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South Texas Spring...

Rise and Shine
It's A beautiful Day In the Neighborhood!

Spring arrives early in South Texas!! Bud and I spent a few hours in the back yard, cleaning up the winter-kill. Of course, I had to get my cellphone and take photos of the flowers for the season that are beginning to bloom. We still have quite a bit of cleaning, weeding, and trimming to do - my hibiscus and so much more froze a few weeks back with the 20 degree mornings...

Leaf Buds  - Epiphylum and Strawberries/Cream Crepe Myrtle

Don Juan Rose

Tombstone Rose [yellow] and Mexican Firebush [orange]

Duranta [purple] Lantana [pink/yellow]


The birds and bees [and Bunnies] are busy!


  1. Hi Anni, what beautiful skies you have. And the birds and bunnies certainly are busy. I love your close up of the blooms. Thanks for sharing. Jo

  2. Winter. Spring. Winter. Spring. We can't seem to make up our minds what season it is around here. Heat on one day, air conditioning the next. We have a few blooms but the one hard freeze we had a couple of weeks ago killed a lot of my butterfly garden. Love your blooms and critters. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You are right, it's early but definitely signs of spring in your neck of the woods. Love the pretty flowers, which I've been missing around here. I think our crocus are beginning to peek out of the ground. :-)

  4. we have had zero winter, it has been spring all winter, I hope it will not be summer in spring... the flowers are all amazing and beautiful.. poor hibiscus.. hope they come back strong.

  5. Ours is just around the corner! My hope for it to come soon is inspired by your pictures.

  6. where do I start?! your flowers are so pretty! I love the birds, bees and bunnies!! great action shots with the! I hope we see our bunnies again soon.
    hope your Saturday is sunny!!

  7. What gorgeous pictures. And all those blooms. Wow.

  8. I love the hole in the sky with the sun pouring out. GAK, a WASP nest!! Surely they do not live inside them in the winter? But there they are!! I hope you used a very long zoom lens for this one. Beautiful flowers! It has been like summer here all week, yet no flowers yet. That is good, because when and if it freezes, they will be done for!

  9. Hallo Anni, thanks for you nice photos. I love the first one!

  10. Good to see the new life.It will be a little while before we see that hereabout that's ok.

  11. Beautiful springtimè. Here it feels like spring but it's kind of on the ugly side with lots of brown and dull colors.
    Holy smoke on the size of that nest. Hope nothings buzzing around that

  12. Sure looks different there then here in North Idaho...super wet snow almost rain fell most the day.
    Coffee is on