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'seek and you shall find'...find what the name of this species of fungus is, that means. For a couple of weeks now I've been online searching for this 'puppy'...trying to identify it and it's scientific name. All along, I thought this couldn't be Red-belted Polypore 'cause they're supposed to grow on conifer trees. And where I photographed this was NOT anywhere NEAR conifer trees. In fact, I'm sure this is a live oak [tho the name of the tree is live oak, it's dead, and rotting in a swamp]. The more I searched, the more I read, then a certain site had the very same quandary about the fact this fungus is stated to grow on conifer trees only.... and the site's author stated "And it wasn't found on a conifer"!! Well, then, by golly...this too is the Red-belted Polypore. Just viewing it gives me the willies!! Lethal looking, I know. But come to find out after researching all these past days with my 'free' time online, I find they're NOT poisonous; in fact they're medicinal. Well, blow me down!! Okay, I must confess here...I would not - I repeat - I would NOT even think of ingesting this booger!!!

I have a few more photos of the very same and another kind of fungus from the same area...on my photo blog "Colors of the Wind" if you'd like to click on this LINK.

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If y'all were here visiting with me Friday, you know that we went to see the movie, Rango, late in the morning. Bah!! Was I kinda disappointed? You betcha!! Oh the animation was great, the computer generated art work, the characters...that was all well and good. But the story itself was so lacking in many places that it became boring in parts. The music was super. There are several places in the show that had me literally laughing out loud, but to me it was way political! Narrated by owls [some of the better characters for me] telling the story of DURango and his quest to find and save DIRT [an old crumbling town in the West]. Thing is, to me anyway, it mixed the modernized version of a town in the West...with the OLD West. It was like --"Whoa, once again Hollywood writers are trying to give us all a subliminal message here instead of all-out fun entertainment." There was even one section, tho 'westernized', that was quite reminiscent of Luke Skywalker's [Star Wars] version of a shootout... I was bummed because of the story line...but still enjoyed it for the character animation and art work. This really wasn't "family entertainment" because of the harsh language in it in certain places...and a child of younger age could really be frightened beyond nightmares of the 'scary' and shady characters. Tho, I think it was intended to be completely wasn't!!! A good half hour of the movie at the beginning was trying to get us 'in the mood'...and it seemed to take forever for the movie to actually 'take off'!! There is a bit of local trivia associated with this movie. One of the voice-overs of the four owls that narrate the movie....a local voice! A man that is native to our area [San Diego Texas - just a few miles from Corpus Christi] was one of the four. An article interview from him can be read at this LINK. He, along with others, co-wrote some of the songs sung during Rango's adventure. Garcia stated: "Co-writing three feature songs for the feathered foursome was easy". The songs he helped write and sing are: "Welcome Amigo," "The Bank's Been Robbed," and "La Muerte a Llegado"

But, if you go to see the movie, I hope you won't be as disappointed as I. Let me say this....I'm glad we decided to go to the matinee feature that is much less costly for the ticket. I don't feel we wasted too much that way. Oh, and our next movie that is a 'must see' is Matthew McConaughey in Lincoln Lawyer. March 18th opening date.

graphics used for movie review courtesy of online searches, no infringement intended


  1. we are so engrossed with our earthquake that there is no news of yours.

  2. I wonder if this fungi is similar to the Chinese LingZhi that is very expensive because they think it is a cure for cancer.

  3. That is quite the unusual looking fungus!
    A friend went to see Rango this weekend and gave the same report as you. It's too bad - I was really looking forward to it.

  4. Thats the case of the sheep in a wolf's clothing !! :))

  5. Beautiful color on the fungus! Great shots!

  6. Mari Oh it's still a good movie, but just not at all what I expected.

  7. Beautiful colors of the fungus!

  8. What a beautiful fungus/medicine...downright artistic looking!

  9. Morning Anni,
    Thanks for the movie review...I expect we will wait to catch it ON Demand.

    Mom has 3 more Monday's to work...MOL She is taking her last vacation day on Monday March 14.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. Wow, Anni, that is one amazing fungus! How absolutely gorgeous, I have never seen anything like it.

  11. Thanks for the movie review...I will wait until it comes out on free movies on demand. I love the fungi shot. it really is colorful.

  12. The fungi is quite lethal looking I agree but how exciting to come upon one of Mother Earths secret treasures! Great macro!

  13. Very colourful, but somehow not tempting to taste... no... ;)

  14. A very attractive fungus. Love its bright colors. I've collected and eaten a few mushrooms, but only those where I was absolutely, completely, and totally sure of the ID. Have a great week.

  15. bEautiful fungus Annie, wow what a find!

  16. love that colorful fungi. I don´t think thsoe are toxic, but they probably just tast liek wood. :(

    Great to look at and enjoy that way.

  17. You make fungi look beautiful Anni!

  18. Oh Anni! It's beautiful, even if it is fungus! A great shot.

  19. Anonymous3/07/2011

    I love the fungus photo, the color is just gorgeous.

    It's a shame Rango wasn't that great. We'll probably still see it though.

  20. I never seen a fungus that clour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  21. Now that is pretty colorful mushroom. And I so agree with you I won't ingest this thing ^_^ ever! Thanks for the visit!
    Macro Monday

  22. Love your fungi shots ~ gorgeous colors. But I would not eat them, either, no matter what they're supposed to cure =)

  23. Medicinal or not, I would NOT ingest that fungus! lol I've never seen one that colour before, how fascinating. The ones I usually see on a tree trunk is whiteish/beige colour.

    Awwww what a shame you were a bit disappointed in Rango. I really want to see it but I'll wait for it to come out on dvd. The last time I went to the theater to see a movie was when Santa Clause The Movie came out! Yup, a few years back! lol

    Still enjoying your HOT weather??? lol We got snow dumped on us again and I'm NOT impressed. Mother Nature can be sooo cruel!!!! xoxo

  24. Hey...that's one cool fungus among us!
    I've never seen it. I only have the brown types on the logs.
    Happy MM.
    David/ Houston Texas

  25. Great Fungus a Biology teacher I agree that I would not eat it either! BTW - Awesome St. Pat's theme!

  26. I heard is grossed 38Million opening weekend.
    Mama Bear

  27. I love fungi
    some are poisonous, some food, some magical, some medicinal, all wonderful. This is a fine specimen - a beauty!

  28. I've seen such fungus in our Botanic Garden during an exhibition late last year, and I have touch them just to see if they are real!

  29. Love your 'moonscape' rock!
    As for Sheen, a train wreck, for sure. I certainly won't contribute to his Twitter following! He has a LOT of problems. Mentally unstable would be one of them.

  30. Your fungus photo is great! Love the colors! We found a bunch of fungi recently, but nothing that colorful!

    Oh and thanks for your honest opinion of the movie. We were thinking about going to see it. Now I think we'll just wait and rent the DVD when it comes out.

  31. I think that fungus is beautiful!
    Nice find Anni!

  32. What an interesting fungus! All fungi are pretty interesting actually-- Great shot and info!

    Thanks for the MM visit!

  33. WOW - very colorful fungus; I have never seen anything with such vibrant colors. I like your St. Patty's day theme that you have here!

  34. It is impressive in size, and I love the color - which I can't say very often about fungus.

  35. very colorful
    thanks visiting me



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