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Easter's On its Way...

Ever since I was young, when my parents would wake us up early to go to the Sunrise Services, yes, I enjoyed that part of Easter Sunday. Maybe it WAS the anticipation of the afterward, I don't know...but I enjoyed the services because each season, our church had a play of the crucifixion and the story of how He suffered for our sins. My mother was VERY religious. A devout Christian...I grew up learning the Bible passages...she read from the Bible each evening. Sometimes she went off by herself or other times she'd read aloud to us all. Now that I'm grown, I think when she went off by herself to read, she was troubled by something only known to her. That's just my thoughts today as the years have passed, and I reminisce of the days gone by. Here again, maybe I think too much...who knows. I'm just reflecting as I type.

Some time ago, our son, Erik, requested that Bud carve him a crucifix from wood.  Bud did such a great job of it...I loved it...and coveted it...but I knew that true to Bud's word and promise, he'd ship it off to Erik without considering that I wanted one also.  Within weeks from sending it off to our son, Bud did one for me!!  I shared it a few years back on my blog with a photo, I know I did, but my label search didn't bring anything up, so I stopped everything and grabbed my cellphone to once again take a photo of his work...

Over the years, I've shared a few Easter Themed blogs...
one shows my Corpus Christi, Texas Sunrise Service I painted...
one shows my Bunny Wood Craft...
one shows one of my Easter Egg Cups...
one shows the Easter Passion Play...
one shows an Easter Sunday of me [on the left], my brother and sister after church services & ready for the egg hunt!!.  I remember the colors of the outfits...mine was a navy blue taffeta polka dot [with black patent leather shoes], my brother's suit was gray, my sister's outfit was pink and white.  Circa 1954

- - -

What made me want to post about Easter? Well, I saw this image online and instantly I said "I gotta try and draw this!" I did. And what made me want to try this? Again, my mother...."The Old Rugged Cross" was her favorite hymn!! So... I titled my sketch "Rugged Cross"

...the beginning outline...


...finished... firstborn, Irene, is 48 today [April fool's day]


  1. Easter is just two weeks away, too. I really love the reminiscences about your mother, Anni. I grew up in a home where Easter was only jelly beans and colored eggs. No stories about its meaning. :-(

    1. Jelly beans and colored eggs can be good too!!

  2. You are all talented! That crucifix is amazing, and I am always blown away by your drawings.
    Good memories of your mom.

    1. Thanks Mari....I do miss her a lot these days.

  3. Beautiful work! Easter always brought sunrise services. We are Moravians, and usually a brass choir accompanied us to the long walk to the cemetery. Few Moravians here in Florida and I miss the services.

    1. If I remember correctly in my Catechism classes the Moravians broke away from the Catholic teachings to become one religion on their own with a different way to show beliefs...without a particular congregation needed. Which is good, in my opinion...the ways of the prayers and beliefs should be individual anyway.

    2. Yes, before Luther they had broken away from the Catholic Church. John Hus the founder was burned at the stake... Music plays an important part of church life. Not to be confused with Amish or Mennonites.

    3. Now that I am much older I will read more.

    4. Now that I'm back home, I remembered to read more on Hus...I used Wikipedia....

  4. What a beautiful carving and an amazing drawing. Great job lady!!! Awesome.