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[actually it's a rock,
on the beach!!]

- - -<><><>- - -


I got several texts on Sunday night last....our daughter, Irene, and boys were experiencing an earthquake. And then, while still aftershock. All this happened within about a 20 minute period. I got online Monday morning to see if there was anything on the 'news' about it. Yep, indeed...the epicenter was in Arkansas, but it was felt clear up in Missouri. Whoa. All this happening in the middle of a tornado warning. Now, I wonder...where the heck would you go for safety? Tornadoes?---in a closet. Earthquakes?---out of a closet!! Then, on Monday morning while checking online about the MO. earthquake, around 7:00-7:30, just out of the eerie stillness of the early hour, high wind whipped our house and neighborhood. It was scary...afterward a calm you wouldn't believe, then-------heavy rain. The whole scenario only lasted but for a few minutes. I am still wondering if there was a tornado HERE. Perhaps one that didn't get to the ground, but still swirled above our rooftops?

In the mail, I finally received my new Driver's License. Thank goodness...I was beginning to think I'd have to go back and have it all re-done. Sometimes the state is just slow I guess. Oh...maybe I'm not the only one living here, right? LOLOLOL

And, speaking of daughter and my youngest grandson turns 15!!! Fifteen. Whoa...slow this ol' world down, time is going by too quickly. I've posted this photo before, it's my all time favorite of Dillon's!! Ya, I know, he's a teenager, and probably doesn't appreciate the fact that his grandmother always posts him in diapers. Tough. He's too cute.

- - -

Also, the drug user claims he's a winner. Listen to this if you will and help me out - does he sound like a winner to you? I feel sorry for the guy, I really really do. And, I don't know why...through his mindset, he probably believes his own words about him being a winner. So be it. I personally think he needs help. Some would undoubtedly say "sad"...but I can't get myself to think this way. My mom always told me "You make your bed, you lie in it"...well, he chose to do drugs....and this is the bed he made for himself. I think he's LIEing to himself in more ways than one... the 'self help' he's been choosing if the media is anywhere close to calling this; I think it's his version of reality, but I can see that it's NOT working. Manic depressive and tendencies of Schizophrenia perhaps? Or a higher symptom of one of the "polars"? For over a decade I worked in this drug environment with patients for psychiatrists and physicians, they may think they're doing well, but in no time flat, they ARE flat...flat on their faces---again... Then, after all my thoughts on this aspect of the celebrity fallout, I read on Yahoo news that he is CASHING IN on all this hoopla and fascination we commoners have about him. His new twitter account has hit over a million in just one day?!!!! Are we all being pulled into this and making him money? Are we taking his actions too seriously and giving in to society's ways and means of pulling us in and making US the suckers? Maybe so! I guess it's just human nature. But I would hate to think that by me reading and watching and listening to all about his drug antics that it's making HIM rich with revenue of sorts by all the 'hits' his news is getting. Maybe that's the winner in him?!?!!



  1. Weather really is a constant and often scary reminder that we're not in complete control, isn't it...!

  2. You had me fooled. I thought that it was a moon rock - but I'm not overly disappointed to find out that it's not.
    Lovely post.

    Have a great week, Boonie

  3. Anonymous3/06/2011

    You are up early, Anni ;-)
    I like your SSS, and the colors gave me the same "moon-rock" feelings!
    Dillon would 100% like you to bring a newer photo of him :-D
    Have a nice sunday and coming week, and may the weather be calm down!!

  4. Glad you survived all that strange weather. Great SSS of the rock!

  5. I watched the video of the interview - he has really gone off the deep end! He looks to me like he is bi-polar and whether he wants to admit it or not, the crash is coming.
    Those are some crazy weather things you mentioned. Glad no one was hurt!
    Happy Birthday to Dillon - the picture is adorable!

  6. Anni your "moon rock" is lovely! anything on a beach gets high votes from me : )
    As for that "idiot" .. the most awarded , coveted, REWARDED with tons of money that is beyond riciculous .. activity on earth, sadly, is entertainment .. which envelopes so much crap that is called entertainment, it truly is mind boggling. It is sad to say that the human race reveres entertainment above all else.
    I think we are a lost cause quite frankly .. sorry for the downer but when I think of American's way of "thinking" it is frightening .. the credo is "beauty inside counts far more than beauty outside"
    yet we all know that just isn't true!
    If your teeth aren't straight or white enough, if your body is not up to perfection, if your hair isn't long and beautiful .. well .. I know you get my drift .. hope for the world is dim or is that hope for humanity? .. it is both. I think I have to go lay down after such heavy thoughts ? LOL
    PS can you imagine how much GOOD could be done for the poor, and the earth itself, with the money thrown away with the entertainment industry ?

  7. Yep, time goes by so quickly... Happy Birthday to your grandson!

  8. C-GardenJoy....I LOVED reading your comment!! You said it all. And I for one am in total agreement.

  9. This is cute.. Thanks for the visit...

  10. You almost had me fooled there in thinking you popped off to the moon for the weekend ;)

    Great photo! Have a great week!

  11. Anni, extraordinary St. Pat's decorations as usual. Moom rock, earthquake, Charlie lost in space... really I feel sorry for him too!

  12. Love your beach shadow! And look at your blog already for St. Patrick!

  13. The caption of your shadow shot reminds me of a book I just finished reading, Dan Brown's "Deception Point", which was about a conspiracy to pass off fossils from the Mariana Trench as meteorite bearing proof of extraterrestrial life...

  14. Hi, I just read your bio and it sounds like it was written about me! We have so much in common. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. Oh Anni what a precious picture of your g-son as a baby. At least his peers will not recognize him as a baby!! LOL

    I have a friend in Fayetteville, AR. I was astounded when she told me about the earthquake about 20 miles from them. They've been in AR for about 6 years. I've been amazed at the weather they have there over the years.I'm like you where do you go for safety.
    I read in today's paper that Sean Penn thinks Charlie Sheen could help the folks in Haiti? I have to ask exactly WHAT it is he could do for them?
    Madi and Mom

  16. Good Morning, Anni ...

    Well, Anni, you sure packed a lot of very interesting info into this post. I'm glad your family is okay with all the wacky weather, your "moon shot" is great, and happy birthday to your grandson!

    I agree with what you said about Charlie Sheen. Hi is super manic, no matter what has caused it ... and I can't diagnose schizophrenia, but he his thinking does remind me of a family member of mine who has it. I think he needs to calm down and rest a bit out, of the public eye, but he seems to be thriving on being in the middle of it.

    I think that he really believes what he is saying, and it scares me, because the more I listen to him and try to find tons of inconsistencies, he sticks to his version of "It's my story and I'm sticking to it." Crazy like a fox.

    I just hope that he doesn't swing to the other side and become violent and hurt himself or somebody else. There ya go, my 2 cents! Have a great week, my friend, and thanks for stopping by to visit.


  17. Have a great Sunday,
    Mama Bear

  18. A happy, happy birthday to your grandson! Wow, 15! Did I ever tell you that our DD3 is named after Hub's mother? They both share the name Irene with your daughter. Only DD2 goes by a nickname- Reni and also Birdie. Earthquakes and tornadoes = SCARY. So glad everyone is ok!

  19. well it certainly looks as if it could be a moon rock. fun shadow Anni! and the drug user? I'm simply wondering when he's going to go away, become introspective, and heal. it appears he has a ways to go though. hopefully he'll stay out of the public eye. happy 15th birthday to your grandson, and have a great week Anni!

  20. That's a gorgeous shadow shot! Looks like a lovely rock to set a spell and just listen to the waves! - Had not heard about the earthquake and aftershock. Hope your family are well. Those signs of the times can be so frightening, but when our faith rests solidly on the Lord Jesus He will take away all fear! Incidentally, it is my prayer that the drug user will recognize that he needs a Savior!

  21. Anonymous3/06/2011

    Happy Birthday to your grandson!
    Yes, Charlie does not look or sound well. I also would hate to think we are adding to his "wealth".
    Nice moon rock. :)

  22. Beautiful shadow shot! Earthquake is scary!

    Hearty Shadow, have a blessed Sunday!

  23. Anonymous3/06/2011

    Love the shadow shot and I love the photo of your grandson!!

  24. Anni girl Imeant to spell check and word my critic much better (my lap top has been having a nervous break down so it adds to my OOPS! factor ? LOL
    I didn't mean to point the finger totally at Americans for this mess .. I think because we have so many TV stations bombarding us with total hypocrisy of what we should be and constantly high lighting the rich and famous .. well, you know where I am going with it right ? As a Canadian I am sick to death of the British royals? and the wedding of Kate & William crap .. I want Canada to dump that lot and cut money going to this governor general nonsense .. all royals should be "advanced" to the real world and truly work for a living with no special privliages .. good grief there I go again and all I wanted to say was thanks and you have such a cute theme for your blog right now girl ! hehehe I'll get off my soap box now ? wink wink

  25. Lovely rock shadows!

  26. I have found some interesting shadows on the beach, the sand is a good canvas, a subsitute for snow to those of us in the warm climes.
    Time does March on, my sons are middle age and I have a hard time getting my mind around that.
    Charlie? He keeps poping up on the news and readers assume we know what it is all about. Hubby and I have no idea, we rarely watch tv though we were fans of "West Wing"
    As for the surfer's hand, I took it from the shore, tripod mounted, and heavily cropped.

    Sun Mar 06, 11:55:16 AM CST

  27. Love your moon rock, Anni, and I just know your grandson is cringing and saying "There she goes again!" re the diaper photo. LOL
    It's my kid brother's birthday tomorrow. I have a card for him but it hasn't been mailed yet. Tsk.
    Tomorrow is also the anniversary of our parents' marriage. It would have been 65 years. Mom died in '07 and Dad in '09. I still miss them, probably always will.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  28. The rock dues seem to be a bit of lava, maybe from our orbiting partner. The shadow forms under a warm Gulf sun...An earthquake in a soon-to-be spring season for tornadoes is too much. How about a gradual warmup and a quiet Spring instead??

  29. Looks like it could pass for a moon rock to me!

  30. Terrific shadow shot for the day, Anni! Happy Birthday to your grandson, they do grow up soooo fast, don't they? Hope you have a great week!


  31. I love the "moonscape"! Very clever. And Charlie Sheen...well...I'm sure he is cashing in from all this craziness, but that in NO way makes him a winner. He's so lost.

    But hey, it's a beautiful day...moving on...enjoy your week!


  32. Actually, it's a rock that looks like a giant sea turtle. On the right side (looking head-on), I can see one of its flippers.


    A shadow for one?
    What fun, what fun!

    A shadow for two—
    In black or blue?

    A shadow for three?
    O my, O me!

    A shadow for four?
    Ah, mi amour!

    A shadow for five?
    Coming alive!

    A shadow for six?
    Light playing tricks!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Tlaquepaque Street

  33. Sure does look like a moon I know what one looks quake in Arkansas...better go check this one out, Missouri is a little to close to home!

  34. I adore rocks and your shadow rock photo!
    Thanks for you visit and comment.

  35. Thanks for popping over and commenting on my rockpools. Love your beach rock, and I bet you didn't get sunburnt taking it!
    CGJoy has made some food points, totally agree, but I suspect it's a human failing, not specific to one country. Nothing wrong with a soapbox!
    Oh, LOVE your green theme!

  36. Love that shadow cool! And, a very happy birthday to your handsome grandson. I'm quite sure he's a real winner!

  37. are all decked out here for St. Paddies!! Love the rock shadow! Happy Sunday :)

  38. It does look like it could be the moon. Rather be at the beach and look at the moon, it's a lot warmer that way.

  39. I'm glad everyone is safe!!

    love the moonscape

    I think Charlie may be bi-polar or perhaps suffering from a severe stress disorder
    his manic speech betrays this
    funny how with all his money he's so sick and can't get the help he needs

  40. cool! Love your shadow. Thank you for sharing.

  41. I don't watch his TV shows, and the cute little boy has grown a fat boy.

  42. The rock in your great shadow shot does look as if it could be a moon rock.

    Yep, we felt that earthquake too, but didn't realize it was an quake until hearing about it the following day.

  43. Moon rock indeed. It certainly could pass for one.

    Love the way the O's form glasses on that cutie in the second shot.

  44. Great shadow!
    have a wonderful week!

  45. Neat shadow of the rock, Anni!



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