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Gone Fishing....

Note:  Composed Saturday, posted Sunday morning---

It's Saturday morning, and it's been raining for several hours! Not much to do then, except for laundry and a bit of reading and movie watching later today and this evening. After working outdoors a bit yesterday, Bud and I watched two movies. Both Oscar contenders. During the Christmas break [2017] we went to the theater to see Darkest Hour. Last Tuesday it came out on DVD and I stopped to buy it on the way home, taking with me another highly praised movie...Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. I can't understand why this was/is getting such high accolades. It's okay; the language is foul!!! But, to me it's violent, sick, and quite disturbing!!! Maybe with so much of the hashtag Me Too and now the Florida school slaying in the news, it's noteworthy to some. I just can see it. Truly, Frances McDormand has a great talent...she pulled off her leading role in the movie with panache/pizzazz! Three things bothered me throughout the movie [four if I include the premature ending...altho I was GLAD it was done]...the aforementioned language, the killing/suicides/body-burning, and all the posthumous letters read. Drama/Vilolence/Comedy? I don't think so...if it wins the Movie of the Year,...I won't be surprised, but highly disappointed.

I'd much prefer Darkest Hour win the movie of the year.  AND Gary Oldman taking the top Oscar for leading actor as Winston Churchill.  I am constantly astounded by the talent washing through this movie...the acting, the sets, the very accurate [his]story, directing and most of all the makeup artist that worked on Mr. Oldman to change him from this to Churchill

Sunday night...Oscars.
I love watching the preview mostly...the Red Carpet prior to the ceremony for the fashions...I'm sure this year, most female celebrities will be wearing black.  It's become so political...but I still force myself to enjoy!!


courtesy of local news station
"2020 it's expected to be complete."
The project will include the development, design, construction and maintenance of a total of 6.44 miles of bridge and connecting roadway. The bridge will include six-lane sections of US 181, three lanes in each direction with a median barrier, shoulders, and a bicycle and pedestrian shared-use path. Additionally, the project includes the reconstruction of approximately 1.6 miles of I-37, reconstruction of approximately one mile of the Crosstown Expressway and demolition of the existing Harbor Bridge.
Updates courtesy of Harbor Bridge Project

While driving around, it was a quiet section, traffic-wise, so I slowed down to check out the progress of the new expansion bridge that is being built to replace the 'old harbor bridge' [built in 1952]...I was able to drive slow enough to take some photos...



The other day, I was driving to search for a reported rare bird [one from Europe so I wasn't expecting to find it actually, but we HAVE had long, lost vagrants that seem to show up ocassionally]. I was sure it was a 'hoax' reporting. I did see several species along the way:  Skimmers, Yellowlegs, Willets, seagulls, plovers, cormorants, pelicans, wintering ducks, and year 'round resident ducks, herons, egrets and more.  Besides, I could stop along the bay, and walk along the coast line. When I finished my 'half way mark' to turn around to go back along the way I had come, nearing the end of my walk, a Great Blue Heron caught a fish!! I snapped a sequence of photos as what looks like bass wriggling in its captor's jaws...

I was also able to get some good close up images of a Herring Gull [one of the largest in North America] its 3rd year plumage.  They're very large, beautiful and, my special feet!!!!  I'll get to resizing the photos someday soon.


  1. the trip to find the bird was fun no matter if you found it or not. I love this kind of fishing, we have one much like this bird that fishes in our yard, but he is lizarding, not fishing. fascinating set of photos. i think movies that are violent, sick, and quite disturbing are the big money makers these days. i have never watched the Oscars or any of the award shows other than a few CMT awards with bob. since we don't see movies until they come to TV I don't recognize them. but i love to watch the red carpet. there is a special addition of People magazine with all the ladies in it. i know this because our crazy mailman put the magazine in our box that belonged 2 blocks away, before i put it back in the box I admired all the ladies. at least this year there is not as much nudity in the dresses.

    1. I hope not...sheer, transparency is distasteful.

  2. Now that looks like a tasty meal! Looking forward to getting internet soon in my apartment so I can enjoy Netflix again.. I love the old time movies that were not as violent for the most part... Psycho comes to mind! I can remember how controversial that was.. now not so much!

  3. We never watch movies nor award shows - just not our entertainment choice, I guess. I do think the makeup on the actor playing Churchill is excellent. Saw him on the TV trailers. Glamorous dresses jewels and hairdos just are not impressive to me at all. LOVE your series of heron and his dinner, especially photo #9.

  4. I enjoyed your heron series, too. I liked Three Billboards but I'm hoping The Shape of Water will win. :-)

    1. The ONLY part I liked somewhat was when she was driving by the billboards while they were filming for the news broadcast!

  5. The fishing pictures are excellent.

  6. Liked seeing the bridge and the info about it.