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Eclectic Mixture

From last week's Picstory challenge of "my town" comes this week's photo challenge topic... *indoor*! And as always, a little added touch of Ruby Tuesday Reds...

A Framed Collage of Sunrise Photos
[all taken by me thru digital - hard copies made]

Red and Green Glass
Turkey dish

Dining Room Ceiling Light Fixture
Shell - etched sailing ships


  1. These are all from your home? Wow! That etching is amazing. All beautiful.

  2. thanks for joining picstory with this nice collage. i like how you framed the pics with sunflowers :)

  3. Your photos are wonderfully arranged. I think so many of us use our photos for blogging and never print them out for ourselves.
    Love that glass turkey dish! My grandpa bought me a couple of similar chicken dishes when I was very young. Not sure where they are. :)
    Have a great Tuesday!
    Carletta@Round The Bend

  4. I like your glass chicken. ^_^


  5. Love the turkey dish, I have a collection of depression glass chicken dishes.

  6. cool blogg :)
    I love the pictures!

  7. My mother had one of those turkey dishes but I think she gave it to my sister. It was a different color but the same style. Love how you have arranged your pictures. I have so many on my computer that I should be printing off. If my computer crashed I would be one unhappy camper!

    That rose in your previous post is just gorgeous! Is it called an Old Fashioned Rose? I have some here that look like that and they smell so good! Of course now everything is dead and pruned back from the big snow storm! ha!

    We head for Tenn on Thursday and I am hoping for some nice warm weather. They told us in the information pack that it would be in the 60's during the day and 40's at night. That sounds like what it's been here this week!!! Hope it's a bit warmer then that!

  8. love to you my friend.

  9. I do like that Turkey Dish. Does he fit in there for Thanksgiving? Just asking. Happy RT.

  10. I like the way you arranged your photo frames, so nicely done. I have tons of photos but have never find the time to print them. Going to make them in a photo book soon.

  11. Love, love, love the way you display your sunrise pictures! Your hen on nest dish is gorgeous. At every auction I go to they usually have one or two for sale. They are quite collectible. Also love your light fixture, I've always had a weakness for sail ships:-) xoxo

  12. Oh Anni, I really like the light fixture shell. We have a lot of nautaical items in our home so things like this aways catch my eye.

    Hope you are having a great week.

  13. Lovely photos, like the turkey dish...

  14. The light fixture is quite cool. However, the ceramic turkey is perfect kitsch, goofy and fun, that defines the Thanksgiving season. Nice indoor poses!

  15. I took one look at the turkey dish and said to myself, "Proud little bird!"


    A day filled with scarlet, they say,
    Can make the sad heart skip and play;
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