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History...Then, Science

This week so far, nothing much is getting done except for doctor's appointments. Once you go there, the whole day is shot. Three appointments in as many days for me. Monday, cardiologist...two hours. Then, afterward, I had to go shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. The one we had turned belly up. It was old, so no surprise there.
Tuesday, I had to go BACK to the cardiologist's office to be fitted with a Holter Monitor. In December of last year, I had an SVT episode, and he at that time adjusted my heart meds. After several weeks, the heart rate dropped to a scary level [think stroke levels...but no, I didn't have a stroke]. After Monday's appointment he again adjusted the dosage to less. Then, on Wednesday....I was scheduled for a vascular carotid doppler [echo]. Got that all it's a waiting game to hear the results and have my blood checked in 4 weeks...that is, if nothing startling is found in the ultrasound from Wednesday.

Well, to keep up a few daily walks, Bud and I went to the city's History and Science Museum and enjoyed the coolness of the inner building without the hot sun blazing down on us. This past month, the museum re-opened its doors after much needed repair work done by hurricane damage from last August. Tho, not much has changed with the exhibits, it was still a nice, quiet outing for us. Here is some of what we saw...


King Ranch Stage Coach
[used by the King Family to travel from Brownsville to Corpus Christi -they had homes in Brownsville, Kingsville [the ranch], and Corpus

A typical General Store display case, One of King Louis's XIV [fourteenth, I think] navy [His ship Labelle sunk along the Gulf Coast on the Texas border]

Richard King's [of King Ranch] branding iron - "the flying "W" and a close up of the cotton gin from nearby areas of South Texas

The Buccaneer Days...the Queen's Gown and crown from 2017

The same...cotton gin -full view


On the Science Wing there is much to do with the dinosaur era, shell collections, many different minerals and stones, birds, mammals, snakes, wind history, oil, etc.

The largest land bird in America..the Whooping Crane and Coyotes

Leaving, and going through the gift shop, I happened to buy this broken geode...I couldn't resist not buying it!! I have many pieces of the amethyst geodes [my birthstone], but this one reminded me of iron pyrite [fool's gold] only a fabulous silver metal...does anyone know what it is? Pretty, I know. I must remember to do some research on the 'kind'.


  1. Sorry to hear about all the trips to the cardiologist. Hope they get everything figured out soon.
    I haven't been to a museum in a very long time. I like seeing the different displays you can find. The last one I went to was a maritime museum

  2. I sure wish you to have good results after all of the tests are finished. That looks to be a very interesting museum! If I saw that silver geode I sure would like to have it as well.

  3. send me that crown, I love it and it might pay for ac repair. all your doc visits and test and your whole ordeal has put my piddling little bp pressure in perspective. hope all works out well for you

  4. Praying all your test results are good. Your visit to the museum was interesting too. I'd never seen a cotton gin before! Have a grand weekend.

  5. I hope all your tests turn out good!!
    Looks like a nice museum and I like your geode too!

  6. Praying for you and wishing you good health.

    God bless.

  7. praying in Jesus name for complete healing and your test results come back (GOOD)
    Love that museum! The geode is very pretty thank you for sharing my friend!

  8. Prayers that all is well regarding health news. King ranch previously had a huge spread outside Lancaster PA back in the 1960's. Lancaster had a distribution center for processing, and a hub. I just caught a truck with a small logo of King Ranch. Must be a bit of it left.

  9. Wishing your tests to come back A-Okay. That is quite a branding iron. John passed his on down to his oldest son. I didn't enjoy watching them brand cattle. I was glad when he stopped doing it.

  10. Wow - sorry to hear your days are being filled with medical appointments, glad you got to take some time out and visit the museum, especially to support them on their reopening after the storm damage. I think your geode was calling out to you!
    Wren x