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Shadows on the Sand



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I realized today that I didn't post the finished crocheted binocular case that I made to hold the binoculars and book that I posted about in March. I added buttons and scallop [picot stitch] edges. Padded the shoulder strap. Also, with the bottom button you see in the photo is a small added pouch to carry the eyepiece lens cover. What I really like about the new binoculars [for my bird watching]...they're small enough to carry in the glove box, INSIDE the car. Just in case I see a bird while driving along the island roads, I can stop and view it without getting out of the car, opening the trunk, and focusing on the bird when I know by that time it'd be too late. Now, I can carry the carrying case with the book and glasses all in one! Nifty. It IS nifty to me, really, 'cause sometimes I also have the digital camera around my neck at the same time. Got to be a bit cumbersome. On Friday morning I got up around 3 a.m. just to watch the entire Royal Wedding. Thinking of Princess Diana of course...and when the gray London sky cleared for the very moment that Kate came out of the hotel to make the procession to Westminster Abbey...and the sun came shining through the clouds, I couldn't help by feel Diana's presence just then. Ohhhhhhh, and Kate's sister's [Pippa is it?]....her gown? Stunning. I would like to have a dress like that and oh so flattering. Better yet, I would like to have HER figure again. Yep, I say again. Let me just say, :::sigh::: "I used to have a figure like Pippa's - what seems like eons ago!" --The two of us have been driving almost daily, early in the morning for low tide, to the island and combing the beaches for drift seeds. One day, Thursday morning this week, I hit the mother lode...I found all these on our hour's walk From Sea Coconuts, to Mary's Bean [crucifix bean] to several sea hearts and one mango drift seed. Several smaller ones I haven't identified yet and one LARGE [barely fits in the palm of my hand sized] seed shell that rattles when I shake it. LOL It too is unidentified. I've tried researching for it by typing in drift seeds of the Gulf of Mexico, but to no avail. I may have to take a close up photo of it and send it via email to our National Seashore Research Facility on the island to see if they know. It's a puzzler. It's in this photo the back center, propped against the piece of driftwood. Last week, on Easter Sunday, the two of us were out early for our walk. Just before sunrise....when the city is still quiet with no traffic. We ended up along the seawall where there is a paved sidewalk along the bay waters. We walked the entire distance up to the ship channel from mid-downtown. And by the end of the walkway, we realized they were holding the annual Sunrise Passion Play in a different area than before. [I now know that there was too much construction in the park that is the normal venue] Anyway, we did not attend, but the view I saw was, to me, a kodak moment. I loved how the sun was barely up, seeing the cross, it was awe inspiring and but for the play going on, there was such a hushed surrounding. We left with a different feeling than when we arrived. Just for that one simple moment, there was peace everywhere. Have you ever encountered that feeling when you see a particular sight? That'll conclude my summary 'cause it can't get better than this photo for a Sunday morning.


  1. More amazing photos, 'shadows on the sand' beautifully caught moment! I watched the wedding, it was a beautiful day, felt honoured to share in it, in a tiny insignificant way.

    A fitting ending to another beautiful post, thanks for sharing once again.

  2. Love your photo's for today - especially that last one. That dark sky is perfect for that shot.

  3. Anonymous5/01/2011

    Your photography is awesome. Thanks so much for visiting/commenting so that I could visit with you. Hope you enjoy the day!

  4. Love the shadows. (Once again not all photos are for my viewing!)Thanks for your visit (Not a rash, I fell onto a brick pillar Tues night.)

  5. Sand and shadow all in one tiny "corner" of the beach!


    A seeker of shadows, they say,
    Will keep her eyes peeled night and day
    For resident shades
    That haunt the dark glades
    And never come outside to play.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Desert Flowers

  6. Oh, I like that sandy little plant, and its shadow too! Lucky you to have found it, and of course the rest of your impressive collection :)

  7. The second photo is wonderful. Like the shadow and the sand on the plant. And, yes the last one is very special, I can imaging this moment.
    I read your comments in several blogs, but never came here. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Wonderful shots. How nice to come upon such a peaceful scene at the end of your walk.

  9. Annie, I was walking on the beach in Jamaica. I cam across this tropical beautiful pink floral just in the middle of the sand. I thought someone had just put there, but when I tugged on it, it was firmly rooted there!
    I love nature. Your photos are gorgeous!

  10. Hmmm.. A peaceful moment like the one you speak of?.. Well, one comes to mind.. One night, when we were taking the dog out. It was late, and this would be his last time out, before we called it a day. I was NEVER very fond of snow, but that night it was falling down, and as I looked up to see it falling ever so gently towards me, in just the most beautiful light, it was the most beautiful snow I had EVER seen... And so I believe this is such a moment you speak of. I wish I could have caught it on camera!.. LOVE your binoculars case! Well done, Anni! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  11. You are so good with a camera! And words too! Love that knitted case- I'm so impressed that you figured that out.

    Oh, I don't have only 10 pounds to lose, it's 100, that's why I wanted the secret in BULK. LOL

    Go Cowboys! LOL

  12. Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. Great sandy shadows

  14. Perfect plant shadow! Happy beachwalking.

  15. Thanks for your greeting :-)
    Your text is fascinating reading. Your photos are excellent. The latter puts many thoughts.

  16. Well my friend, I had a hard time getting past that picture of you in your Pirate get-up at the top of the page. I have an affinity for Pirates as can be seen HERE. I did manage to scroll down and see the shadow shots. I love the small plant with the sharp edged lines of shadow.
    Yes, too much to carry. Binocs, camera. I also need reading glasses and a bottle of water and all the shells, rocks and stuff I cram into my poickets when I walk along the beach. Just too much. Maybe I'll get a man bag, but then again, you don't see too many pirates carrying those along with their pistols, cutlasses, knives and parrots on their shoulders.


  17. Wow, those seeds are amazing... do let us know what they are when you find out.. wonder if they'd still be viable?

    The photo of the crosses is awesome. I can see what you mean about the feeling of such a sight. So moody with the clearing clouds.

    Thanks for popping by BTW... :) Always nice to greet new vistors!

  18. Anonymous5/01/2011

    Ooh, nice shadow shot of you on your banner ;-) And I always love beachy shadows - very nice shots. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  19. I like that shadow shot of the little plant in the sand. And that picture of the cross at the end is awesome.

  20. Oh, that second shot is perfect! Really beautiful!

  21. Hello Annie, love your crochet project...Yes, His Peace brings such comfort and all we have to do is ask for it...
    Mama Bear

  22. Love your beach shadows—and your impressive crochet skills! Hope you have a lovely Sunday.

  23. I love your shadow shots from the beach, your binocular case is great too. I am glad you enjoyed the wedding-it was a great event! I am so fascinaated by your beach combed seeds-I never knew such a thing existed. I love beach combing and would have been just like you and brought loads home. Do you just collect them or do you use them in any way? Thanks for your visit too!

  24. LOVE the plant shadows!

  25. cool sandy shadow shot

  26. Thanks for taking me along on your walk! Absolutely lovely! Loved seeing the empty cross for He is risen!!

  27. Anonymous5/01/2011

    Yes, beautiful ending photo. :)
    Pippa's dress was gorgeous!
    The white sand looks so pretty. I would love to be there right now.

  28. Hi Anni,

    You are so clever! I really like the pretty case you made, and your Shadow Shots. The crosses too. It sounds like you guys had another busy week and that it was a good one. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hi!

    God bless,

    Kathy M.

  29. your early morning walks sound calming and what fun to look for little treasures from nature!

    that binocular case that you crocheted looks really handy too.
    thanks for the sss visit.

  30. Pretty shadow shots...thanks for coming by..

  31. I love your shadow shots Anni. their simplicity is inspiring. especially that second. and you know your weekly run-down is always an enjoyable experience. I like the Mary's Bean as it's something I've never heard of, and all of your found treasures from that beach comb are a treat to see. thanks for the lovely peek into your world, and have a really great week Anni!

  32. Your ShadowShots are quite cheery. I love to see the new little (watermelon?) seed popping out of the sand...Spring having sprung! Really like the resurection Sunday shot too...yes, sometimes all it takes is one moment to change a person forever...for me, it was with the realization of Christ's love and grace and yes, His sacrifice beyond my comprehension! WooHoo!!

    Lastly, I have to tell you that I feel like I know you, as you look SO much like one of my best friends when she was much younger. Her name is Ilse, and you could be her daughter! Happy SSS to you Anni.

  33. Something about that little plant sticking up in that sand seems so brave! Wonderful shadow shot!

  34. beautiful beach images!

  35. Glad you got your crocheted case finished--should make carrying things much easier. Yes, the royal wedding was so elegant and "perfect"--hope their lives are too. Love all that white sand on your beaches--great shots. Have a terrific week. Mickie :)

  36. I really love that plant in the sand - both the shadow effect and the detail of so many individual grains of sand sprinkled on the leaves.

  37. Anonymous5/01/2011

    I took a look. You have intresting things here.

  38. amazin photos, Anni! it;s great to spend time on the beach one sunny day. So much shadow object take take photo at.

    thank you for droppin by at my entry.

  39. Good shots! Sand is so white. Hope you have a great week

  40. The Gulf sand looks soft, its off-white color the perfect canvas for shadows. The salty water and breezes are the perfect combination for relaxing - puts one in the mood fo fresh Gulf seafood, and by that I mean shrimp and oysters!

  41. Love your neat beach shadows!!

  42. Anonymous5/01/2011

    That shadow of the plant in the sand is wonderful!

  43. Oh, Anni, you make me feel guilty because I just can NOT do sunrise, so I didn't get to my church's sunrise service for Easter. They had to make do with me arriving for the regular service, LOL.
    Your Easter picture is beautiful, and your drift seeds are wonderful. I've never seen or heard the term "drift seeds" before, and I spent some 30 years living on the coast of British Columbia.
    I've never been to the Gulf of Mexico. It sounds fabulous.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  44. Wonderful shadow shots.

  45. lovely delicate shadow on the sand. Very nice.

  46. Hi there, thanks for stopping by to visit me your 'beachy' shots especially the flora, beautifully captured...looks like th Sydney Harbour Bridge replica in one of your pics! Lee

  47. Precious. is favorites are the first two.

  48. What a dainty little shadow, lovely shot x

  49. Your new blog banner cracks me up!! And the beachy shadow shots look so inviting! Enjoy your week.


  50. I'm LATE getting around this week but not to late, I hope, to tell you how much I like your shadow shots!

  51. lovely photos from the beach! I agree about always having binoculars close by, you never know when an interestign bird might appear!



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