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I ask: "Just where do we draw the line between Civil Rights and Laws of the Land?" This article I read this past week, makes me cringe to think that he is being held on a large sum for bond by the courts. All because his jeans/pants were hanging low? Ummmmm, what gives? Was he trying to expose himself? Was he mentally incapable of making a proper decision? Was he actually a threat on the flight? READ it HERE. Now, granted, I find the ways of wearing apparel sometimes a bit far fetched and somewhat brazen, but hey...a right is a right is a right!! And, to me, it would be offensive to view on the first glance. But, only in style. I can't just purely judge someone by his/her sense of what they wear or how they wear it. I remember the craze of wearing layers of underwear as outer garments....brought on by none other than M@donna and her music videos on MTV. And taking trips, I would see in the airports around the country other girls emanating the same behavior and carriage of themselves. I say no harm, no foul. We all have idols. And we all have individual tastes.

I think the 'security' of airports and the actions of the airline crews are getting a bit carried away with their new-found authority. Just several days ago, I read another Y@hoo article where they actually turned a plane around [burning excessive fuel and making other passengers late for arrival and connecting flights]......all because one lone passenger said the offensive swear word that begins with F and ends in K?!!! [the online article is here] Offensive? Perhaps to some. But to turn a plane around and escort the one who uses offensive swear words, without obstruction in any way, of the flight itself....ridiculous!! Of course that is my opinion. As the article's comments states by one, travelers have to put up with ill-mannered children with or without parents supervision during a long flight; but in turn they remain on the flight with everyone being disturbed in some way or another.

Again, I think it's the newly assigned authorities given to flight attendants and they're abusing that!!!!


  1. Beautiful... I have always loved crystals... a lovely piece of Amethyst... A thought provoking post...

  2. Gorgeous images of these crystals Anni!

  3. Love the crystal shots!!! Thanks for visiting me :)

  4. So special and so great macros!

  5. Oooooh...I think the last one is my favorite :)

  6. The pictures are wonderful.

    The articles - I guess you're right about the "right" to dress in ridiculous ways - I do get so weary of seeing young mens' boxers. And how they have to walk to keep them on. I just don't get it!!

    I sat by a guy on a recent flight who had been given the full new legal treatment by the TSA - he was majorly offended. As he said, if he felt like it was really making the world a safer place, it might have been worth it, but he felt very violated. I've been fortunate so far to miss the experience. We'll see in July when we fly again to Maine!

  7. Beautiful crystal! Nice macros.
    Overkill on the Airport Authority...give me a break!!!!

  8. You go girl....I am on board. It is to the point where I do NOT want to fly anywhere. Glad I did all of my traveling while it was still a bit of a pleasure and not an unbearable ordeal. Your photos on the other hand are NOT an ordeal to view. They are beautiful this week. The purple is wonderful. Genie

  9. You've caught the twinkling light.

  10. Pretty crystals Annie....
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. beautiful crystals. i love the last one.

  12. I really like your new header first off.
    I do agree with you that some things are getting out of hand in this USA.
    I don't care for the hanging down jeans but I know that some of the things we wore yrs ago were a problem with my elders to. I guess we just need to learn how to bend a little as long as it really don't hurt anyone.
    Thanks for sharing this with us and for voicing your opinion. I also hate, hate that F word but it is stupid to turn a plane around put everyone in a bad situation for one stupid,inconsiderate person.They could have come up with something a hole lot cheaper way of dealing with this matter in my opinion.
    Hugs dear friend

  13. Beautiful crystals!
    Great macro shots!

  14. Terrific shots! Love the amethyst!

  15. I hadn't heard of these two incidents but I agree with you, it's absolutely ridiculous that in the one case the man was charged due to his pants hanging low and the other case, the plane got turned around because of one cuss word! Beyond ridiculous. I've seen so many young men wearing their pants so low that you can see their boxer's called a "style", for goodness sakes, not meant to be exposing themselves. Now if they weren't wearing any underwear, then yes that would be different! lol It just really makes me shake my head at some of the rules and regulations now in place everywhere, it all just seems so over the top.

    Such beautiful gems and youngest brother Guy is really into that lately, he goes to various sites he finds and with his chisel and hammer, he's been finding so many gorgeous pieces. xoxo

  16. Great photos of your stones. Nice!:-)

  17. I was just oohing and ahhing over the photos!

    The airline officials are sounding more and more like the character Big Jim Rennie in Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME. I do not like people like that. At all. Too much power, not enough brains.

  18. Wow - some diamants :) Great shots!
    Hope to see you tomorow to PicStory - Flowers! - if you have time and fun for it!
    LG Tina

  19. Those chrystals are exquisite!
    I fully agree about the abuse of authority - they go completely over-board. We have it in South Africa too and its such a waste of money and energy! Have a great week!

  20. Ohhh anni I love the gemstones. We are in the process of deciding what we want to have made for our daughter's 40 b-day. Do you remember scarabs We have a pair of my mother in laws clip on scarab clip on earrings with 3 on each earring. I think they would make a beautiful bracelent...we'll see what the jeweler says.
    Happy Monday,
    Madi and Mom

  21. PS I meant bracelet...

  22. Cool macro!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog.
    Have a nice day!

  23. great shots of a hard subject. :)

    I love crystals and stones of all kinds. Glad to see yours. :)

  24. Oh Annie, those stories are just so ridiculous. I had to laugh, although it certainly would not have been funny to be either of these guys. It reminds me of stories of Muslim Americans dresses modestly in their cultural way being kicked off planes because someone on the flight "was not comfortable" and no further evidence of any threat. That is so very wrong. It brings back the story of a time when there were a spate of violent sexual assaults in Israel and the Knesset (government) proposed to impose a curfew on women until Golda Meir, their prime minister at the time, said that since the perpetrators were men, it would be men that would be put under curfew. You can guess what happened next: the subject was quickly dropped.

  25. The pictures are amazing! Great use of lighting.

  26. Anonymous6/20/2011

    Great macro shots!
    Love crystals, the last is my favorite.

  27. I didn't read the link. But personal I have a little trouble with baggy pants. Oh well my mother had trouble with my raggy Levi jeans I use to were which was so tight.

    Coffee is on

  28. Great photos. Go Yankees!

  29. I LOVE your "new" look!!! Very pretty. I love your opinions on things too--right on!! Mickie :)

  30. Exquisite photographs of crystals! Your article is so thought- provoking. Thanks for visiting my site.

  31. Magnificent shots!

  32. And they're never consistent, flight in early morning and they're very conscientious and strictly doing their jobs. Another flight late in the day and they practically ignore you as you go through security.
    Mama Bear



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