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Magee Beach - Port Aransas

The Lydia Ann Lighthouse

Bud stayed home and did some yard work, while I took a walk along Magee Beach on Mustang Island the other day. When on this beach, there are certain objects I seem to always stop to photograph... of the light house, watching the gulls, and always counting the large ships out in the Gulf, anchored, waiting to come down the channel to the Port of Corpus Christi. Here are some scenes:

The Coast Guard was 'on duty' as always...

Ships outside the channel waters, while small water-craft takes advantage of 'clear sailing' for the time being...

Fishermen and women alike at 'their lucky spot' while others just walk hand in hand, with the sunshine at their side and enjoying the sounds/views around them...

The beach had the look of a foreign land...the landscape of a planet with no inhabitants, or perhaps the windblown Sahara...

The imprinted pattern of the water movement along the sand, while in the distance gulls and surf-walkers can be seen everywhere....

...short on step tally for my morning walk, I ended up back on another jetty at Packery Channel on NORTH Padre Island. Here, the currents are always a bit more menacing on certain days. I enjoy the salty air, the crackling of the waves hitting the huge boulders and watching the spray as the consistent motion ebbs and flows, jutting high, higher in the open air, then...recedes. At first I stopped to get some photos...IN FRONT of the breakers; occasionally requiring me to back up a bit so as not to get soaked. Then, it dawned on me..."Get BEHIND the wave Anni"

I will continue with this in another post since I have quite a few photos here already!!


  1. a day walking along the beach sounds like heaven to me. I enjoyed walking along with you. It was a nice break from the snow that's on the ground here

  2. Nothing better than to have awalk along a beautiful beach and see gulls. Loved the Owl. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Looks like a refreshing beach walk with great photo opps!
    Have a fun weekend!

  4. Perfect ... My step count would just fly by on that beautiful beach. Beautiful pictures, lovely memories.

  5. Those dunes are definitely reminiscent of the Sahara, but that's the only part. All the rest is pure beachcomber's Paradise. :-)

  6. Oh that sounds & looks like a perfect place for a walk. My steps have been off lately and I have been wrapping up my count late in the evening. Hoping to get back out if the weather will stay nice.

  7. Anni, love, love, love Port A. Some friends and I traveled down there last spring for the sand art contest and had such a good time.

  8. Enjoyed your photos! Looks like an awesome place for a walk.

  9. What a lovely walk you took us on along the beach, Anni. I especially love the perspective of the pier with the people hand-in-hand walking along it. Have a great day. Jo

  10. Good morning, and thanks for bringing us such lovely blue waters! I am anxious to see blue waters replacing all our ice around here! Have a fun weekend, and enjoy your hikes.

  11. Ah, I do agree -- walking on the beach is the perfect way to start a day -- any day!! Love your captures as always, Anni!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!!

  12. This is the best time of year for a walk on one of my favorite beaches. I asked DH just the other day if it wasn't time to head down the coast!

  13. I enjoyed these pictures a lot.As I've said before,living on the prairies,the ocean holds extra fascination for me.I love the closer views of the sand and the different patterns.Almost like our snow here after a wind.

  14. beautifully done thank you

  15. Just came from Dairy Queen getting my Mini Blizzard fix. Talked to some people on their way to San Antonio from Corpus. Said they always stop at our Dairy Queen on that route. Your writing makes me wish I was there.

  16. Water and wind patterns in sand are always fascinating.
    About the burrowing owls - they are protected in the area of Florida where we're vacationing and are found on vacant lots everywhere. The two I photographed last year and this are two doors over and nearer the road than most so with my telephoto lens I've been able to capture some nice shots.
    Hope you find this elusive owl.

  17. What a beautiful beach!

    I have a story about a lucky spot on a pier on South Padre Island. I was catching lots of whiting with peeled shrimp halves on a bottom rig. Nobody else was catching much of anything, so they all decided as close as they could get to my spot was the luckiest thing to do! (It was the method, of course, not the exact spot.)

  18. Hello Anni, pretty views of the beach and water. Awesome shot of the gull. I like the lighthouse. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!