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My Mother and Me...

This year, Mother's Day also happens to be Bud's and My 46th wedding anniversary. I won't be online, but I still wanted to dedicate today to Bud...AND my mom!!! Happy Anniversary Bud. And....

Mom and Hootin' Anni c. 1949
a cellphone photo from original

Dear Mom:
Tho you have been gone for over 20 years, you remain in my heart and soul and mind...daily!
Mom, you were my nurse, my confidant, my friend, my mentor.
You continue to be with me...
Since you've left us all behind, a lot has happened.
Your favorite granddaughter, Irene, will soon have a Master's Degree...
...she has become the manager of a safe house where she and the boys reside.
Never a dull moment, and keeping herself busy, unselfishly helping others!
Irene has two grown sons. You met Clint, but not Dillon.
Irene named Dillon after Dad...Dillon has the same middle name as Dad.
You'd be so proud!! He graduates with honors next week! And has been accepted to a Christian College.
Bud and I are in Texas'd love the ocean, I know you would.
Erik has a sweetheart, Olga.
She is a bundle of energy that keeps Erik happy, going strong, and busy.
Erik left the Marine Corps when Dad passed away just 4 years after you...
He graduated from St. Thomas University in Houston with his Bachelor's Degree AND a Master's Degree.
Now working on his Doctorate [PhD] in Political Science, he plans to travel, write, and continue teaching at a local college as a professor.

I miss you. But, I think you know that. I feel your presence and know you're still looking after me and my family as you always did. I miss your smile, your humor, you fun-loving ways!
'til we meet again someday...

With all my love,
your ever-lovin' daughter

Edith Irene
died August, 1990
...forever my mom

Here is a poem I wrote many years ago about mom and dad. Love Beckons True


More than half a century their love was.

At a baseball game they met.

Schoolmate and brother ushered acquaintance.


Flaxen hair she had.

Blue eyes, glittering in the sun.

Father asked his friend....

Do you know her?

Sure! She's my sister, Mother's brother replied.

I'll introduce her. But, wait.

Wait 'til the end of inning one.


Flirtatious? Yes, indeed.....and, why not?

Hmmmmm she thought. This guy,

a man of such competence, he's gotta be fun!

He was a find, what we can call hot!


Dark hair parted in the middle. Dapper,

dressed to the nines.

Father & Mother....

Wow! This one, yes this one...

He/She just hasta be mine.

Love grew.

Sacred vows were declared.


Life together was not always a ball game.

Work mixed with laughter.

Hardships, good times, days mixed with tears.

The harder they worked, the more they laughed.

And stronger their bond became.

Years passed....

I grew to adulthood.

Didn't acknowledge the affection they shared.

Too busy all wrapped up in myself.

No, I didn't bother. Never cared.

As age turned into decades.

I realized something dear.

Their life was spiritual, so vibrant.

So true to each other.

A union was pledged, unbroken.

All too soon....

The dark hair parted in the middle

and flaxen braids disappeared.

Even a paunch for a belly was seen.

Golden curls were replaced with silver strands.

Years passed, but their love remained keen.

A third generation was created.

Great grandchildren to indulge.

Warm hearts with open arms & devotion combine.

A house full of happiness, a room full

of love. And...

Most of all, these parents are mine!

Mother left.

Father stayed a while longer.

His lonely heart couldn't handle the loss.

Or maybe in his mind what he felt, was blame.

He left us shortly thereafter.

No more sorrow he was in.

They're again eternally together.

Now watching us below, at our own "ball" game.

And their daughter....?

Gone are those days now.

I am told time heals all, tears shed in vain.

The loss will never leave me.

This sorrow will always remain.

But I now, the one with no care,

relive daily the memories galore.

Today, for me, their love was true.

With me, it will always be there.

With great admiration

and devotion....

Your daughter, Anni

Copyrighted and written 1999©
Please do not steal
previously posted here


  1. Such a beautiful post my friend. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Mother's Day. I love you.

  2. We both really miss our moms. Poetry truly from the heart is always the best kind. I hope you have a lovely day.

  3. Great picture, you need to preserve it forever...

  4. Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day. Lovely poem and letter. Enjoy your day

  5. I love the poem and photo! A lovely tribute and post, Anni! Happy Anniversary and Mother's Day!

  6. I love your photo, and the letter made me cry. Happy Mother's Day to you, dear Anni. Sending you hugs, too. :-)

  7. Very touching post Anni! I love the picture and that poem was so heartfelt. My Mom has also passed and the letter said things I could echo.
    Happy Anniversary and Mothers Day!

  8. Great tribute you your Mom. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  9. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary....enjoy your day!

  10. Happy Mothers Day AND Happy Anniversary, Anni!

  11. Happy Mother's day and Anniversary, Anni! Beautiful poem and that photo is so precious, my friend.

  12. what a beautiful tribute to your mother both in letter & poem... she would be so proud, i'm sure. and congrats on your 46th anniversary. how wonderful you've had someone to share your life with for so long. here's to many more years together. hope all is well. have a great day~

  13. A lovely post and tribute to two very special people. Today is our wedding anniversary, too! Double celebrations! Wishing you a wonderful day!

  14. Beautiful tribute to your Mom. They may be out of our sight but never far from our minds.

  15. A Happy Mother's Day to you and Happy Anniversary... Hope today is a wonderful day. I'm sure it will be. Love your letter to your Mom --and the poem... You are such a great writer.

    I am improving with each passing day from my surgery --but the weekend was NOT a 'piece of cake' for me.... Oh Well... Keeps me honest, I guess... ha ha


  16. Lovely tribute to your Mom and a very happy anniversary to you and Bud.

  17. Happy Mother's Day and Anniversary. I love the photograph and a touching post.

  18. Happy Mother's Day!

  19. Happy Mother's Day, Anni. Your heartfelt post and poem were beautiful.

  20. Oh dear Anni, I'm sitting here in awe of the beatiful heart felt words you've spoken of your precious mother and daddy. What a wonderful post and poem, just so special. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This is so very lovely, and touched my heart. I love the picture, too, and have to say, Happy Anniversary!

  22. This is beautiful, made me all misty-eyed. Happy belated Anniversary to you and Bud! Hope you enjoyed your special day. :)

  23. Anonymous5/16/2014

    What a beautiful tribute.