1. It's the notifications or lack of them that I miss!

  7. Anni, I learned about a work-around by simply leaving myself the first comment and tick the "notify me" box. Then I get to see all the subsequent comments. One blogger said you don't have to even leave a comment, just tick the box, but it wouldn't take it until I put in some text. Hope this helps. :-)

  8. If hell is going to be any hotter then it was today here we better all straighten up. I used to love summer. Heck it isn't even summer yet and it's almost unbearable. Your Hummingbird is beautiful.

  9. I started with wordpress and I find it rather easy. They give me an option of adding the requirement by hitting a button. I haven't yet because I hate to mess with it. I wanted to see how it goes. I have heard that others are having your problem.. cloudy again today. A warning went off on my phone last night.. Still here so I guess it wasn't too serious!

    1. I don't like those severe weather alerts! It's good to know you're still with us! 😁

  10. About comment notification...

    Publish your post. Then make the first comment to your own post and check the comments notification box in the comments box. Voila! You will once again get comment notification!