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Sunrise Shadows [taken from our front yard]
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But here is something on the 'fun side'. I saw this the other day this week on Yahoo's news clips and found it eerie, and interesting. I still wonder if this is possible or if someone superimposed a 2nd image onto the original. In any case, it deals with shadows and their 'effect'. What do you see in this? A shadow of a tree on a garage door, yes? Look again!!! Look closely...on the garage particular attention to the 'white' part--------are you seeing it now? Do you see the man's face?!!!! More Optical Illusions from: Mighty Optical Illusions This past week, my weekly summary isn't going to be much once again. If I stay home because of the heat index warnings to stay indoors, there isn't really much that gets done. The two of us did clean house thoroughly. When the exhaust hood atop the stove has an inch of dust, it's time to clean---don't you think? LOL One day I made a banana cake from scratch!! And the best part of that was done in the microwave!! No, really...a microwave banana cake. I had a couple of bananas too ripe to eat raw, and I don't like to throw food away, so I went out online to see if there were any recipes for the microwave. I found this one here [I did NOT add the salt as called for, and it's always okay by me]. It was delicious. And VERY easy. And more cooking, I made a batch [dozen] of homemade flour tortillas. After getting them all bubbly and hot and nicely browned, I deep fat fried them to have a crispy outer shell. The frying makes them great for tacos. Which I made a large batch of taco way...with ground turkey, canned peas and diced pre-cooked potatoes, plus loads of minced garlic. The crocheting came to a morning, early, I had to go back to Michael's Hobby Store to purchase just a skein of yarn for my afghan project. I completely missed the color of yarn for the witch's broomstick. Had to get some brown yarn before I continued with the pattern. While at Michael's....can you believe it? They have Halloween stuff out on their shelves already!! Then, goodness gracious...was I EVER a domestic goddess this week!! I even...sit down now...I know you're going to go into shock mode----I brought out that FOUR LETTER appliance. Yep, my bi-annual duty...iron!! I only had three pieces that were....ummm, sitting nicely folded in my 'to do' basket [for months]. So, I got out the old dusty equipment, cleaned off the iron and wiped the board off...and got to it!! Two blouses and one sundress [all cotton, that never seem to come out of the drier wrinkle free!!] And, to clarify this a bit...yes, I hate, loathe, despise, the job. In fact, I try to hide the iron and board away so I won't think about it!! Ever. So, when I do get a cob up my rear and think 'this is a good day to do the job' --- I have to go in the garage where both are stored and bring them inside and scrub 'em down to clean webs and dust off of them before I even begin the torture chore!! And the iron I have is close to antique!! I've had it since I don't know fact, thinking about it, it was a wedding gift [can you believe someone actually thought I needed an IRON?!!] Thursday afternoon, Bud and I decided to get out of the house; we ended up driving to the art museum. We haven't been there in several months. In fact, we wanted to go last month since the museum had on loan some original Norman Rockwell works, but forgot all about it. {{{sigh}}} This month's special exhibits were/are all local artists. To be more specific, local women artists. I swear sometimes I wonder just what these artists are 'on' when they do their work. Y'know...Picasso style? Those abstracts that don't really show any truth to any of it? In fact, I still laugh...when I read one little ditty by the work of art that was clearly a horse -- it was called "self portrait"?!! Huh? Okay...whatever you say. All in all, it's always nice to go and view other works. I'm just bummed we forgot the Norman Rockwell exhibits on loan. I'll share some photos I sneaked took with my cellphone in a day or two.


  1. Love your front yard shadows. Hope it's not too hot where you are! Wishful thinking? Cool optical illusion you shared with us.

  2. Anni, The first photo of the shadows in your front yard is terrific. Also like the optical illusion in the 2nd one.

    I've had my iron and board out quite a few times in the last few weeks to iron cotton fabric that I'm selling on Etsy. I don't mind ironing and I love your vintage iron. Great piece.

    Enjoyed my visit early this morning. Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.


  3. That optical illusion shot is really cool!
    I had to laugh reading about your ironing. We are sooo alike! Bob always teases me about not even knowing what an iron is. It comes out very rarely at our house!

  4. You are so funny! Love your post.

    We have escaped a little for mini road trips, but we have found plenty to do at home during this heat, too. We are "redoing" our main living areas so have gone through the painting, drapery cleaning, new carpet, and are now putting all the stuff away that has been boxed/moved for the carpet. New furniture will come next week. We sure do know it's hot outside, though! We just got our energy bill for July. :\

  5. I asked Birdie if it was as humid in Texas as it is here or if it's just too hot to matter. She says it's just too hot to matter. LOL She's out in it every day at football practice. The head coach had her give the boys a serious lecture on precautions during practice in this type of heat. So far, everyone has listened to her. The coach doesn't play around with the heat- good to know. They call her Coach Lofton and she loves that!

    Anyway, I saw the face on the garage door---kind of interesting in a creepy way. And the iron? I haven't seen one of those in years! LOL

  6. That is a cool shadow...yes I see the mans face! sounds like your pretty much a shut-in these past few weeks. LOL at the iron story...I can really job I loath! That is a bummer you missed the Rockwell display. Jer n I visited the Rockwell museum in Ma. last was awesome! I try to ignore the fall decorations they have displayed in the stores already...there are even some Christmas items out already....GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Time goes by fast enough without us being reminded of it!!!

  7. Fascinating shadows photo! Need to check out the link when I have some free time! Used to love ironing when I was young - now I'm with you. We have mostly clothes that don't require it. Hubby is done teaching - when he had to wear crisp shirts!Have a great week-end!

  8. Oooo...I really like your sunrise shadow shot! Makes me want to start looking for shadows earlier in the day.

    Hmmmm...I see the face in that optical illusion photo. I always wonder if things like that are photoshopped. Still pretty neat, though!

  9. the face is the first thing i noticed...makes you wonder...

  10. Some of the best shadows of the day happen at sunrise and sunset--as your wonder-filled photo illustrates!


    Sing a song of shadows
    Taller than a tree!
    Sing a song of shadows
    Wider than the sea!
    Sing a song of shadows
    Dancing in the sun!
    Sing a song of shadows—
    Day is almost done!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows in Foreground

  11. I love your Shadow Shot picture. What a beautiful sunrise. Nothing like seeing the day come to life.
    We have gotten a little rain here this weekend, and the forecast for the coming week has temps in the mid to upper 80's. I am sooooo ready for the relief. Trees in my front yard are beginning to loose their leaves.
    Even though you have been inside this week, it sounds like you have gotten alot done. I mean you did ironing, you must be caught up on everything around the house!!!

  12. Oh, I like your post very much.
    Especially I like the part about your visit of art museum and your thinking about work of some artists. I agree with you and thank you for smile on my face.


  13. Ooh the optical illusion is fabulous if a little eerie! Happy SSS!

  14. Wow that optical illusion is amazing! And I saw it right away, but not until you pointed it out. Your picture is lovely, as usual.

    I hate ironing, and probably do it every 4-6 months. But I've had to buy several irons over the years. I hate cotton because of that very reason - wrinkles!!

    I am with you totally on the art thing - "in the eye of the beholder" drives me crazy. We had these horrid sculptures on campus when I was CSU - they were on loan for 65 years. I could hardly wait till they were gone. I wrote to the campus paper and expressed my opinion, which was promptly dismissed by "those in this in the know!"

  15. Anonymous8/08/2011

    Thanks for being you. This is Denise

  16. I just love your shadow sunrise picture, so gorgeous. And yes, I immediately saw the face of a man on that garage door!!

    That is so cool....a banana cake cooked in the microwave! Will definitely be checking out that recipe. You certainly were very domestic, even taking out the IRON??? I'm impressed! lol I actually don't mind ironing and usually use it at least once a week. I know, I need to get a life! ROFL

    Ohhhh no, what a shame you missed seeing the Norman Rockwell exhibit, I just love his paintings. As for abstract art, I will never get that!!! xoxo