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The three top photos are of smaller plants that are cuttings from the 'mother plant' at the bottom [hanging plant]. At one time, a couple years ago, I needed to replace the macrame hanger and several pieces broke off in the interim. Not to mention the innumerable amounts of tiny cactus needles I had to remove from my gloved hands!! [While living in the desert of Arizona, I learned a quick and painless way of removing the prickly needles --- by putting school glue -such as Elmer's Glue™- and allowing for drying then, peel off the glue and the needles come out with you peeling!!!] I put broken cactus arms into smaller clay pots and this year, they're blooming! So, now I have five all together. A couple of weeks ago for Macro Monday, I posted my anticipation of this particular cactus species blooming. Several comments from the post two weeks ago stated that the blossom was pretty...well, to clarify it from the post WASN'T the blossom!! As I stated, it was just the bud. BEFORE it BLOOMED, see the cactus bud post from the link I just added. I gotta tellya'll, I really wanted to say to those who said the blossom was pretty at that time....I wanted to say "You ain't seen nothin'"!!!

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Do you search for lyrics to a song, or perhaps get into a site to try and read the news or post that you've searched for...only to be inundated with embedded advertisements that you have to close manually? Well, I went out to Google the other day and typed in a song title with lyrics behind the title...thing is, I got into a site with ringtones AND the lyrics. But there were several embedded advertisements. And to top it all off, there were TWO that had no closing 'x' anywhere to be seen. In other words, I opted to leave the site and go back to Google to find another link. Lo and behold, another group of embedded ads. That enticed me to do another kind of Google search. I went back, typed in "How do I get rid of embedded advertisements?". Several links came up. One in particular was associated with Firefox Browser. Which I use. I went out to the site and read all there was, and part of it mentioned that this add-on would eliminate the ads on ringtone sites and you tube, etc. I used my 'tools' tab and at the search window I typed in the name. Installed it. And voilá!! No more embedded crapola stuff!! Pop up ads are eliminated also. Altho, the name of the add-on leaves a lot to be desired, if you know your slang any, here is the LINK. You can also use the preferences to set it up as you desire.


  1. Nice Macro shot, love the colours.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Anni! Living in the Nevada desert, I had heard about this "glue" method for removing cacti needles. But I had never actually done it! Good to know it really works!
    Have a fabulous day!
    Debbie's Travels

  3. cactus' may not be pretty plants, but when they bloom, they BLOOM!!!

  4. Now that's a pretty blossom! Thanks for sharing about the add-on. I use Firefox also so I'll be checking this out.

  5. What a stunning blossom... amazing colour... Useful tip for the removal of cactus thorns...

  6. What a bright and friendly pink.

    I'm glad you solved your pop up problem. So annoying - why do they think you will buy if you are annoyed?!

  7. Those blooms are stunning! Wow.

  8. Gorgeous cactus. Love the color. Thanks for the Add-0n info, I can sure use that!

  9. Really beautiful!!! Thank you for stopping by! I'm hoping I have pictures now...They were there I though last noc. I uploaded them again but still not sure if all can see. Have a grand day! Cathy

  10. I'm not a fan of the cactus plants but the blooms are so pretty. I know just what you mean about the embedded pop-ups- I'll have to check out the link...hope it's not too complicated. LOL

  11. Brilliant colours !!!Thanks for dropping by !

  12. I'll have to remember that about the glue...whenever I'm picking cucumbers from the garden, the leaves have tiny little prickly thingies that get into my hands. The glue trick should help get them all out:-)

    Your cactus blooms are beautiful and I so love the colour. I've always found it amazing that cacti plants which are not the prettiest of plants can get such gorgeous flowers on them.

    Thank you for the link for the Foof add-on, I've saved it in my favourites and will check it out:-)

    It's 54F here right now and it's only 9:45 a.m. so that means it will be even warmer by afternoon..yesssssss! lol xoxo

  13. Beautiful colors with wonderful colors!

  14. I meant beautiful flowers of cause!

  15. Thanks for the glue tip. Wonder if it works on fingers already pricked with thorns. For cactus with big thorns, I sometimes just cut them away to avoid accidents.

  16. Fascinating details of the Cactus flowers!

  17. Nice colors and detail. :)

  18. Your cactus blooms are beautiful. So happy you shared these with us.
    Hope you have a wonderful week

  19. Gorgeous pictures and very interesting what you wrote about the pop ups. I also use mostly firefox.

  20. Morning Anni,
    What beautiful flowers and excellent advice!!!
    You are very good a researching.
    Mom has a retirement schedule!! Her best friend is a retired teacher. She told Mom she only does chores in the morning leaving the afternoon for pleasure. So that is what Mom is doing. Today's chore was completely emptying the secretary and curio cabinet then washing and dusting everything. She likes this schedule.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  21. Hi Anni,
    those flowers are outstanding! what joy you bring to the world. I am so going to check out this firefox add-on link. I agree with you wholeheartedly about those pop-ups. But unlike you, I considered them an unpleasant necessity of the internet. now I know better thanks to you! have a happy week Anni!

  22. the color is brilliant, the tip for add on is great too, i will have to check it out. thanks!

  23. Wonderful flower and a wonderful photo. Anita

  24. Gorgeous colors Anni!

  25. Those are some beautiful and bright pink blossoms.
    Thanks for the ad info I'll pop over and check it out.
    I sure hope you are out of the fire zone.

  26. Strong, beautiful colors! Great photos!

  27. both form and color are stunning on this flower.

  28. Oh, this is a lovely flower...never have seen them yet or I may just have been blind, :D

  29. Anonymous4/11/2011

    Great colors! The center is really interesting.

  30. Hey there!
    Thanks for leaving a comment about the spiders and the anole. It made me smile. I needed a smile since I'm a teacher and we are currently waiting to find out which of our friends get cut from our wonderful elementary staff.
    David/ Tropical Texana

  31. Oh, how I love the cactus blossoms - even though I'm not partial to cactus plants, except may the Christmas cactus varieties!

    Great tip on using glue to extract cactus prickles!!

    Thanks for the tip on the pop ups and links. Some of those it doesn't matter what you click, it takes you to their site, even if you click the X. So annoying!!


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