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Mobile VS. Desktop Viewing...

I can't recall which blog I read this from, but it was regarding what you see on a blog viewing it from a desktop vs. any mobile device. And, how they appear different [without any template theme on the mobile device versus viewing on a desktop WITH the template theme visible].

Well, there are two options. One for the visitor:

If, when you're on a mobile device such a smartphone and see only a white background on blogger blogs, you can scroll all the way down the page and find "View Web Version". Click on it and the page will reopen with the template theme and colors the blog administrator designed.

Then, for the blog administrator:

You can edit your blog preferences by following these two simple steps [in Blogger]:

Once you are logged into your blogger admin, on the sidebar, click Theme...then, your Live on Blog and Mobile will show just to the right of the listing...Under the "Mobile" click on the gear cog icon.

The new window will open and Click the Radio Button 'No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices"



  1. Humm who would have thought it. Will I remember it when the time comes?

  2. it was ME. i did this to mine after noticing it was showing on phone as white. i tried it and made it show but changed it back. phones are so tiny it is easier to read.

  3. Thank you! I didn't realize I had that control. :-)

  4. Learn something new every day. I never really gave that much thouhht