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Polly-tickin' - - -

Okay, I've been playing around online, literally GIGGLING. My sides ache from laughing so much this morning. And yes, I haven't done a thing yet with my photos. And there is so much catching up work to be done....laundry, photos, and I do need to get to the store for our food staples and daily supplies of paper plates, paper towels...well, you know...paper products and such. Time'a-wasting here! I need to go get busy for the day!!! - Thanks everyone who read my post yesterday, I appreciate the support and the wonderful comments. I've truly missed blogging this past week. Anyhoooo, I need to share this little ditty on a GOP runner. The article in whole is HERE. But in part it states:
    MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — He's plotting an aggressive campaign schedule across several states, but Herman Cain has begun to outline a possible exit strategy from the race for the Republican presidential nomination.
Now I'm not decided on anyone for President yet, but of course the news and slander and mudslinging always piques my interests; this being no different. The sections that make me LOL, tho, are the comments below. In this case:

  • etienne posts:

    Cain : Hi honey, I'm home

    Wifey : (Slap) I want a divorce.

  • Stillwater posts:

    He doesn't want to sleep in the same room with his wife, for fear that she will have a "Lorena Bobbitt" moment.

  • JohnS posts:

    Cain out, Gingrich in...
    From serial harasser to serial cheater...
    Great choices GOP...

  • TT posts:

    Is it Herman Cain or Hormone Cain? I wanna see his birth certificate!

  • ...and the one that had me rollin' was this one: [and I love the online nickname!!]

  • beaver hunter posted:

    Cain's pullin' out. No, wait folks, he's puttin' it back in.

  • Seriously, with the country's governmental shape these days, finding humor in all this and other fiascoes make laughing with these; well, it makes the shambles all the more worth reading.

    I've been saving some more articles to share, and I thought I'd begin a new Thursday Entry each week with humor, and some laughs. Today is my inaugural interjection: Hootin' Anni's Thursday Trash Talk!! I'll try and get something new and 'worthy' of 'tabloid-style' each week from hence forth. Enjoy your day!!

    Oscar the Grouch found with Google Clipart Search


    1. hilariously ..disgusting!!
      but what fun!!
      thanks for the laughs this morning..

    2. Thanks for making me smile.

    3. Let me first said that I had to giggle out loud about your remark in yesterdays post about freezing at 37* To me that right now would be a warm up. It is 21* here at noon.
      I agree that we need to find a chuckle in all this mess and mudslinging for sure.
      I am glad to see you are back and had a nice trip.

    4. That last one was hilarious! Glad I don't have to pay attention to the GOP. I swore I'd never vote Republican again years ago and I haven't. And I'm not sorry. Even though my granddaddy always told me to not pay attention to party but to the man. Well, today the 'man' sucks on either side. So, liberal it is! LOL

    5. It is just getting SO bad. Well, what else can you do but laugh, it is the way to get through lots!

    6. Too funny! But a little disturbing at the same time.

      Newt and I served on the same Board of Directors just after he was elected to congress and was still married to his first wife ..... that was a long time ago.

    7. These make me laugh!! ^_^


    8. Hormone Cain - that is hilarious!

    9. I am once again way behind, but it sounds like you've been missing as well. Your tree looks absolutely gorgeous. I have a designer tree as well as the memory tree. I haven't put up the fancy one for the last 2 years, and I don't know if I have tne energy this year. Hayley wants me to, of course, and would be glad to help.

      We got a good Christmas-y look overnight - I know you'd hate it, but it's lovely. And cold. Hayley's going to the Parade of Lights in Denver with her Sunday School class - I think she's going to freeze her little buns off!

      I finally got one done, too.

    10. Cute site! Thanks for joining our Terrific Thursday Blog Hop...sorry but you were on the blog hop that was 2 weeks ago, which is why it was closed. Hope you are able to join us next Thursday! :)

    11. wow! it feels soooooo "Christmas" in your page! i love it!

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      Thank you

    13. Thanks so much for linking up at the Terrific Thursday Blog Hop! Come back again tomorrow! Vicky from Mess For Less