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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

a time for us....

As the sun sets, the evening mood arises...

SPLENDOR of ended day, floating and filling me!
Hour prophetic—hour resuming the past!
Inflating my throat—you, divine average!
You, Earth and Life, till the last ray gleams, I sing.
                 ~Walt Whitman

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SUNSET IMAGE -back yard 2009 Corpus Christi, Texas

My favorite evening mood is usually a quiet and peaceful time with Bud and the kitties. Dishes are done, kitchen is cleaned from the nighttime's meal, kitchen floor is swept, and the computer is shut down for the night...To set the mood, lights in the house are dimmed, and I love to use the hour or so to settle down on the love seat and read a book chapter or two while Tahoe and Winston lounge beside me purring, and Bud is stretched out on the couch, also reading his choice of literature. This doesn't always happen tho, some nights we're late with our meal preparations and if that occurs, we usually pop in a movie in the DVD player and watch a movie while having our meal served on a TV tray in the living room.


  1. I love this shot! What a wonderful capture of clouds and color!

  2. Hello,
    what a great sunrise, so dark....but a little bit hopeful light, love it!
    Have a nice day

  3. Perfect way to end a lovely day.

  4. That's a nice thing to do at night together. I think the evening is a wonderful time of the day to spend with your loved ones. Unfortunately for me, I usually fall asleep in my chair and my loved one reads on...

  5. Those are the kind of evenings I like too. Love that photo!

  6. What a special time together! Quiet and peaceful - and a good time to catch up! Just the perfect way to wind down after a busy day!

  7. What a beautiful picture and verse.

    I love that time of night too....
    time to wind down only thing missing for me is Madi is NOT a lap cat....never has been and I don't expect it to change. She will sit by my feet or on the back of the couch. Often I join her on the floor.
    Hugs C

  8. Beautiful photo...

    Lovely way to usually spend this time.

    Aren't we lucky, we who are *Olden,* lucky to be able to choose how we structure our day/night?

    Young parents can't do that. Duties get in the way.

    Working people can't do that. Again, duties get in the way.

    Yes, there are perks, which come with age. If we have prepared for the time. And we really ought to pay more attention to said perks.

    'Cause the world throws enough at us, about the non-perks of age. ,-)

    "Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;
    they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,
    and the most patient of teachers."

    - Charles W. Eliot

  9. What a cool shot Anni.

    My Ruby Tuesday is the Cupcakes with Funfetti, hope you'd come and see. Have a nice day!

  10. thanks for joining us with this great evening mood :)

  11. That's is beautiful and very well said:)

    Visiting for Ruby Tuesdays 2! Hope you can stop by:)

  12. We are ALL about eating on the couch in front of the T.V.!!! Shhh...don't tell anyone!! Well, we are old, and there is just the two of us usually, comfort means more the older we get, don't you find that to be so, Anni? LOVING the photo!! You make me long for the evening!

  13. Great shot and a great evening mood!

  14. Such an awesome shot, love the formation of the clouds and the way the light hits it. My favourite time of day is also in the evenings after the dishes are done. I like to light candles and turn off the lights and then sit on the couch with my laptop to do a bit of blogging:-) xoxo

  15. Your pic has the mood of mystery and expectancy! Great shot, Anni:)

  16. We often decry the clouds during the day, preferring less gray upstairs. Yt as the sun sets, we are very happy to see how the remaining light plays behind the mass of cloudy moisture above. A perfect ending in the heavens of the day!

  17. Marvellous shot! Those clouds are both threatening full of hope at the same time. Lovely poetry!

  18. There is a wonderful sense of calm and quiet in beautiful clouded skies like this! Great photo!