“A wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard...
Why can't we all be like that bird?”
― Edward Hersey Richards

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Strawberries 'n' Cream

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Crepe Myrtle trees and bushes in our yard are beginning to bloom!! The bush by our stone bird bath [photos 3 and 4] is the newest...only two years old, the species is called STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM...


  1. You have got amazing flowers out there ! I love the strawberry and cream combo !!!!
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  2. Very pretty, Anni! I love the strawberries and cream.

  3. I had a crepe myrtle tree in the back yard when I lived in Texas. They are beautiful, as are your photos.

  4. The flowers are so pretty!

  5. Beautiful pictures ! I love myrtle jam ! Now I want some ! Yes I am back since saturday and had the blues, now it's better. If you want to have a look of Istanbul it's here http://gattinatravels.blogspot.com/ Only my impressios. What a town ! I really could live there honnestly !

  6. Crepe Myrtle--our favorite free after living a time in Virginia. Your red flowering trees & bushes made my day!

  7. The flowers are glorious. Our new ones are doing so well this year that it's fun to go out every day and see what's new. I'll post some tomorrow. Today's all about the girls and water!

    Stay cool, friend!

  8. Crepe Myrtles are so pretty!

  9. When I saw your title, I thought oh noooo she's going to be showing pictures of strawberries with cream and make me drool! lol Your crepe myrtle is absolutely stunning, such gorgeous flowers on it. Your yard must look fabulous with all those beautiful coloured blooms everywhere!

    It's a dreary morning over here, 66 degrees and overcast. Oops, just looked out and it's starting to rain. Hopefully back to the sunshine tomorrow! xoxo

  10. WOW what a show your Crepe Myrtles are featuring.
    It appears our Crepe Myrtle was spayed way before we got it. It might have 2 blooms a season but it grows about 10' each year. We had to pay to have it cut back so finally we just had it cut down. Madi and Mom

  11. Lovely shades of reds and pinks - they really add a lot of color to your environment. Stay cool! We're expecting a little rain today - very unusual for summertime...

  12. Just beautiful. Love the name too. Have a great day. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  13. Beautiful flowers. Happy RT!

    Mine's here.

  14. Great shots of the lovely blooms.

    My entries:
    Moms...Check Nyo

  15. Very colorful. Many people don't like crepe myrtles but I have always found them a pretty versatile hedge.

  16. Gorgeous!

    Ruby Tuesday at my page, please come and see.

  17. They've started blooming here, too.
    Mama Bear